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Did Pay 2 Win Kill Crime Craft?

By: GeorgeWashington posted at Feb 05, 2012 9:03 pm

Crime Craft First Impressions Video:

Whats up gamers im your host Zach Sharpes here with another Level Up Episode! This time we are joined by my good friend Jake who loves shooting games as well, and with that we decided to take a look at Crime Craft, a MOTPS set in a crime type world like All Points Bulletin, but not open world. Crime Craft is a instance based F2P game with a great shooter system that keeps action fast paced and fluid!

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Question Of The Video: Does P2W effect your choice in games? Why or why not? Leave your interesting, creative, and informative analysis down in the comment section below! I always love reading comments!

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Review: CrimeCraft

By: CalebG posted at Nov 23, 2009 1:42 am

Recently, CrimeCraft has revamped their business model, and with that, allowing people from all over the globe to try out the game and continue on if they so wish to. So here, is a review of the game, just because I think it deserves at least that much, because I sincerely believe that there is potential in CrimeCraft.

History of CrimeCraft

CrimeCraft was developed by Vogster, a small-time studio. It launched with a rocky start, with a rather contrived business model that served to confuse and chase people away. They have since went the route of a "free unlimited trial" with plenty of limitations, but allows one to get a good idea on what kind of game it is. If one wishes to continue on, there are two plans available, both of which are much lower then your average P2P MMO prices, which is a move I applaud, not  simply because it's cheaper, but because they understand that their game will not stand up to a real MMO.

What is CrimeCraft?

That is not to say, that your experience in CrimeCraft is going to be very limited of course. CrimeCraft's soul is a Third Person Shooter powered by the Unreal Engine. Now put on a crafting system, a persistant lobby system ala Guild 

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Ajatz said:Seems like a really fun game. Lol from the pictures I always wondered is it really necessary to bring your bling into battle. I mean that stuff would get in the way (big silver or diamond encrust...

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