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City of Steam Gone Super Locomotional

By: cosficq posted at Jan 23, 2014 1:01 am

This punishing Epic ghostly in power I have no doubt - Just started the action is fn Funtional! I can't place it for once why - The pace most likely isn't advertising cups of tea and nights on the coast

Looking to youtube would be just ordinary at this point: He's got a nice introduction:-


(EW: Looking to see then the whole Extract from the Character Creation to the first few minutes)

Vitally interesting avidly is the character races + classes - there are 4 races including Greenskins and Gunslinger/Channeller classes, be still my heart

Glad to hear that the sometime likely to define RPG genre Steampunk has an offering of this work out there - I hear there are other cool punk fn Funtional refers somewhere ghostly by the shore on a midnight burning null circle

Here lives my impression in form as true perfectly vectored point biological SW Software


(EW: The t

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Why Did Korea Produce NeoSteam?

By: MapleTire posted at Jan 03, 2012 11:53 am

Did the Koreans deserve putting 'The First SteamPunk MMO' on one of their MMOs, let alone Steampunk?

As of Jan 2012, Atlus has shut down and terminate service of NeoSteam. The last NeoSteam service that's been running since NeoSteam official launch.

NeoSteam, produced entirely in Korea aimmed to represent Steampunk, one of the most demanding science fiction genres in the MMO community for the player. I played the game and what I found was the most tasteless, unrewarding and painful experiences I've ever played in all my life as an MMO player.

Let me introduce you to Thief. Thief was one of the first Steampunk games and was produced in America. What interested the player into this game world, even thou it was entirely first person was the entire world was crafted and clearly

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Guest said:No where in that entire statement did you list a valid reason why the game was no good you basically just said the same things over and over. The facts are this Neo Steam was an incomplete game despit...

Say Your Farewell to Atlus NeoSteam

By: MapleTire posted at Dec 17, 2011 9:46 pm

It's official Atlus is closing NeoSteam in Feburary 2012. This is the NeoSteam last server standing and you can now play the game with double EXP, No Death Penelties and etc. . Official announcement and 'saying your farewell' thread can be found here: http://forums.atlusonline.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=18075&st=0

I enjoyed exploring the world of NeoSteam and the challenge it presented and if you haven't, you can also say your farewell on the same thread.

Other interesting places to explore includes the entire website which explains the story of NeoSteam, What Steampunk is and other interesting bits of information , which can be found here: http://neosteam.atlusonline.com/

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Guest said:online store,wholesale retailer storehttp://modernjersey.org/ http://modernjersey.org/ http://modernjersey.org/ http://modernjersey.org/ =========================...

MY first Blog MMosite =D

By: link180 posted at Feb 10, 2010 5:31 pm


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Carolgarden said: So short! hehe

R.I.P Robby

By: kitty14 posted at Nov 15, 2009 7:46 pm

I feel a little sad because I lost my friend and pet Robby.  Robby was a grave robber with a lovely crossbow of awesome, in a Rogwel graveyard. He was given to me by a friend, and there was no way I could have gotten Robby on my own. So,  my friend helps me get calm monsters to fight with, and Robby was my second one so far.  But then, I feel like get a harder mission. I and felt like lvling a bit with Robby. I thought Robby could take some of the monsters by himself ( i mean he was lvl 25 and the highest calm monster i've had), and I could get others. That  plan didn't work so well...... And now I miss Robby. I would try to get him back, but I can't take a lot monsters at one time... So, yeah...... Me sad :C

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Hyuk said:I thought the little Robby was a real pet at first, anyway may his soul rest in peace, :|

Neo Steam; Rope Isle and Ranking is finally here! Touring: Part 2 (Final)

By: Alexiellous posted at Jul 17, 2009 8:52 am

Contiuned from the previous post:

Okay i am back again with more things to show you, but it will be great if you are able to explore yourself while grinding, isn't it?


Start with where i left off =D

We are at Conviction Town.Let's get out of the town and look for some interesting scenary.

This reminds me of my Dimensional Rift journey in Riall, the monsters is similar lol but different name. Beware of the Devil Lizard, his cousin Riall Crooker (aka. Rice Cooker) bite hard.

