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Gold Slam - Beta Review

By: neramaar posted at Jul 30, 2008 9:44 am
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"Quick question, does anyone here actually like Tennis?"

For everyone offended by the question above, don't be. I wasn't making a joke at the expense of you're unnatural enjoyment for boring sports, I was asking in complete legitimacy, as in order for me to start playing Gold Slam again, I'm going to need to ask you a few questions. Actually, thinking on it more I don't even know if that would do any good. The reality is that even if you were a Tennis junky, and you did know the difference between a Slice, Splice, Volley, Backhand Lob, and mid air loop-de-loop you would undoubtedly still have a rough time getting the hang of Gold Slam. The reason for this boils down to two things, the Tutorial and the Controls. Now I've been told recently that my long-winded intro's can be a bit much to handle, so lets do things differently for a change and jump right into it.

Half-Asian, Non-English speaking Tennis Coach says what?
Put simply, the Tutorial in Gold Slam is a nightmare. The layout is very simple, your Tennis Coach will give you 5 simple tasks, and once you've completed them you'll be ready to take on the world at the Tennis Championships. The catch is that you're coContinue Reading
loganz35 said:I really hate tennis. But, meh, you made me laugh again.Good review, though I am not interested in this game. I hope that your next review will be about game which interests me a crack a bit. ^_^Thank...

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