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STEPS Evolution Presents: Fortune Race

By: Ouvertur posted at Oct 18, 2011 7:40 pm

Hello to all MMOSITE casual dance and music gamers. This is GM Ouvertur of STEPS Evolution bringing you the latest news about our game!

Lets party rock this October because STEPS Evolution will give you a wonderful  gaming experience even before the Halloween and the  yuletide season comes!

We are proud to announce our latest expansion the "Fortune Race”. In this update you will experience a thrilling and fascinating brand new experience  like the additional musical instrument to our side “Orchestra” system the Violin, Shop till you drop with our wonderful selection of new fashion items  and feel free to explore and face the challenges that awaits you in our newly opened non musical game mode the “Panning Town”.

Introducing the

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STEPS Evolution Overture Mode

By: ExcEsc posted at Jul 14, 2011 10:10 pm

Last July 5, 2011, STEPS Evolution has just unleashed its latest dance mode, The Overture. This feature will surely give you a better rhythmic experience which makes you not limited to the typical "up down left right" routine. STEPS Overture Mode will give you a fast beat rhythm with the new 4 key beat mode equipped with a new and exciting dance interface. Included in the Overture update are new special songs just for this mode.

They have also opened the Level 3 home in the Private Space System. Compared to the level 1 & 2 homes, this is much bigger as it is a villa-like private space for your character to own and customize. It also have a widened and increased slots for harvesting, farming and mining.

The Overture update gives us the Phoenix Pet Transformation System that is a

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Pelagato said:hm.... I dont mean any baddies but this game looks like its for girls lol...

STEPS up to this Fantazzztic MMO's!

By: DogBeating posted at Jan 07, 2010 6:21 pm

You're right that was an intended Typo. A few days ago Cubizone the game portal of Cubinet Interactive Philippines one of the newest MMO publisher in the country confirmed 2 of their upcoming games thru the opening of their game fanpage in Facebook the leading social networking site in the world. They are:

STEPS also known as Hot Dance Party ( Rewu Chinese Game Title ). Developed by the award winning Chinese game developer Perfect World Beijing, This online game STEP out of the boundary of the "OLD MMO Dancing Games" short for OMDG by giving us innovative features that cannot be seen in the OMDG. The game has a habit of adding popular mainstream songs from original artist whether it be KPOP/JPOP/CPOP or English atleast every 1-2 weeks! One of the feature of this game might be their Fashion statement and EPIC Character Customization. Log in to the game to find out why.In spite of that it still has the selling components of the OMDG. Find out more about the game here.


Anime fans and nostalgia gamers will rejoice upon hearing that the second game they revealed is none other that Battle of Destiny also known as BOD. The game is a 2d side scrolling mmorpg slash button mas

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[Video Blog] Hot Dance Party Steps: Couple Modes

By: DogBeating posted at Oct 31, 2009 1:40 am

Hello readers, today I will be doing my very first Game VLOG. In my own definition GAME VLOG is a process where in you show the game footage of what you want tell to your spectators instead of the usual wall of text accompanying with supported statements and images. 2 Days ago I blogged about the newest online dancing game published by Cubizone (Cubinet Interactive) called Hot Dance Party or simply STEPS developed by the giant of the Chinese Game developing industry: Perfect World. So for this rainy Halloween i will be showing you the 2 of my favorite dance mode in STEPS The Super Love and the Sweet Love mode both of them are included in the Couple Mode dance category.



Because I can’t find any definite information about the said modes I will try to explain the difference of these two based on my understanding. Let’s start with the first one.

Sweet Love: Part of the available modes in the Couple Category so it means you need a partner of the opposite gender in this mode. If you are a player of Dance Battle Audition you will find this mode very familiar and easy. Once the game starts you and your partner will be given the usual set of commands to key-in. Here comes th

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Got the right STEPS? Now do the fantazzztic moves!

By: DogBeating posted at Oct 28, 2009 12:38 am

It's been two years since i played an online dancing game. The two years hiatus from casual rhythm dancing games must be a part of the dark ages of my life. Actually I was a player of dance battle audition since it's closed beta test on it's mother country the land of the kimchi and when I found out that it will be published locally in the pearl of the orient. My happiness thermometer explodes! But there is a time to quit and forget all about it. I quit the virtual dancing scene and moved into a bigger picture. However there will be times that your fingers or ear will crave for a sensational audio therapy the problem is you are not willing to go back. You don't want to force yourself listening to a foreign music for a long period of hours right.


Anyway I've been playing this online dancing game for a couple of days now as a fearless forecast this game will surely make your previous dancing game a run for their money. Why? Because it has their very own "definition" of the best of the best feature of those korean dancing MMO's


Hot Dance Party or simply STEPS is the latest addition of Cubizone (Cubinet Interactive) on their casual game roster for the international market

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Princessdoll said:I already downloaded this game.. too bad I have to reformat my pc before I can even play the game..

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