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Twelvesky 2

By: rattek1 posted at Aug 29, 2011 11:15 pm

No idea how to do a Blog so.. well I just been  grinding on ts2 latly and im getting closer and closer to g12.... this will be my 2nd g12 on ts2.

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Official State of the Game Post

By: dreamyknight posted at Jun 09, 2010 11:17 pm

From http://forums.aeriagames.com/viewtopic.php?t=679635


This post is dedicated to updating the community about the state of the game. It will include updates about bugs, what we're talking to Alt-1 about, and other cool stuff like new content release dates etc.

Feel free to comment on here about the state of things.

Update 6/9

We released G5-G8 levels today and introduced WASD movement to the game.

While the initial reactions to WASD movement have been poor, we will continue to monitor your feelings and thoughts. If it is found that WASD is considered by the majority of players to be the absolute worst thing to happen to anyone in the history of bad things happening, then we will do what we can to remove it.

Initial Concerns:

'W' key no longer is a hot key. We have plans on changing this key to 'V" in a future Patch.

We would like to point out that click to move is still available for the game.

Update 6/3

Below are the new key configurations for WASD

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Pets Guide

By: colorfulday posted at Apr 20, 2010 4:18 am

Original from http://forums.aeriagames.com/viewtopic.php?t=725077  All credit to KonnoV.

I haven't seen any useful info about pets so I tried to make this, hope it helps <3

What are Pets?
Pets are basically your best friend in this game. They give bonuses which can benefit you in both pvp and pve. Pet Levels are lvl1, m1, m15 and m30. Pets drop from Monsters that you kill or you can get them from promos/ap items.

The higher the level, the more stats. Just because its higher level, doesn't mean its better though. Example: A Scarab is better than a vulture. Yes the Vulture gives def hp and chi(which is worthless imo) but the scarab gives dmg and def so the scarab will help you out more. Each pet transforms every 25% and you gain % as you grind. The higher the monster level, the mroe exp you will get. You need to feed you pet tho! Buy them at the Herbalist in your faction town.

Level 1 pets are the easiest to grind! They give 1 bonus

Level 1 pets are:
Vespida Wasp

The wasp

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Twelve Sky 2 Weapons and Armors Collection

By: dreamyknight posted at Dec 22, 2009 11:47 pm

Based on an oriental fantasy theme of ancient China, Twelve Sky 2 offers a uniquely intense and addictive faction vs. faction based gaming system. As a game which is filled with fight and action, weapons and armors is of paramount in the game. And the game does provide numerous weapons and armors for players. Today, we collected all of the 3 factions' weapons and armors for players who are interested in the game.

All of the 3 factions(Guanyin, Fujin, and Jinong) have their own type of weapons. Guanyin's weapons are sword and blade while Fujin's are katana and double blades. And Jinong's weapons are long spear and light blade. In fact there is a fourth faction, the Nangin. However, this faction is not available at character creation but players can join this faction by achieving a high level. Players will use their former factions' weapons after join in Nangin.

You can view all of the weapons and armors here.


Twelve Sky 2


Twelve Sky 2


Twelve Sky 2



Twelve Sky 2

If you want to know more about the game, welcome to 12sky mmosite zone.


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agevent said:its nice but I hate the stationary grind there its ok if ur new but it gets boring after some time comparing to ts1 grind this one is a bit boring

Mounts of TS2

By: dreamyknight posted at Dec 22, 2009 11:38 pm

Mount  [ From KR server ]

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God Level Pets of Twelvesky 2

By: dreamyknight posted at Dec 22, 2009 11:35 pm

Have a look at the God lvl pets on the Korean Server

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Check Out TwelveSky 2, By Mayn Interactive

By: Godcrusher posted at May 11, 2009 2:48 pm

What is TwelveSky 2?
TwelveSky 2 is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game otherwise known as a MMORPG. There are probably many MMORPGs in the computer gaming world, but let me tell you about TwelveSky 2. TwelveSky 2 can be considered a remake or a sequel to TwelveSky 1, both developed by Alt1. TwelveSky 1 was entertaining and fun, athough outdated it provided a great experience in its field and one of the longest I’ve played. TwelveSky 2 comes back better than before with updated graphics yet keeping the same concept.


Why TwelveSky 2?
There's dozens to hundreds of free online games in cyberspace, so why play TwelveSky 2? First of all, you may already be bored of the ones already out so try a new game. There are ton of new games coming out each month and especially the past year. TwelveSky 2 personally has a unique and quick paced PvP. Although some may disagree and claim it to be a flaw, how many active games out there have a simialr PvP? Games now are flooded with the so called "Intense PvP" some people like. Are they really intense? I'll discuss this another time but if you want fast quick paced PvP try TwelveSky 2.

The major reason many would

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Guest said:oh no

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