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FlyFF Masquerade English patch, grinding, acquiring armor/weapon

By: Katling21 posted at Jun 23, 2013 6:44 am

Please stop asking questions about FlyFF Masquerade. I haven't played that game since mid-July and am not planning on playing it further as I moved to Dragon Nest. So far I know, from someone who played Masq too, the servers are pretty empty. 

Thank you for reading and have fun playing Masquerade in case you are interested in it.

Today I will explain English patch, some basics of gathering exp, and how to obtain armor and weapons without buying it from NPC.



STEP 2: Unzip it

STEP 3: Copy and paste the files to you Masquerade root folder (replace the existing ones with these ones)

STEP 4: Make a shortcut of neuz.exe on your desktop

STEP 5: rightclick on

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Guest said:Conclusion: ghunt is the easiest way to lvl up. If you lvl at mantis with 23 and even are already using amps your logic in playing a game is hella wrong. you should stop playing mmos

FlyFF Masquerade: Another World [post-first look]

By: Katling21 posted at Jun 19, 2013 11:02 am

In my other blog (FlyFF Masquerade: Another World Japan OBT [First Look]) I talked about the things that everyone will notice at the very first levels.

Now that I've played a bit longer, I will talk about the good things and the flaws of Masquerade.

Since it's an OBT (and I haven't heard of CBT being launched before) the game has a lot of bugs. For example: when you try to get the quest from the General Manager in Flaris, you get neuz.exe error and your client will crash.

A friend and I also had problem with the Acrobat quest. We accepted it and when we had to talk to Acrobat Master, whenever we clicked on that npc, our client crashed AND the quest disappeared from the quest log. However, there are people who managed to finish the acrobat quest, so maybe it's Japan exclusive?

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Guest said:A friend of mine and myself are playing it too and i don\'t got the crash from clicking the General Manager in Flaris while does - perhaps a Graphic Card issue? I know that my friend uses Nvidia while...

FlyFF Masquerade: Another World Japan OBT [First Look]

By: Katling21 posted at Jun 18, 2013 4:07 am

Hey all!

As I previously said, Gala Lab Japan is launching their title of Flyff Masquerade.

The OBT started today so if you want to check it for yourself, you can! Japanese gpotato portal doesn't require you to identify yourself. And those familiar with FlyFF Gold: almost everything remained the same, except for some changes so you'll need Google Translate for some stuff if you can't read Japanese (like me~).

Here's the link to the Japanese Masquerade website: FlyFF Masquerade Another World JAPAN

I took some time in checking out the game and I must say, I like what I've seen so far. Except the soundtrack. It's the same as in FlyFF Gold and that one always annoyed me.

The art on the log in interface has changed. But the use is the same.

There is only 1 server with 3 channels&nbs

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Guest said:Auto-attack damage in Masquerade was lowered greatly to motivate players to use skills. (Which deal 100+ damage)Skill effects have all changed and max level of skills too. I wish someone found out wha...

FlyFF Masquerade: Another World to be launched in Japan end June

By: Katling21 posted at Jun 11, 2013 2:18 pm

Gala Lab Japan announced that the remake of FlyFF called FlyFF Masquerade will be launched in Japan at the end of June 2013.

It was already released at the beginning of May in Korea.

This is what they said on their website: LINK

Maybe if we're lucky NA/EU will get the update somewhere in 2014-2015. I know this is not the most anticipated game of all times but it is nice to see that they at least try to fix the bugs from the first one. Although I will have to wait until it comes to NA/EU to see if the bugs are fixed or not since I cannot play on neither the KR or JP servers.

The other question is: IF it comes to NA/EU, which publisher will take care of it since Webzen is in charge of the NA/EU portals. Will it be Webzen or completely different one? We will have to wait for more information to get answers to these questions.

Thanks to Zugai for casually mentioning this news.~

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Zugai said:Well thanks for mentioning me XD Sadly it\'s all up to webzen if they go for it, else gala.jp might sell it to some other publisher.

What's with the cel shading?

By: Katling21 posted at May 17, 2013 10:22 am

What I noticed is that there are a few anime styled mmorpg's that are cel shaded.

This style makes the game look quite simplistic. Fiesta Online is one of those games with cel shaded graphics but... Soon maybe not only Fiesta Online?

