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A Satisfying Beat-Em-Up MMO

By: Beligerent posted at Mar 05, 2012 2:50 pm

A game not too many people talk about, but that I think is pretty fun is GhostX Ultimate. If you like games such as Rusty Heart, I think this is a much better version of it. You get your own nanobot, which is a weapon and sort a of a companion that can actually fuse to your body. You can make recipes to make better nanobots as you go through out the game.

The big thing about GhostX Ultimate is the combat is just so much fun. It feels like I'm almost playing an arcade, but better! It's extremely satisfying to way lay waste to monsters (ghosts is what they are actually called), and to see how many combos I can do. This game is taking up a lot of my time for now and I'm having a lot of fun playing it. It will probably be what I will be playing until Guild Wars 2 (cross your fingers) come

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Prokshit said:Rusty hearts is WAaayyy better than this.. in crafting , combat graphics.. smoothness.. everything.

GhostX Ultimate Open Beta

By: Zevri posted at Sep 29, 2011 5:28 pm

Gamekiss (odd name, yea) has announced yesterday that GhostX  Ultimate (Which is a revision of the original game) is going in Open beta…..Wasn’t this game hosted by like three people previously? I could have sworn I’ve played it from at least two different hosts, luckily though it does seem that this host is a bit more determined to keep the game, since they have been busy updating it.

If you never heard of the game, it’s basically an action RPG. The art style does seem anime inspired, and the graphics do look fairly nice. The game has players joining their nanobot companions in a battle against invading monsters from another realm.

As I mentioned, the game is called GhostX Ultimate now, with the new name does come new features one of which includes new mounts

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just posting my Ghost X pics. I want you guys to see them before wipeout.

By: jr85 posted at Oct 01, 2009 1:29 pm

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janny001 said:cool char. hehehe i'll try to play that game hehe

Hello again just coming to post the current mmo im playing

By: jr85 posted at Sep 29, 2009 4:55 pm

Well hello all out there im here to say a few things the game im playing.

Its called Ghost X its currently in closed beta but its open to all user's(close beta closses at oct.30)

GhostX is about you wake up in an explosion and the great demon ghost release his goulds into the human world and run a rampage. The real uniqe thing about this mmo is that it has a story line along with it. Some mmo's have a backround story but this has a backround story AND a storyline.

Party System

Well the good thing about the partty system is that it goes up to four people. You share exp, but the uniqe thing about it is that if your party is doin the same quest then you if you are attack the same monster as the person in your party needs then it helps them out. Party adding system is very cool. You can have people in your friends list and make party with them even if they are in another channel or even another area( you still dont get exp or help on mission's you have to be in same area for that).

EXP System

The Exp system can be annoying and yet pleasant. Now they have this exp thingy its called Super Syncro. Super Syncro is when you exp double at a certain point. You see there is an arrow that shows y

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Princessdoll said:Cool! @o@ and unique! xD

GhostX review

By: gamerXtreme posted at Jun 29, 2009 3:22 pm

 Frist of all i'll fix the grammar later

What you get when you mix the anime, Soul Eater(awsome show), Bleach,maplestory,pokemon with a mission like based mmo. You wont get a hot pile of shit you get ghostX. Ghost X is a metro action mmo.


I think if any game is gonna do cut sceens do it right some times there good enough to ps1/ps2 quality while others look like they were done by students. The Npc movements are pretty bad. Bit the character affects are prettly cool some of the moves are big and flashy just how it supposted to be in the crazy looking mmo.

Character customization sucks but if you get passed the frist mission to go to the open world then you can buy stuff to make you self look diffrent. You mich meet up with the clone but the nanobots(wepons) well will look diffrent. Frist mission though you will have a clone.


I wasnt suspecting much but its ok usally I would just run itunes and play my own music.

Game play 

This is the part what its get crazy you start off like in a pokemon game choosing 1 to 3 nanobots it dosent matter witch one you choose cause you can alwayts get more. Nanobots are your wepons but they evolve like in pokemon and they c

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ecn said:I know what you meen with the character custom stuff for sure . The better looking gear comes in at like the lv20s and almost all the pants are skin tight . What I do like is that those clothes don't ...

OB review: GhostX

By: stranger2020 posted at May 31, 2009 7:37 pm

Game and Game, the same company that once hosted Lunia Story, is again looking toward action based MMORPGs that closely resemble the old beat-em-up sprawlers like streets of rage, captain commando and the old aliens VS predator, arcade addition, with their latest game, GhostX.


Similar in appearance to Lunia, GhostX utilizes a unique style of Cell-shaded graphics which players of Japanese games such as Zone of the Enders and Digital Devil might be able to recognise straight away. But, for those of you new to this style, it might be

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Aryoch said:Great review! And the video makes the game looks real fun x)

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