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Free Realms Brings Lifetime Membership at a Value.

By: Mavlock posted at Jul 16, 2010 8:19 am


Sony Online announced that Free Realms would be offering lifetime membership for only $30 USD. An amazing value compared to the average subscription rate you encounter in the market today. Free Realms launched in April of 2009 to the public, though not one of the first family friendly focused MMOs it was well received. The main focus group for Free Realms is tweens and teens but that doesn’t stop their parents from joining in the fun. The last reported subscription numbers had it in over 10 million players in April of 2010.


Press release below:

Free RealmsTM For Life!

Lifetime Membership and Daily Quests Bring Never-Ending Excitement to Free Realms

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP: Play Free RealmsTM for the life of the game and never worry about a lapse in membership again

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Aliwind said: first read ,lol

Free Realms Pirate's Plunder Minigame

By: badgamer007 posted at Mar 23, 2010 7:43 pm

Land-Ho!Pirates have dropped their Anchors into Free Realms.

A-hoy me hearties, a new mini-game has arrived to Free Realms that has players commanding their own pirate ship against other players. The object of the game is to collect more treasure then your opponents. You have three ships you can choose from; the Juggernaut, the biggest and slowest ship but carries the most cargo and has the most cannons to attack with; the Cutlass, a medium size ship that is well balanced; and The Eel, the smallest ship with the least amount of everything, but is really fast.

Getting Started
Like the other mini-games in Free Realms, you can access this mini-game through the game guide or just by pulling up the map and simply teleporting to it. Once you enter the matchmaking process, you can select either &

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Free Realms Review

By: badgamer007 posted at Aug 21, 2009 4:17 pm

Description: Sony Online Entertainment
An Online RPG That Runs In Your Web Browser

With Free Realms reaching over 4 million registered users, let’s just say this game has made the rounds. I can honestly say, however, that if you have not yet played the game, you are missing out on an experience. While this game may be aimed at a younger audience from the ages of 9 to 14, Free Realms can entertain any adult who wants to feel like a kid again.

On the site alone, it quenches the thirst of a competitive gamer with leader boards on almost every mini game you come across.

One thing is for sure, when you mention Free Realms, you cannot forget about the built in mini games. Some are job oriented. For example, when acting as a Pet Trainer and choosing to teach the pet a trick, a mini game where you have to trace the shape which is shown to you on the screen opens up. Other mini games can be found on the map. For example, a harvesting mini game is located at any farm, symbolized by a watermelon on your map. This mini game is a matching game where you select 3 or more of the same vegetable or fruit by clicking the start of the chain and dragging it to the end of the chain. The objective

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devmar77 said:I enjoyed it, but like any game that has FREE in the name, you know there's a huuuuge catch It's not fun to me w/o membership :<

Free Realms (Sony's massive new MMORPG) Hits 3 Million Players!

By: Talem88 posted at Jun 14, 2009 1:07 pm

Sony's promising new MMORPG "Free Realms"




 "Free Realms", Sony's new kid on the block, is looking to become a big success, having reached the 3 million player mark in only 7 weeks! With such stunning success there have been doubts that the exponential growth is truly legitimate. For example, Sony has been giving out free goody packs for the players when they reach a million mark. In their defense, I find it hard to believe that there is an organized sign up of more than 500,000 people per week, so I do think MOST of the registered players are legit. Okay just a small nit-pick, but who else thinks the name "Free Realms" is a bit lame? We get it, it's free to play, but naming a game with "Free" in the title is kinda stale.  I'll digress though, the game more than makes up for its name!


"Free Realms" is aimed squarely for the older kids to tween market (9-14), providing an excellent product not common in most MMORPG's for kids. In all aspects of the game, usability, convenience, age appropriateness and aesthetics have been carefully tended to. This game is of top notch quality and there are re

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pedrofsky said: Played it. Not a big deal. Kid's game.  this is what i think of the game.

A lil' Late but : Free Realms . My Thoughts

By: ecn posted at May 27, 2009 6:25 pm

                     A couple weeks ago I heard of a game called FeeRealms . It came outta nowhere and after reading the description it sounded nice . Checked the website and saw it was light and child friendly , which is usually a turn-off for me . I'm the kinda guy that loves him some blood and guts , or at least some fast paced action that isn't seen much in kid friendly games . Regardless it was out and doesn't hurt to try .

                     The Look : The apperance of the game is in a mid-ground area for me . This isn't Aion here , but it's pretty good considering it's browser based . Nice bright colors and lush backgrounds are here . The characters arn't bad , but there were 2 things I'm not a fan of . WoW like cartoon style of the people . Everyone smiling . It goes back to the kid friendly thing , sure , but even then I don't think of a world with Ninjas and goblin/trolls existing at the same place with rainbows and puppies . Guess I'm just nit-picking there .              

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pedrofsky said:hey nice review, i've played like 1hour of freerealms, and it wasn't that bad, graphics are WoW-like, gameplay isn't bad, but then the professions are really weird and something like little kids would...

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