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Fighters Club Taiwan Recently Updated+ Signing Up

By: Scion Storm posted at Apr 04, 2015 7:28 am

How about we continue the overseas invasion? Next up is Fighters Club. Think Rusty Hearts meets Elsword for this title. You have four character to choose from at the start. And they have class advancement. A cool thing about this game above the rest like it, is when you get new gear.

The gear changes your appearance. If you notice other games like this in the beat'em up mmo field. The gear doesn't alter the appearance. You have to get skins or buy changes to the looks. This is something that caught my eye immediately.

The storyline is basically the same for each character. But each have their own take on the story. In all if you like beat'em up mmo's? You would like this one it's a good waste of time. Now for the fun part. It's super easy to sign up for this game.

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Jin, Fighters' Club New Character

By: ExcEsc posted at Jan 28, 2012 6:20 am

Fighters Club was developed by studio KOG and is part of the Hangame EX 2011 lineup. The game focuses on 3 major section of the character body, the top, middle and lower parts when a fight is taking place. Before the week ends, KOG Studios and NHN Hangame Korea released a new character for Fighters Club named Jin. This new character looks pretty bad ass with his katana. You will also enjoy more playing this new character as they have an event going on. Every time you achieve an even level for this character you'll get a bunch of free cash shop items like skill reset, upgrading items, and etc. If you successfully get level 30 with Jin by the time the event ends, you'll be given a new character slot.

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