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Blade and Soul: Starting over praise for streamline

By: Scion Storm posted at May 22, 2017 1:50 pm

I know some don't like this change. I, however, think it's a pretty good change. No, I don't like the skill changes. But we will talk about that another day. For now, let's talk about starting over in Blade and Soul. Most quests are streamlined, you really don't have to stray far from anything. And stick to the story for the most part. The game will provide you with all you need. The one key exception to that. Is you will be killing far fewer mobs. So upgraded trinkets are harder in this version of the game. Mainly because you just don't have enough materials. SO learning trade skills and where to farm money. Will help you out there and keep you on track. 

Being that things are faster and you have more storyline quest to do. This sets you up better freely for going into end game. This lowers the amount of woefully ill-equipped players going into dungeons. It won't magically make people good at dungeons. But at least they will be able to do some kind of damage. In

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kokomana said:Its actually more simple than that. the early levels are deserts. There is no one in those levels. They give you freebies because you don\'t spend that much time in those early levels and you wont fin...

Blade & Soul | Candy Cloud Park

By: Tammy Chou posted at Apr 18, 2017 11:52 am

Trying out this months new event that forces players dance!

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Blade & Soul | Secrets of Stratus First Impressions

By: Tammy Chou posted at Apr 18, 2017 11:47 am

Sharing my thoughts and opinions on Blade & Soul's major April update.

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Blade & Soul | Celestial Basin NEW Solo Area

By: Tammy Chou posted at Apr 10, 2017 9:16 am

Blade & Soul will finally be releasing a new solo farming area which will be located in the South East of Gunwon City. With this new upcoming area (due to release April 12th 2017) I want to share my excitement for the content and also fill you in on the updates!


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Pengued said:New place to do something, we are all waiting it :))Well actually what i am waiting is lesser material needs for upgrades ^^

What Should I Do After I Reached lvl 50 in BnS

By: Adjacenth posted at Apr 05, 2017 1:02 am
As a new player who reached lvl 50 recently, i'm finding the process of getting into late game (grind) a bit difficult compared to countless other games i played into this stage.
My AP sits at low 400's and i'm having problems finding groups for even 45 dungeons (so i can unlock further 45 dungeons) to grind skillbook drops or even silverfrost mats for my first weapon breakthrough. This is an issue for me when it comes to progressing skills which are still tied to "old" content.

Because the (group) dungeon experience while leveling up was so limited (or non existing), the odds of getting into current (late game) group content and messing up are high.
The early (late game) AP recruitment wall is very visible to even try getting into. Finding clans seems to be an issue aswell giContinue Reading
Anonymous said:Try FFXIV. You will have a good community there.

Blade & Soul Teases The Next Expansion Secrets of the Stratus

By: Hàn Thiên Hải posted at Mar 21, 2017 10:27 am

Blade and Soul Game Producer Nico Coutant has revealed next major update in April called "Secrets of the Stratus". Below are some of the new features of Secrets of the Stratus.

Act 7: Find out if you have the courage and strength to stand up to the dastardly Zulia, who kidnapped Jinsoyun for her own nefarious purposes!

Gunwon City: Explore an expansive new land, including the grand Gunwon City itself.

Skill Point Revamp: A complete revamp of the skill point allocation system will streamline how you specialize your character’s skills, while keeping the same level of customization depth.

Three New PvE Areas:

Naryu Sanctum – Our hardest 6-member Heroic Dungeon released to date. Great rewards such as the new Legendary Bracelet await, but only the adventurous will claim them!

Celestial Basin – A neContinue Reading
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Top 10 MMORPGs of 2016

By: MMOByte posted at Jan 20, 2017 12:17 am

So with 2016 having just ended, and 2017 having just begun, I figured now would be a good time to go through all the games currently live in 2016 and list which of them I believe are the best of the best for the entire year.

This list is personal - so do remember that. You may not agree with the entire thing, or you may not agree with any of it. Regardless, these are the 10 games I believe are currently (or were currently) the best at the end of 2016.

If you think I missed any or believe one shouldn't be in this list - please let me know!

For a text version - you're welcome to read it through this link.

Here's hoping if you haven't already found your MMO home - this helps you!

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Blade & Soul NA Naryu Foundry Acrimor

By: Eckogen posted at Dec 11, 2016 10:13 pm
Mechanics overview of the final boss in Naryu Foundry (Acrimor). 

Jump Mechanics:
- Assign 1 person to be the furthest (standing on the other side of the railing, not the same direction the boss is facing)
- Acrimor faces the furthest person before jumping.
- Snare the boss before he's able to jump
- The boss has a global cooldown on snares so FMs and SFs need to be careful not to use chill. 
- After the jump attempt the boss will do a fire breath at the tank and jump to the tank. The tank needs to stay in the middle of the room

Marking Mechanics:
- Every 25 seconds the two closest people will be marked
- Marked status is active for 20 seconds
- Being marked provides a constant aoe pulse
- These aoe pulses are used to move the dials
- 1 pulse moves the dial in a 90 degree clockwise direction
- To avoid being marked you  have to be 3 meters or further away

Burn Stack Mechanics:
- 1 burn stack applies approximately every 5 seconds up to a maximum of 99 stacks
- Burn stack

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Blade & Soul NA Frozen Firing Range

By: Eckogen posted at Dec 11, 2016 5:57 pm
The Frozen Firing Range is the daily Christmas event. It is available from December 7th, ending on January 18th. You must be at least level 16 or higher to do this event. No AP is required for this. Limited to once a day. Resets can be purchased for 39 Ncoins or HMcoins if you wish to do it more than once a day.

Be sure to do this event with 6 people. There are grenade launchers and frost rifles you can use. Usually 3 launchers and 3 rifle users work or 4 launchers and 2 rifle users.

The objective is to defeat all the Frost Banshees that come out of the red portal before they get into the blue portal. If successful, the Frost Yeti will jump down and toss the treasure chest to your side. 

If you fail to eliminate all banshees then the Frost Yeti will damage the chest and a secondary phase will begin. Mini Yetis will throw snowballs at the chest until it is destroyed. You must kill them or the chest will be gone. 

Once you get to wave 3 and higher there will be totems, shield mContinue Reading
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Blade & Soul NA Naryu Foundry Rocnar

By: Eckogen posted at Dec 11, 2016 5:53 pm
Rocnar is the first boss in Naryu Foundry. His attacks are similar to Zaikhan in Ebondrake Citadel. His enrage timer is 7 minutes and he has 4 CC bars. You have to do 4 stuns or 4 dazes in order to CC him. He has two main mechanics: flame wall and fire flowers.

Flame Wall
- Starts after 98% HP and is periodically sweeps across the room throughout the fight
- The flame wall can come from north, east, south, or west
- Rocnar must be CC'ed and aerial'ed before the flame wall touches him
- If Rocnar touches 3 flame walls he will enrage
- iframe the flame walls cause they apply 1 burn stack. At 3 burn stacks you will probably die

Fire Flowers
- This phase occurs at 90%, 60%, and 30%
- Assign 3 members to take the flowers
- 2 will take 3 flowers and the marker will take 2 flowers
- Try to iframe into the flowers cause they apply burn stacks
- After a bunch of aoe attacks he will fire a blockable projectile at the marker (person who is furthest). Ideally, the marker should be a Summoner or Continue Reading
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