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Graal online, terrible experiance!

By: Chisane posted at May 23, 2009 8:46 am

Graal online was a fine game back in the past when there weren't p2p features, it wasn't doing that bad when they decided to make the game p2p either. but the game has been losing players due to lack of customer support and awful p2p service.

A few years ago trial accounts had no time limits, instead they couldn't use the save feature and were limited from sparring (pvp) on certain servers. they decided to change the trial into a 5 hour trial with the save feature included, but that was rather not enough for the new players to stay focused on this oldie..

I'm pretty sure none of us would bother paying for an old snes style game when you have so many free to play mmorpgs to rather choose from. everyone knows that even games that went p2p stage with awesome graphics and amazing gameplay had popularity problems, even they switched into a f2p with cash shop method. so why doesn't this game do it? we outta blame the leaders for the graal project, they're just too greedy and expect so much from a crappy 2d zelda rip-off game..

Don't forget that's not the only problem! people that have already suscribed with the old method arn't all nice! most of them are mean noobs who can't

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Viper said:Thanks for the in depth and truthful review. It\'s important people see truthful and unbiased reviews about GraalOnline, Stephane Portha and EuroCenter and choose to avoid it. Not just the lying propa...

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