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Ways of PW!

By: TimeWorks posted at May 14, 2016 6:00 am
Hi everyone, this intro blog is to show everyone what PW (Perfect World) the game is all about. Please stay tuned. Thank you!Continue Reading
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Perfect World International December 16th Update

By: Nanbo posted at Dec 03, 2014 8:46 am

Hey everyone!

Down below, you will find a quick overview of the new PWI expansion, PWI: Eclipse! In this blog, we'll highlight some of the new, interesting features you will expect to see in-game, once the expansion goes live December 16th!

New Race: Nightshade

Created by the son of Pan Gu, the Reapers once guarded the Celestial Vale. Bound to the life of the Divine Child, they defended him until he was mortally wounded in battle. With the last of his strength, the Divine Child freed the Reapers from his service and sent them to Perfect World. Now known as the Nightshades, they draw upon the power of the moon to battle evil in all its forms.

New Classes: Duskablade & Stormbring

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Guest said:now u can pay to win more

Top 5 Pro's and Con's of Perfect World International

By: Nanbo posted at Nov 10, 2014 2:32 am

Hello all MMOSITE reader’s. I am between several projects at the moment and created this article in the heat of the work. I have wrote a lot of guides about Perfect World Entertainment and in general defended it where it needed defended. But it has it’s weak points. This article is to give you my five top reasons I play, and five weak points I wish they changed to get more players involved. Here we go!

One thing to keep in mind before getting into the top 5’s are the brief facts and notes I have observed over the years of it’s US launch. 1) The game is a Chinese production. US got the “international” launch later in it’s life. Before, the only English version found was in Malaysia, and that is where I first played. I currently play on the international version on the East coas

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Allwynd said:i played some PWI back in the day and i quickly got bored with how cheap the whole game is, i didnt have the required patience and determination for an MMO, especially a f2p asian oneover the course i...

Perfect World "2" China Update

By: Nanbo posted at Oct 08, 2014 1:24 am

Hello siters, today I am attempting to translate the last update that is being implemented in Perfect World China. As you know, what hits their servers, usually ends up floating down stream to ours here in Perfect World International. The game Perfect World 2 is an expansion that has successfully entered the Chinese Beta servers. It includes two new races and several other major updates. Here is the latest:

Perfect World2"onSeptember 30from8:00am,full service(includingexperience serving)updatedmaintenancedowntime,maintenance timeis expectedto last fourhours.Pleasenote thatplayersadjust theirgame time,this givesyouthe inconvenience, please understand!

(PS:After thisupdatewill no longerbe updatedduring Novembermaintenance, the nextupdate,please refer toAnnouncementwish youa pleasant game.!)

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Perfect World 2 CH Character Customization and Opening Zone

By: Scion Storm posted at Oct 01, 2014 2:04 pm

Main Site

I showed you PW2 a week ago in the MMO show. But with so many other games that came first. I didn't get a chance to even get into this game until now. For starters you need a Perfect World Chinese account. Most of you have those already now. 

You can refer to this video for a PWE account

Character customization is what I come to expect from PWE. it seems they took a page from Black Desert. And made it simple but robust. You don't have as many areas as the first version. But it retained all of the right things for us to meddle with.

I'm not sure what style this drawing is. They seemed to be going for a extremely slim look this time around. In fact thats the default and you need to edit it away. Just to make a character that looks like they don't need a sandwich. Once in game it looks and sounds like its predecessor. But with a more anime feel this time around. Attacks are better and the back rounds are better. And that forever moon jump is back. Stay tuned for a review ba

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Nanbo said:Thanks for the vid and recognition! I do believe PW2 is an expansion to PW. Two new classes will have their new starting zones and if I heard right have up to level 20 stuff to do to \"get out\" in th...

Nanbo's Perfect World Cash Shop and Gold Guide

By: Nanbo posted at Sep 19, 2014 11:26 am

Hello MMOSITE readers, visitors, and all other creatures ! I have been attached to one of my favorite titles for a long time: Perfect World International. If “World of Warcraft” is a base game to compare most games too, “Perfect World” is a base game most people refer too as “pay to win”. But is it really? Is it really a massive money sink that only caters to players spending thousands and thousands of dollars each month? If so, how? How can a game get away with this price tag for so long? I decided to take apart the cash shop item by item and present you what I found.Read on to see if this game really is a P2W title. As a bonus, I will also provide a guide on how to get A LOT of in game coin.


As a reviewer of games, I always keep an eye on the cash shop to decide if the

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Nanbo said:So please trolls. Tell me how you got pwned by the guy that purchased his levl OP 9999 weapon from this cash shop. And under what tab????

Nanbo's Perfect World International Tips

By: Nanbo posted at Aug 14, 2014 10:06 am

Hello MMOSITE readers  and welcome to my latest article concerning Perfect World International. You may have heard of the latest expansion coming up called Chill of Luneska. The focus of the next content update will be territory for mostly higher end levels. Do not let that scare you in thinking the community is packed into end game and the new player experience is an endless void. More than ever the game has been streamlined to get you into the fighting, not too quickly, but paced just right. Here are some tips and tricks others have shared with me that I would like to pass on to the new or returning player.

“Oh, Perfect World. P2W, I am skipping it.” Fair enough. They have had, before content to busy people with, hard mid level struggles to either grind out normally, us

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Rokwood said:I have played Perfect world for 5+ Years, Thanks to a BUGG I made a level 1-101 Wizard (1 Hour)

Why I Play Perfect World

By: Nanbo posted at Jan 31, 2014 7:09 am

It has one of the most top mmorpg google search results on the internet. It has a long running history and one of the most played Chinese mmorpg’s on the market. Perfect World also carries with it a very strong reputation and most people are very opinionated about the quality of this title. The game’s name alone is used as the company’s slogan “Perfect World Entertainment”. But the biggest question is: “Is this game any good?”  Here is my Perfect World article / Review.

Before I get into the categories of a review (character creation, game play, etc..) I prefer to start this hybrid article (half review / half game experience) off with a brief history of how I got into the game.
I was fresh off the mmorpg subscription boat. I was that guy that was playing Xbox, playstation, and had a

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roflo said:Rly? why do u play this piece of shit?

PWI makes me sad.

By: yvitini posted at Dec 23, 2011 5:24 pm

My first MMO love was Perfect World.  This game, as strange (and creepy) as it may sound, saved my life.  Long story there, but there is a lot of sentimental value.  I've been playing for nearly 3 years (next month makes 3 years), and I've seen the game evolve...or rather devolve.

When I first joined Dreamweaver (I was on Heaven's Tear for a couple of months before Dreamweaver opened), I rolled a wizard.  I fell in love with her even if she was a squishy ass (like most mages in games apparently).  I remember actually questing until the wee hours of the morning, then when I hit level 60 (which took a while), I did my first zhen (aoe) squad and I was up until 7am, practically wafflefacing on the computer until I hit level 70.  Then I did fish grinding for 8 hours straight when I wanted level 89 so that I can get my little demon fairy (a.k.a. little pumpkin of doom).  I was in the biggest TW faction on Dreamweaver, and back then, TW required a bit o

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Guest said:I totally agree with you, pay to win games suck ass. I\'ve put a ton of money into this game too, and to be honest, i am dissapointed in it.

Wow i love pwi :D

By: Dave_javed posted at Dec 23, 2011 12:19 pm
HAHAHAHContinue Reading
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