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Everquest II: Moonlight Enchantments

By: DanielCsaki posted at Jun 21, 2016 6:56 am

Everquest II is a game that really likes to celebrate seasons. Therefore, the first day of summer is bringing us some new events to enjoy. 

Starting on June 20th, the Moonlight Enchantments event has begun. It will be a monthly event and  brings a ton of new content. Not only will you have a chance to partake in some great new quests that will award you with special tokens, but you'll also have a chance to get your hands on some new items.

Some of them that were revealed to us are new Crowns and Circlets as headgear, various foliage, and mushrooms. But more awaits you in the MMORPG veteran.

To be a part of this adventure you must find a mushroom ring that will open a portal for you and your friends. When the portal opens it will stay that way for only 48 hours so be fast and

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Nanbo's EverQuest 2 [Assassin] Level 1-20 Review

By: Nanbo posted at Nov 23, 2014 2:38 am

Hello MMOSITE readers ! This article I cover the first 20 levels of Every Quest 2 on an assassin class character. Yes, I have already done an evolving review of the first fifteen levels on a Paladin character. I had wanted to continue the review into levels 20, but came to find out my account had been deleted (There may be a 30 day inactive deletion system for F2Per’s). You can find me first article HERE.
So how does the game hold up as an assassin and into the first twenty levels? Let’s find out!

What I enjoy about these kinds of games is how much they shine still even when new titles are released. We have had Archeage come out, and so many people left their current MMORPG to go spend the last few months over in Archeage. Somewhere in the deep of us we all wanted to se

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Guest said:Reviewing ancient artefacts, huh ?!... well, I guess someone\'s got to do these things too, right ?!

EverQuest 2s New Expansion Altar of Malice Release Date Announced In Producer Letter!

By: GeorgeWashington posted at Sep 09, 2014 3:01 am

In a recent Producer Letter, developer Windstalker detailed whats to come in EverQuest 2s newest expansion Altar of Malice. The expansions beta is noted to be starting October 7th for All Access members. On October 14th the beta will be open to everyone. Windstalker also detailed the release date for the new expansion, which is November 11th for All Access members, and November 25th for everyone. The expansion will cost money for all members, however, the cost was not noted. 

Overview Of Features

- Level 95-100 Adventurer and Tradeskill levels
- Level 95-100 Adventurer and Tradeskill Prestige Abilities
- Level 95-100 Grandmaster spells/combat arts
- Rare Ancient Spell scrolls to Level 100
- Over 100 quests 
- Level 95-100 Tradeskill quests
- New Tradeskill Recipes
- Lots and lot

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kokomana said:i have really fond memories of playing this game. it has been a while since i played it but i am not really that attached to it anymore. SOE hasa really terrible f2p model that their games are no fun ...

Nanbo's EverQuest 2 Level 1-15 review

By: Nanbo posted at Mar 11, 2014 5:20 am

Hello MMOSITE readers. It is time for another evolving review and I have chosen EverQuest 2. Published by SONY it is the second installment to one of the older (and arguably corner stone of all mmorpg's) title: EverQuest. I will start off this evolving review at levels 1-15. This will get me well into the first round of what the game has to offer. I will give it a score based on the in game experience and then move on as far into end game as possible (game allowing) and update this score in a new article. But for now, let's start up this review of EverQuest 2!

Brief introduction as to why I wanted to play it:

I have only played 3 SONY titles before. DC Universe Online, Planet Side 2, and Bullet Run. DCU had way to many pay walls and not enough good PvE content to ever make me want to put

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Rokwood said:The game looks much better than on ur \"Screenshots\",its not nice to use medium/low settings for screenshots,most people check blogs/articles only for pictures

Everquest 2 F2P First Impressions!

By: GeorgeWashington posted at Jan 10, 2012 11:23 pm

Whats up gamers Im your host Zach Sharpes as always here this time with Ever Quest 2! Now EQ2 has been in the news lately because they merged Ever Quest 2 Extended with Ever Quest 2 P2P, and with that the servers are full again and flooded with excited players to carry out their journeys. 

***Hopefully you guys like the review and if you do please toss me a "Like" for it really does help me out!

Question Of The Video: Did you play the original EQ? If so what do you think of EQ2? Curious to hear your comments, so make sure you leave me a reply down in the comment section of this blog, or on the video its self!

