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Pro Pow Pics

By: Spiffa posted at Feb 06, 2009 6:39 pm

Check my game album for some beast screens from Project Powder .... :P game is beast btw try it

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Review: Project Powder

By: Andaleon posted at Nov 14, 2008 12:07 am

Project Powder


Attention, snowboarding afficionados -- Outspark's Project Powder trailblazes the online world as the fastest and wildest snowboarding game today. Its snow-melting gameplay, easy-to-pull tricks and powdered-up race tracks will have you shredding to the last snowflake. But wait... it's an online game? 


Snow Business

Project Powder is a game for both snowboarding pros and newbies alike. It contains the basic features to satisfy any snowboarder-wannabe. You're stuck with choosing from only three snowboarders, not really a superb lineup for an extreme sports game. The characters' fashion can be customized in the mall section of the game using coins you earn from all the game modes. A variety of shirts, jackets, shorts, pants, shoes, decks and headgears are available for "rent." The apparel you purchase is sadly limited to a number of days. If, however, Project Powder only had a select few rentables and more of the permanent apparel (like the rented ones have stat bonuses, while permanent ones are just eye candy), you won't have to feel the guilt of wasting time not playing the game just because all your items are ticking away. Money is hard t

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argent88 said:Am I wrong or the graphics seem a little, ehm, "old" ?

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