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Blade Chronicles JP Samurai MMO Quick Look+ How to play

By: Scion Storm posted at Aug 13, 2014 8:11 pm

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Ever want to play Samurai Champloo? Or at least something that makes you feel a little like it. Then this game is for you. This game has been out for awhile. But I know most people never even heard of it. So I decided to make a quick review on it. And tell you how to play it.

First off all you need is an email. You can use Google chrome to translate the site. Once you have signed up verify your email. And download the game. It's pretty quick to get everything set up. Once you get into the game. The only thing you need to know is. You need to make a name longer than 8 characters.

As for the game itself it's pretty slow at the start. You only have 4 slash moves. And limited dodge to work with. You must do quest and proceed through the story to level up

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Guest said:I was hoping that this game would be translated for us by now. but I guess they felt it wouldn\'t survive. It\'s a shame too, there\'s a legion of Tenchu fans out there that are still hoping something...

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