As a former liker of eFlyFF I follow the developments of new versions. So when I was browsing through the internet I came upon this:


Then to check if it was true I went to the website provided:


Apparently, Gala-Lab is working on a remake of FlyFF with cel shaded graphics.

So far I've only found this forum http://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/flyff-main-discussions-questions/2585107-flyff-masquerade-another-world-haltet-ihr-davon.html which provides some screen shots of this game. It is in German.

At last: Please no haters! if you disliked FlyFF you can either express that in a polite way or just go to the next blog and ignore this one. Only serious discussio

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Zanpakutou said:cell shading allows games to look like 2D while maintaining the 3D system. it is much easier than making an actual 2D game that requires you to animate everything.

Heaven’s Island: Trading Strategy + MMORPG

By: selenaliberatore posted at Oct 14, 2012 9:53 pm

Looking for some different kind of MMORPG? You don’t want to miss this game! Heaven’s Island is a trading-based style MMORPG. Here are some of the game features, Trading Business where you trade some of the goods and sell it to other towns to gain more profit. Ship battle where you battle against other pirates and bandits while you travel across the sea. Hire some Mercenary allies that will surely help to assist you on battling monsters.

Trading Business

Ship battle


Visit the official Website: http://heavensisland.gamengame.com/

Like our fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Heavens-Island/346742318729114?fref=ts

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kannaaashi said:Is this free to play?

Flyff's rise and fall from the top...

By: ElyonsChild posted at Mar 01, 2012 1:03 pm

From Greatness...


    This MMORPG game came out with such a wonderful idea! The ability to FLY!

    However, like most MMORPG's just starting out, glitches were EVERYWHERE! Glitching decreased over the version changes that came later, with updates and wonderful new ideas. By V9 it had gotten over 300K+ players on it, rated a top game by Galanet and the players that found it's graphics and storyline a great relief from the ordinary every day MMORPG!

    Quests and classes were added and when the Acrobat class was added, people flocked to make a cool Acrobat that could not only use a BOW but a YOYO! The skill system remained glitchy but by v11 it was well underway of being a great class to play! People found the game very intriguing still eager to become the greatest players in all Madrigal!

    The level cap (most know better than I when this changed and how it did) rose with newer versions, by V14/V15 the level cap had

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Guest said:Flyff started REALLY sucking at v11, with the awakenings.That\'s when I stopped playing. I had started in v4.


By: tawli posted at Dec 28, 2011 8:41 pm

'ello! i'm new to this site but have found it quite informative. i was introduced to a game called FLYFF by my daughter. i'm addicted. this game is great! i have met some really nice people and have built several characters, my main being a billposter named Tawli. i have several other characters i created on my own. i enjoy the challenge of having to build from scratch tho it can be very slow and frustrating at times. u can find me thru out the day and evening playing FLYFF. if u r a FLYFF player, look me up. i'd be glad to chat with ya and maybe we could help each other lvl. i am fiercely loyal to friends.

i am a nana and i enjoy my grandkids when they come to visit. i also enjoy baking cookies, pies, and homemade bread.

hope to meet some other FLYFF players.

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Flyff V18: Renaissance Scheduled To Hit Beta November 3rd!

By: GeorgeWashington posted at Oct 31, 2011 11:36 pm


This announcement is indeed to inform you all that V18: Renaissance will be launching it's Open Beta next week Thursday, November 3rd, 2011. This is a tentative date and the exact time of launch is still to be determined. Furthermore, the actual live release date and time has not officially been decided, but you can expect to see this exciting update sometime in mid to late November for all users.

We hope that you're all just as excited as we are and we hope to see you there when Open Beta launches!

-The Flyff GM Team.

Flyff, or Fly For Fun, is a popular Asian styled MMORPG that has been in the news lately due to their Renaissance update that enhances the longevity of the game by adding in more dungeons, quests, and more into the game to allow players to progress their ch

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Pelagato said:hm... Is this some sort of expansion pack, I mean... Open Beta??? As far as I know teh game is already out, maybe they are going to test this massive patch but that is a test... why the OB tag???


By: Vetteboy3 posted at Aug 21, 2010 10:51 pm

Well this is my first blog, I just thought I'd give it a shot!

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