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How to get game boosting performance of your Android phone

By: maxmai posted at Apr 27, 2018 7:20 pm

The array of games flooding the Play Store is a delight to many and sour grapes for another many. Not everyone has the phone equipped with the hardware capable of handling the demands of high-end games available in the market. Do you know what can you do to your Android phone to get game boosting ?Since replacing your phone with another one is not an option for a lot of people, the next step is to look for options which can tweak the performance of your phone to enable your phone to be able to handle the games.

How to boost your performance by rooting your Android

Step 1) The first thing that you need to do if you have not done so already, is root your Android device.

Step 2) After you have rooted your Android device, the next thing you need to do is install this Android app, GITools (Graphic Optimizer), this Android app is capable of boosting the graphics performance of your device.

Step 3) This app, once installed will ask you to grant it superuser access, doing so will allow the app to

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