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Vindictus (KR) Spring Trailer

By: Scion Storm posted at Mar 18, 2016 10:03 am

Doing it like only Vindictus can sexy! This is the spring line coming into the game. It also showcases quality of life improvements. Things usually you don't notice but they would like to show case.
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Vindictus - Fiona Guide - Double Amaranth Kick, Quick Stigma, Deflection Chaining

By: KradisZ posted at Jan 21, 2016 7:42 am

Welcome to the guide for Fiona, one of the original 3 characters of Vindictus. She had a revamp some time ago changing up her gameplay with a few additional skills and features. You can still play her regularly or make use of her new techniques to make her awesome.

Fiona is a really well-rounded character in Vindictus, she's also the tankiest of the entire cast. She has super high versatility, a lot of solo and party potential, high utility and packs a punch with every hit. She's also part of the original cast and I've come across some god-like Fionas in the past in Vindictus and they pretty much can carry an entire battle within a party of 8 when played masterfully.

Shield Deflection is a skill that Fiona gets to perform in the middle of most of her attacks. It's like an immediate blo

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Vindictus Sylas Debut+Customization

By: Scion Storm posted at Dec 16, 2015 9:19 am

Enter Sylas in the cool guy appears contest for Vindictus. He is a dagger wielding sort of caster class. Very fun to use let's get into how he works. 


Fast Easy to use combo character

Armor sets look amazing

Appears very good at dps combo traps (Explanation: Using spells in tandem with attacks to cause really big damage. Like area effect spells.)

Male character that feels as epic as the recently released female characters.


I'm not a fan of male goth characters

Defense appears pretty non existent besides a good dodge

A few combos leave you severely open to damage

Being a new character story isn't really based on them


He's bad ass doesn't really have the face for it. But soon as you put some nice gear on you forget about his cheesy appearance.

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Vindictus - S3 Episode 3 - Lord Glas - Get flushed or be the chosen one!

By: KradisZ posted at Oct 26, 2015 3:42 am

Hey guys, so Vindictus recently had its game updated with another raid in its Season 3 content.

The foe they brought back is Glas Ghaibhleann which you might remember from Season 1 many years back. However his Ancient form is back in this alternate timeline in the current game's story.

He looks much more badass this time around, except he's bald. Nothing wrong with that but I've just been seeing too many baldy's lately. :P

Lord Glas Ghaibhleann is much more terrifying than the first one you encountered. He's fast, hits extremely hard, has a few new tricks up his sleeve and if you can't cancel his environment effects you'll get overwhelmed with these "black" holes. They'll flush you down through some wormhole and slam you into the floor and cause your death instantaneously. So

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Vindictus - Season 3 Episode 2 - River raft rides, Giant Knuckleheads!

By: KradisZ posted at Sep 26, 2015 8:16 am

Hey everyone,

Vindictus recently updated its content again with new raid and whole new mission map. The story continues to unfold as your hero traverses deeper into the mountains of the elf forest, Ben Chenner and witnessing the spread of the corruption screwing everything up. In episode 1 of season 3 we already trek through Regina the elf queen. Supposedly her children are Braha & Ancient Braha... I might have this wrong(a mother spawning these freaks LOL) is a result of some elves experiencing some serious corruption.

I didn't fully read into it because I was excited to just play through the new maps and raid.

Before you reach Braha in the story you first have to traverse through Ben Chenner's Trailhead, this map has some minigames involved such as the Raft ride where you go

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kinggamerkg said:can\'t wait for karoks revamp

Vindictus - Mastering Evie's Revamp : Laser Cannon & Dimension Hopping

By: KradisZ posted at Aug 28, 2015 3:06 pm

Hey everyone, last week Vindictus(NA) updated one of their original 3 characters(fiona, lann, evie).

Evie the Mage girl of the cast.

Her revamp consists of vastly changing, or in better terms adding new ways at how Staff users can play her on top of adding new skills and tweaks to her current skills. Different ways of casting was one of the biggest changes to Staff on top of moving cast, and building up elemental stacks no longer required an order of which spells to be cast first. A new skill the Staff gained was a gigantic laserbeam or a massive blowtorch that you just burn bosses down with, but its extremely hard to utilize well in solo play making Staff a powerful party member boost.

