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What is good about YS Online :D and what BAD !!! :(

By: Dustwellowss posted at Jul 16, 2009 8:19 am

 I just played Ys online i want to say 3 things and then continue upon them.

1. You have to walk ages to get where you have to be and it is boring...

2. The armor is nothing cool's about till now (lvl 17) It is only buy the one then the next and the next and so on.

3. The card system is fun and maybe the only thing for me to keep playing and the system in it is good.

That are the 3 main things i have to say for the rest CHINESE GRINDING ^%$&. We all know it and we all know it is boring. But with these card's and stuff it is quite addurable to grind. 

Card System:

You get cards where you can do spells with, Quests, buffs, and all kind of stuff with quests and shops.

The armor it doesent drop sofar i havn't seen a boss sofar and what is really the meaning of the game grinding ? (FUN) :S

YS online is great for the you grinder and enjoy telling lowlvl's to grind more and saying there noob's but for the rest nope i dont see it this is my review plz leave a comment.

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