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Heva Clonia Online Second Look

By: Scion Storm posted at Oct 24, 2013 7:58 pm

So something rather interesting happen. After my first review on this game. MMOSite asked me to review it again with a press account. Addressing the areas I couldn't validly do the first time. This allowed me to have a bit more fun with this game. And show more to the viewers.

To be fair those issues still exists even with the GM account. But I was able to finally get a dungeon on you tube. And explore a little more of the world without being one shotted lol. My opinion this time around is slightly greater. The game has a place in the world. Mainly with those nostalgic for old platformers and Ragnarok online type play. 

I will also say that the game seemed a whole lot more vibrant with people this time as well. People actually talking and interacting fighting in zones. So I give this game a old school time waster. Generally women may like this title more for it's cutesy look and feel.

Graphics= Cutesy looks like a Wii U game

Gameplay= Think Zelda, Mario, Klonia and Elsword

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Spammie said:Good Job as always bud, too bad this game is not so great ? camera is one of my turn offs

Heva Clonia First Look

By: Scion Storm posted at Oct 21, 2013 2:50 pm

I figured it's time to start doing game reviews again.
First up this fall season is Heva Clonia. This game reminds me for Zelda, Klonoa, Elsword, and a Wii U game. You have very simple yet fun combos to do based off your levels. It will seem annoying at times until you get used to it.

Graphics= It's a cartoony world which seems to swivel side to side. Giving you a round world sort of feel. Which is not true 3d.

Sound= Even at low levels this is a LOUD game. Some may like that me I had to cut it down. Even that seem to not help much.

Controls= The fact the camera never really rotates around you. Or perhaps I couldn't find a way to do it. Makes you sometimes whiff at enemies even when the focus is on them. Combos are easy to do once you get the do's and dont's done.

Population= Seems to be alot of population. Although I have no idea what they're doing because it's not questing and dungeons. So I don't know if its bots or just fluff players running around.

Dungeons= While we talk about

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Nanbo said:Reminds me exactly like my experience in Hero of the Obelisk (except there were a few people to do Dungeon runs). But everything else was about the same. Odd camera/controls. No plot, just \"you are a...

[Review] Heva Clonia CBT

By: Zugai posted at Sep 25, 2013 1:08 am

Heva Clonia is a Cel shading Anime style F2P MMORPG developed by Windysoft and published by OGPlanet.

The subgenre is rather hard to define.

It has platforming elements and hardly ever requires you to move the camera. It also allows for gathering mobs and killing in groups, since all attacks have an AOE. But it still allows for point and click movement (or alternatively arrowkeys) and is not as fast paced as hack and slash games.

Character creation:

Only Human Race

Classes are chosen ingame through a job change at level 10 and 30.

Both male and female characters feature:

10 options for hairstyle,

6 Haircolors,

12 face types and

8 designs for top/bottom clothing.


Adventurer (start class)

A Newbie allrounder


At the moment Mages seem to be too strong. They kill faster than the other classe

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Guest said:Im playing it right now, and i think it\'s awesome, the dungeons,killing the sames mobs over and over,the quests, everything is very rewarding. The crafting system is simple and at the same time hard ...

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