The biggest changes impact Staff users whereas Scythe gets some buffs and a few new stri

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Guest said:tl;dr now you can solo ben chenner without dying in 1/3 the time it used to take. Or solo nilf queen easy more. The \'Fancy footwork\' title suddenly has lost a lot of it\'s value in terms of impressi...

Vindictus Season 3 Content Update

By: Nanbo posted at Jul 22, 2015 3:16 pm

Hi all! Vindictus recently updated to Season 3 episode 1, update 1.60. For all the update notes, please feel free to check this out from the official site: 

Dear Mercenaries,

The moment has arrived - the real Season 3 content update is here, and a completely new adventure awaits for you to be discovered! We hope you will enjoy reading through all the changes just as we've enjoyed preparing the patch notes for you.

Use the table below if you wish to jump to a specific section and have fun!   Table of Contents   Season 3 Episode 1
New Gear Crafting System
Skill Awakening
Cash Shop
Other Changes   Season 3 - Episode 1     The story takes shape

The prologue sure shook our minds, mercenaries and likely made you ask yourselves many questions as
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orrochy said:Your Rock !

Vindictus - 10th Character Teased; Looks like your Male Mage is here

By: KradisZ posted at Jul 01, 2015 9:02 pm

Vindictus KR or more well known as Mabinogi Heroes teases its 10th character, what appears to be a Male Mage with about a dozen swords. Looks like your wishes are finally coming guys for those clamoring for a male mage since evie & arisha days.

The first S3 character appears to be coming after Episode 2. While the teaser is exciting it's more interesting to see how he'll bring another different playstyle into the game knowing the roster is already pretty diverse and distinct between each hero. What do you guys think?

And on top of that there's also the second weapon type that's still missing for Hurk, Lynn and Arisha.

I speculate Hurk might get an Axe or a massive lance later on and Lynn will get hand claws or something. Arisha possibly different castlet-type and a differe

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Guest said:dang you\'re fast man, even the EU community just found out 30mins ago. Congratz :p

Vindictus - S3 Prologue - Muir The Invader, want a challenge?

By: KradisZ posted at Jun 30, 2015 12:21 am

So Vindictus NA has reached its Season 3 prologue with Regina coming soon in July, and various new areas and content as well as the infamous level 90 cap and different gear weapon and crafting system along with new areas, bosses, dismemberment gore, and the call to challenge players to be skillful once more.

Side note:

The new content of Regina and Braha was shown at the 2015 Community Summit at NexonNA on June 27, 2015, if you missed the stream you can check the broadcast at twitch.tv/vindictus in the past broadcasts section, if you want to get a feel for how horrible these new monsters coming in are going to be. Yes I was at the Summit it was nice I was really crazed about it, for winning a contest and probably my 5 years of playing the game and making stuff for the game.


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Guest said:Nice report, except for the summit thing everything you wrote also should apply for EU (for not-NA players who are reading this :p).A correction: Muir Can be ghosted through with scythe evie\'s blink,...

Vindictus - Lann Revamp - Critical Speedster, Infinite Combo Loop or Hit like a train

By: KradisZ posted at Mar 24, 2015 4:35 am

Hey guys so Vindictus Lann just had a massive revamp well.... NOT really massive revamp but the revamp consists of some small details to both his weapon styles, Twin Spears and Twin Swords, that it's a really massive change. ESPECIALLY for Twin Spears.

What's the revamp consist of?(Video at bottom as usual)

Well for one his Critical Chance Limit has been increased to 65% chance max at level 80 with rank A on Critical Break. Every other character has the basic limit of 50% only. He is the ONLY character in the game who now possesses this unique trait, and has always been the Critical hit boy of the roster of heroes. Practically his DPS charts have gone up the roof with this revamp putting him at level playing fields with the other classes and beyond possibly top end if you ask me(a fully

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Nanbo said:I am using this guys video fro my twin sword build. Lann is my kind of player. Tried Evie for a bit, did not like it. Good guide

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