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Holy Beast ; more like just a beast...

By: clarex posted at May 28, 2009 9:12 pm


[ hb.getamped.com/ ]

Review by : clarex @ mmosite.com

Alright, let me start with giving you a few things to keep in mind while you're reading this.

1) I am a huge fan of nice graphics.

2) I get bored easily.

3) I am a girl, although that really shouldn't mean much in terms of game review - but who knows what people come up with these days?

Everything started when I was scoping out mmosite for some new games to try out. I usually don't try out closed betas, so I was already interested in the huge 'HOLYBEAST ONLINE OPEN BETA' ads that were on both sides of the home page. From the ads, the characters looked cute enough...I'll admit I even hoped that it would feel something like the good ol' Maplestory days. But time has passed since Maplestory came out, and in that time, new technologies have allowed for better development of games as a whole...right? Not to mention the fact that Holy Beast included pets, and the sweet ability to swap between your animal and human form!

It's too bad I was sucked in so easily by the ideas. I mean, I did check out the screenshots to get a sense of what the actual game graphics would look like, and it

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Cereldi said:i think the only thing about this game is that the grind is always consistent as in its not extremely hard to lvl when ur lvl 30 + 

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