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DC Universe Online (S.I.P.) aka Should I Play series guide

By: Scion Storm posted at Jul 22, 2014 12:46 pm

I'm starting a new series designed, to a be all in one quick stop for games. This series will only be American games already released. Foreign gamers please don't take any offense to this. I cover a lot of overseas games, but western games need love too. Basically I'll be touching on games quickly. And telling you the cold hard facts and giving you a preview of what to expect. As well as giving you information you won't have to seek out. Like how to get started in the game. Is it pay2win or easy to get into etc..

Things to look out for as a free player

Unable to trade items with players or use voice chat

Cash limit in game is only 2000

Some Power sets are limited from you without the dlc

Two Character Limit instead of 6 characters to create

Vault access is limited to once a week. Compared to every day

Being a free player does not limit pvp at all, but you may end up fighting dlc power sets you're not used to.

But some PVE content maybe not available to you like trinkets. You

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Guest said:this game has the most brilliant business model in all of mmo land. try out the limited demo (that\'s what the free player experience is)... if you like it, pay a small sub. no cash shop gouging.

DC Universe Let's Play Storm's Journey Pt 3 "Boss Running To Level 30"

By: Scion Storm posted at Feb 14, 2014 9:01 pm

Play DC Universe

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Rather then spread things out over a bunch of episodes. I truncated 3 to 4 episodes into one. You can see me take on Trigon/Raven, Red Tornado, Lex Luthor, Bane, Tzu etc.. Enjoy I also stream DC as well

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DCUniverse: Holiday Orange Lantern Quest

By: Scion Storm posted at Dec 24, 2013 12:10 pm

This one is just a quick look at things in DC Universe. Right now it's free legendary status for everyone who used to be a member until Dec 31. It's free to play for anyone else with restrictions.

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DC Universe Let's Play Storm's Journey Pt 1 "Taking a Foot to Brainiac"

By: Scion Storm posted at Mar 21, 2013 8:23 pm

This is the first of the series nothing more to say but enjoy. I will be showing my journey through the DC universe. All the iconic fights pvp and the phat loot.

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Is DCUniverse Online Pay 2 Win?

By: GeorgeWashington posted at Jan 25, 2013 12:08 am

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Whats up gamers im Zach Sharpes from EVGN here to answer one simple question... is DC Universe Online Pay 2 Win? DCUO was my Top F2P MMO of 2012 and for good reason, it combines a nice flair of awesome fully voiced questing content, Action MMO combat, and also superb Endgame! However, some say it is P2W and filled with hacks... is this true? Find out!

Thanks for watching!
Zach Sharpes

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fahadjafar said:f2p players can neither acquire nor craft T1 or higher mods, premium users can acquire all kind of mods as they can trade items but honestly it is really hard to find good friends who will just hand o...

DC Universe Online Hand of Fate

By: ExcEsc posted at Aug 14, 2012 12:57 pm

Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) today announced that Hand of Fate, the fifth downloadable content (DLC) pack forDC Universe Online (DCUO), will be available for download on the PC and PlayStation® 3 computer entertainment system this September. Hand of Fatewill challenge players to return to Gotham City and Metropolis to experience high-level, team-focused Operations that span the iconic cityscapes. This DLC will also provide players with new Utility Belt Attachments and introduce magic-powered Legends PvP characters, as well as a multitude of exhilarating new side missions.

"Hand of Fate is serial in nature and features massive, team-oriented operations," said Jens Andersen, creative director on DC Universe Online. "We want to provide players with unique Hero and Villain experiences that immerse them in the most iconic DC Comics locations: Gotham City and Metropolis. What we hope players find in this DLC are emergent game play moments that challenge and reinvigorate them in the Continue Reading
Guest said:http://modernjersey.org/ http://modernjersey.org/ http://modernjersey.org/ http://modernjersey.org/ ============================================================cr...

The Shield - New weapon for DC Universe Online

By: MuscleRider posted at May 16, 2012 9:12 pm

DC Universe Online recently announced their fourth DLC Pack, "The Last Laugh",which Features Large-Scale Multiplayer Combat, New Light-Powered Legends Characters and an All-New Weapon. Yes, the last one is very intriguing, an ALL NEW WEAPON, which is the SHIELD. So, prepare for an unlimited supply of Captain America style heroes. FYI: DC Universe Online is a Heroes and Villains MMORPG published by Sony Entertainment Online, this game was once a P2P (Pay to play) MMORPG and recently switched to free to play.

As posted on a forum @ sony, Larry Liberty wrote:

"Really appreciate the creativity and thought that went into your posts.  I like the Cosmic power (in part because it could cleverly reuse existing functionality).  Adding powers is something that we'll have to be careful

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MuscleRider said: DC Universe Online recently announce their fourth DLC Pack, "The Last Laugh",which Features Large-Scale Multiplayer Combat, New Light-Powered Legends Characters and an All-New Weapon. Yes, the last o...

Lightning Strikes Skills Preview

By: ExcEsc posted at Dec 07, 2011 1:26 am

DC Universe Online Lightning Strikes DLC is now Live and you may now purchase the DLC for $9.99 or have it free if you have the Legendary Account access. You may now start creating your new character with Electricity Power Set and it may be inspired by Black Lightning for the Heroes or Livewire for the Villains. The electricity power set is mostly focused on healing support skills. Here's a short early game footage of my character inspired by Flash with Super Speed ability and Electricity Power set.

You may also check out this list of skills in the Electricity Power Set. 


Tesla BlastHits an enemy with a bolt of electricity Bioelectric SurgeInstantly restores Health to the most injured group mate and yourself WiredImbues yours and up to 3 group members weapon attacks wiContinue Reading
zigb1n said:DLC pack or it can be used by FREE USERS?

DC Universe gets 1 million new players

By: Zevri posted at Nov 10, 2011 8:40 pm

Now that is a lot of new players. DC Universe has only been free for about a week now, and already they announced that they have one million new players in the game.  The game features an open world with the choice to make your own super hero/villain, much like other games out there like Champions online. But this huge new wave of players is astonishing, but not all that surprising to me. The game is featured in Steam, and in the short time it went free, my buddy list lit up with people playing the game.

Like other games that have made the move, the game features a ‘freemium’ business model. This is where players can play free, but to get the full experience of the game, you need to pay monthly. Personally, when I went through their list for the different plans, it did turn

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Guest said:the million of people who left to WOW before wow turn into a gae pandarian game.

DC Universe Online F2P First Impressions!

By: GeorgeWashington posted at Nov 08, 2011 10:31 pm


 Whats up MMOSite.com, im Zach Sharpes as always here to bring you my DC Universe Online F2P First Impressions! I thought this would be a timely thing since many are wondering how the game is in the first hour and what they can expect when they download the large file that is this MMORPG.  Question Of The Video:I know this one (question of the video) is lame, but do you think DCUO is Casual? Or Hardcore? Voice your thoughts down in the comment section of the video or the comment section on MMOsite.com. Also make sure you hit the "Like" button because it helps me out and tells me you liked the video!  


 And As Always Make Sure To:

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iTzViruZ said:i would would probly say hardcore since the pvp and ganking is crazy.. only thing thats lame is the account limitations

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