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Review on Dungeon Party

By: Forgott3nLT posted at Apr 13, 2013 1:38 am

Hi,it's time to talk about this forgotten game. I played in in closed beta very long time ago, and I noticed that not many people play this game. It is in Open Beta stage and it's free mmorpg instance based, it has servers created by people.
Not many information could be found in their official website. So no point going there. There are 7 classes: wizard, thief, executioner, bard, horsewoman (has a face like a rat :D), engineer and amazon.
I picked a executioner, he can wield a big shovel, huge sigh, some bone-staff~, pool cue with a black ball on it, 2 different axes and a hammer. Also on the customization, in char creation you can choose your chars mouth, eyes, head, outfit and something to carry on the back (it does nothing, just cosmetic item), also you can change your colors of t

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