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Titan Online Information and Review

By: Melieza posted at May 18, 2009 12:29 pm

I work in the free mmo business so naturally I like to check out what other companies are up to.  While I was doing this I stumbled upon Titan Online.  And when I say 'stumbled' I mean it, I was trying to find Rohan information and suddenly the Titan Online official website had loaded on my screen.  I still have no clue how. 

Reguardless, I decided to check it out.  I noticed it had just gone into Open Beta.  From the website I learned that there is no job system, characters are completely customizable with skills and stat points.  From the screenshots the graphics didn't seem amazing, but the customization aspect had piqued my interest enough for me to download it.  The download was about 700mb, nothing like the 1.8gb for Rohan that I have failed SIX times trying to fully download (and still have not been successful).  It took a little bit (30 minutes with 90kb/s average I believe) but was easy to get up and running.

The character creation isn't amazing, you can pick from a few different faces and skin colors.  The hair styles all come with their own color so unfortunately you don't get to choose that.&

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Juilliard said: Pretty informative review. Thanks a lot. XD   Your words made me wanna try the game. x) I think I'mma download it now.. XD

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