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NHN To Publish MMO FPS Huxley In Europe, U.S

By: lean posted at Jun 04, 2008 12:43 am
There's a rumor that NHN Games will acquire Webzen several days ago. They denied it through announcement though, Webzen is still in a predicament.

And whether the rumor is ture or not, they are joining hands with each other this time at least. Hope Webzen can survive and make more good MMOs for us.

Publisher NHN USA, a subsidiary of Korean internet company NHN, has announced that it has secured the rights to publish the PC release of MMO first-person shooter Huxley in North America and Western Europe in late 2008. The title will arrive via gaming portal ijji.com. Details for publishing the Xbox 360 release were not revealed.

Developed by Seoul-based studio Webzen, Huxley combines the fast-paced gameplay of the first-person shooter genre with the character development of MMOs. The developer sold Huxley’s Chinese rights to MMO operator The9 for $35 million in February 2007.

NHN USA’s ijji.com portal claims over six million registered gamers. The site hosts a diverse selection of free-to-play online titles, each with optional micro-currency models offering purchasable in-game items. ijji.com currently hosts Gunbound Revolution, DContinue Reading
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Huxley: Coming to North America

By: Arthas411 posted at Jun 02, 2008 5:05 pm


NHN USA, a subsidiary of NHN (KOSDAQ:035420), the largest Korean Internet company, announced today that it has secured the rights to publish the long-awaited Huxley in North America and Western Europe. Bringing online gamers everywhere closer to the chance to exercise their fragging skills against thousands of other players in the first twitch-action massively multiplayer online first-person shooting (FPS) game Huxley, the online shooter is slated to arrive on the PC via ijji.com in late 2008.

"Huxley is one of the most anticipated online games currently in development, and we are very excited to bring the triple-A title to Western audiences," said Whon Namkoong, CEO, NHN USA, Inc. "Huxley provides gamers with a unique and compelling experience that gamers everywhere are sure to enjoy. The revolutionary online shooter is a welcome addition to ijji.com, the site where millions of fans can play it later this year."

Huxley is the first massively multiplayer online (MMO) game to combine the twitch-based fast-action game play of a first person shooter (FPS) with the cerebral character development of an MMO to deliver an intense and exciting online entertainment e

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Huxley Screenshots and Concepts Contrast

By: vinastalker posted at Mar 23, 2008 6:59 pm

After recent beta of Huxley, more and more screenshots are released by players. Some guys compared them with concepts, here they are.

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Screenshots of Huxley

By: Hyuk posted at Dec 19, 2007 1:24 am
Awesome online FPS game!

we have lots of choice to make in the year 2008...
I love FPS games!Continue Reading
Layce said:Omg! Everything look just like real! From far I tot its a picture take somewhere else -_-

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