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WonderKing Deserved to get Shut Down, Why?

By: MapleTire posted at Aug 05, 2011 7:12 am

Hahaha WonderBitches. WonderKing Europe shut down. I saw this coming but I never saw the shut down coming so soon.

 I never really liked WonderBitch, I mean King. The whole reason this game was created was to say to Maplestory 'Hey, we going to beat you but I think we'll just take what you did but do it ten times worst'. I'm not saying I liked Maplestory, but to think that Nexon worked so hard on Maplestory and then some fake company thought it was a good idea to take the smallest problem and turn it into a f**king game. WonderKing developers... have you heard of 'reporting bugs, problems and glitches'?' I even taken the time to re-download Maplestory, only to find that the fixes were in place, (jumping down from a platform using the down and jump button), which made mContinue Reading
Guest said:well i played maple and wonderking.... and i played maple for 2 years like 2 time so 4 years... and wonderking 20mins and then delete :)

Wonder King Online Guardian Spirits

By: WonderkingGMs posted at Sep 21, 2010 4:41 am

Wonder King Online with a brand new pet system, adding fresh gameplay mechanics to the exciting 2D side-scrolling MMORPG. Pets can now assist players by providing additional stats and picking up items including equipment and potions. The cute pets also fight alongside players in battles, evolve into superior versions of themselves and have special characteristics such as the ability to automatically heal Health Points and Mana Point.


Here is your Guardian Spirits.


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freebiesGame said: Cool that you launch this pet system of yours.. nice job. hope to have many pets to choose from

My Adventures in Wonderking

By: warlian4 posted at Mar 09, 2010 7:11 pm


Hi my name is warlian4 and my Wonderking Character is named WarBomber. I'm here to talk about my adventures in a game called Wonderking. But first let me tell you why I really like this game.

I truly loved this game even though it's almost a pinch closer to Maplestory. The interface in Wonderking is easy to learn and get used to. Wonderking Online has a great storyline and classes. Each class describe one of each of these for power elements, Power, Magic, Agility and Range(Swordsman, Mage, Theif and Scout).

My adventures

My adventures in Wonderking are worth to tell to the world. I started out as disliking Wonderking because I have no clue what to do or it's interface but after I downloaded the game I realised that it's close to maplestory which I didn't like but when I was a pinch close to quitting the game, I faced how easy to learn the interface and how it's more easier than Maplestory.

I decided to learn magic skills because it was stronger than any other class(That's wh

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Wonderking Online, Better than its name

By: Godcrusher posted at Feb 08, 2010 4:12 pm

Some of you may of heard, others may have played, then there's those that don't know.

Wonderking Online is a sidescroller resembling Windslayer or the very popular Maplestory.

Mapelstory was once of the first kind in its genre, or at least one of the first to gain such recognition and popularity. By Middle School, everyone in my school heard of it or played it much like Runescape in its earlier days or Gunbound. This is of course for the young F2P teen world.

I am here to tell you why Wonderking is a better choice over Maplestory, enjoyable, elegant and a terrific star in its genre.

Although I disapprove of its name, somewhat lame and the storyline serves no purpose in particular like most F2Ps but for Maplestory lovers, here's an alternative that can rock.

In Wonderking Online everything is faster. You can pretty much live a world similar to Maplestory with quicker movement, with features such as double jumps and dashes available to everyone the world becomes much faster and fast paced.

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Wonderking Check it out!

By: BranFlakez posted at Jan 27, 2010 12:38 pm

Wonderking, one of the best games ive played this year has awesome 2d  side scrolling graphics with features like double jump and dash also has really cool classes let me mestiona  few





AND MORE!! like i metioned in the beggining the double jump feature alow the scale of the enviroment to be realsistic with your avatar reaching soaring new sites! so come on over and check us out athttp://wonderking.ndoorsgames.com/center/default.asp also if you wanted to see a demo check this link out  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGkADN0Ebpo


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By: raiban posted at Jan 22, 2010 4:44 pm

NDoors has presented the world with a 2D game that makes all others bow down to it. Especially Maple Story. The game's design is so magnificent that it'll leave you wanting to play more. But, a its design isn't the only best thing about it. The way you don't have to grind, or kill multiple monsters to level up, makes it an easy game. And the difficult quests will keep you from getting side-tracked. WonderKing should be given an 11 out of 5 star rating for its excellence. My username is raiban, and to sum it all up WonderKing is hands down WONDERFUL.

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My Wonder Story ;D

By: pkkfrank posted at Jan 17, 2010 8:19 am

This is My Wonder Story :D
since i heard heard of wonderking from some website long ago i thought it was another replica of maplestory but i was gonna give it a shot
so i started playing wonderking since the first day the webpage and the forum came out. and i completely changed my mind =D that wonderking is
one of a kind . and the best . but that was just the beginning . closed beta was fun with glitches becauseit just started but everyone in it helped to make it better
now we on open beta and i guess we'll see whats coming until it ends. oh and the first time i played i got killed by a yellow puma xP, and got killed alot of times but hey it was fun, also my experience with wonderking was amazing getting that knave, the most awesomest skills i've seen, etc. and there was pvp on cbt so there will be a reopening of the pvp very soon, also the crafting its awesome , very simple to understand etc.. and i would reccomend anyone to play WONDERKING because you wont regret it ;D. this is my Wonder Story .
Wonderking IGN: PkkFrank
-->PkkFrank <---

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By: VashValentine posted at Jan 12, 2010 4:42 pm

My review on Wonderking. Ah, what a great game this is.

Just to remind you guys, (since this is the first review I have done on this site), my reviews have things called "carrots" and "Sticks". Carrots being the Pros of the game, and Sticks being the cons. So theres a little key for you guys. Enjoy!

A maplestory clone that is a 2d sidescroller making the game very interesting already. It's quit amazing that something of this caliber could be turned into such a great sounding and graphic game. I find great pleasure in announcing my review on Wonderking, the new Maplestory.

With astounding sounds and new effects, this game has blown away maplestory with a BANG! The music is very interesting and catchy, leaving you humming it later on whe you are at school or someplace away from the computer. I found myself turning off the SFX though because the sounds when you hit monsters and such, gets anoyying. Thats the same with every game though, it's just too repetitive.


Yes they added a double jump feature. The kind you wish you had when you played Maplestory (if you did). this allows you to dodge attacks and get to higher places you never could before. A

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garik12 said:I Hate this game Really boring after a while

Sidescrolling mmo Wonderking Online preview

By: DrProfessor posted at Sep 08, 2009 1:13 pm

The Video Preview is finished! Please watch and enjoy! Please comment!


Wonder king online is a free to play side scrolling mmo that unfortunately dawns the title of maple story 2 amongst its fans. Though there are some minor differences and a major graphics update- it is pretty familiar. The game is currently is just coming out of closed beta so I cant give you much info. Heres the frame by frame overview:


CHARACTER CREATION:The character customization in wonder king is... well... non existent... You start out with a choice between the 4 classes and hair color. And thats about it. Your hair style is chosen by your class. Now, heres my problem- it would seem that he head and body work separately. That is, your head changes with your class and not your body. So WHY cant you just choose between all the heads anyway? Well... whatever. You can choose between he four cliches. Warrior, Thief, Archer, And Mage. Archers being able to use guns as well as bows. You can mess with your stats a little at character customization as well. Thats unfortunately all there is to it.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: So the game starts you off in a tiny forest tutorial- floating keys in the air telling

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eatlyh said:I tried wonder king... Its a MS clone for me, but it got some better things than MS, like douple jump and requires less exp for lvl ups (less grinding) But hey thx for a good reading, and keep on maki...

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