As always if you do enjoy the video, you can "Follow"/"Subscribe" to me in various places on the web:

Subscribe To My Youtube Channel - http://www.youtube.com/LUGOEntertainment

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Thanks for watching!

Zach Sharpes

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[Breaking News]EverQuest II: Age of Discovery Hands-On; Release Date Announced

By: LordYanLiang posted at Nov 29, 2011 4:00 pm


You've heard about EverQuest II going free-to-play, you've heard about the new expansion, and you've heard about all the updates. Now it's time to experience a little bit of all this in gameplay, and to get your feet wet with EverQuest II's upcoming Freeport Reborn update -- as well as the upcoming Age of Discovery expansion. Both of them are set to launch on the same day, and at long last we have that date...but you won't get to find out until the end of this hands-on!

Besides, don't you want to see what's to come before everybody else does? Of course you do. So strap in while we take a tour of EQ II's Beastlords, the revamped Freeport, the brand new Mercenaries, and even the highly-anticipated Dungeon Maker. The details are juicy and the water's fine, so let's h

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Guest said:How many expansion are they going to give to one game before they decide to make a sequel?

EverQuest II Age of Discovery: Beastlord Gameplay Preview

By: LordYanLiang posted at Nov 21, 2011 5:46 pm


Anyone reading last week may have noticed this Beastlord gameplay preview already uploaded. A small number of you may have even read it the first time around. Long story short, during my call with Amelia Lukiman and Dave Georgeson, news of EverQuest II's new free-to-play business model also came with some juicy tidbits about the new class to debut with the release of the Age of Discovery expansion: Beastlord. In a strange turn of events, it seems as though MMOsite ate my original article, and it is now and forever gone in the sands of mystery.

So, instead of ventuing in on a long and tedious preamble, we're going to try one more time and jump right back in. Here is what we know of the new class to appear in EverQuest II and how its style of play is very different from

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[Breaking News]EverQuest II's New Free-to-Play; New Details Released for Age of Discovery

By: LordYanLiang posted at Nov 10, 2011 10:30 am


EDIT : I made a small change to get my facts correct. I had misheard Dave on the phone; mercenaries are already a playable class, but Age of Discovery will add mercenaries to the world. I apologize for the misinformation; but if you feel the need to correct me, keep your passive-aggressive hating to yourself, and keep your overall stupid shit trolling to yourself.


Two nights ago, EverQuest II celebrated its 7th anniversary in operation, and their celebration is extending all week long. But it’s the players themselves that have cause for celebration for EQII’s 7th year, because Sony Online Entertainment has dropped a piece of fantastic news several days ago that has been kept under wraps until this very moment. That news? EverQuest II will go COMPLETELY free-to-play e

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Guest said:what a loser move... just die already

Everquest II Children of War Update is Live

By: Sir Loin of Beef posted at May 31, 2011 8:18 pm

Everquest II saw a big update earlier today, as Update 60, known as The Children of War, is now available for players. This update delivers on all fronts to players hungry for new content.

Continuing the storyline from the Destiny of Velious expansion released earlier this year, the update brings with it a healthy amount of additions to both the PvE and PvP side of things. In the PvP corner, they've added a new lobby system where players can chill at in between matches and chat with other participants, or trash talk with possible opponents. There's also a new battleground map, as well as a new game type called "Vanquish!" There's also been changes to changes to the rules and the fame system, along with new PvP gear available.

For those with a preference for PvE, they get three n

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ridde565 said:

Everquest II Extended

By: CalebG posted at Sep 15, 2010 9:16 am

As promised in my previous article on Lord of The Rings Online, here is a look at Everquest II Extended. It seems that I have to put a disclaimer of sorts when I write my articles, so here it is.

This is solely my own opinions on the game, which at this point of time, I have no where near completed. This will touch on the changes I know about since my last time in Everquest 2, which is quite a while back.

Okay, now on to my own personal review!

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has watched Turbine's Dungeons & Dragons Online raise from the ashes by making a carefully-planned switch from P2P to F2P, and the result is Everquest 2 Extended.


Everquest 2 was officially released (in the US) two weeks (8th November 2004) before World of Warcraft (23rd November 2004) and while res

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samahir01 said: well i like the idea of choosing between f2p and retail version .it really gives the person the freedom to make his own decisions .rather than companies implementing decisions on you .

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