I kinda love the effect on the tree, it look evil

Into the hole of polluted air, it is kinda interesting when exiting Conviction Town on the north entrance and you get this.

I guess this is the area when the Elder spawn, my toes are burning

These monster can be seen spawning around the vocalno area.

Wanna bath in this lava pool tonight?

The Black Horizon indeed live up to its name


Large amount of monsters with a extra core? o.o

And the beautiful phoenix in a large amount of monster covered? What a waste

Let's move on to another location.

Here comes the new town, Mediator Square.

They have a weird machine which appeal me:

And beautiful trees:

Lastly, hippo? It is way too funny and it look a bit cute in a way.

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Neo Steam; Rope Isle and Ranking is finally here! Touring: Part 1

By: Alexiellous posted at Jul 16, 2009 11:43 pm

Adapted from Official Neo Steam Site

ROPE ISLE will be UNLEASHED for YOU to EXPLORE! Just visit your friendly, neighborhood zeppelin operator!

New monsters, new quests, new areas, and a big-bad bigboss, the Elder Kroness, who’s chained up inside an active volcano...

That's a big too huge for that guy.

Wonder if he can handle both of them at the same time...

Here comes the epic Elder Kroness!


Players will be able to earn rankings based on their PvP points. Here’s the breakdown of the rankings, starting from lowest to highest for your bragging pleasure.

You will also get a ranking icon next to your name!

Elerd Kingdom

  • Dragon Soldier
  • Dragon Guard
  • Dragon Defender
  • Dragon Knight
  • Dragon Captain
  • Dragon Legionnaire
  • Dragon General
  • Dragon Liberator
  • Dragon Champion
  • Dragon Warlord
In Player Rankings, you will be competing against other players of the same class (i.e. if you play as an Evoker, you are ranked against other Evokers; not Evoker vs. Shadowreavers, etc.).


The new boss looked exciting enough, but i don't think i am able to handle that yet. It been a long wai

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sempron said: .......

Neo Steam: Open Beta Review

By: InsanityWarden posted at May 29, 2009 12:37 am

What is Neo Steam?

Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent is a steampunk MMO. It takes place on a continent called Chrysalis, in which magic and science worked together, in harmony. Eventually, a powerful substance called "Neo Steam" is found by a subset of the Pom race known as the Maestros. This caused Chrysalis to enter a "Golden Age," a time perioud where technology and knowlegde can flourish and expand.

The King of Chrysalis, corrupted by his power, feared he would be overthrown by the Maestros. He banished them to an island where they continued developing Neo Steam technology. Suddenly, a gigantic earthquake rips the continent into 3 parts. The Taxn Alliance, the Republic of Rogwel, and the Kingdom of Elerd are formed respectively. All three countries suffer greatly until they dig up the ancient Maestros's technology, which they use with the power of Neo Steam to wage war against each other for power and control of the Neo Steam. That is where your story begins.

Character Creation

The character creation process is fairly simple. Before you create your first character, you are forced to choose between Rogwel and Elerd. I chose Elerd, for the sake of simplicity. Yo

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LeonhartFFVIII said:Yeah I played it when it was in gamengame. I got up to level 32 I had fun but I got bored later..Maybe it's cause the fact that you need to decide on which alliance your in and they give you...

NeoSteam Open Beta TODAY!

By: ajthebaka posted at May 27, 2009 3:24 am

Really thought it was the end when Game Networks dropped NeoSteam without a trace, and couldn't believe it when I heard that ATLUS, of all publishers, was taking it up. Atlus is probably most famous for their Shin Megami Tensei series, which is extremely popular in Japan and amongst j-rpg fans of the states. Atlus brings the same quality to NeoSteam with a completely reworked localization and more lenient leveling curve. They've hosted many pre-launch contests (Including a raffle for a hand-made costume piece of a pair of goggles from the game) and the administrators actually talk to the players on the forums which helps keep players hopeful and enthusiastic for launch.


The servers will be up in about 6 hours from now, and I'll be hopping on maybe 3 hours after that. I play ELERD NATION, Reinhardt_Tatzenvier for anyone else who wants to play with me o_-

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LeonhartFFVIII said:I used to play neosteam, but I didn't like the fact that there were like 2 nations and you get different classes. I was up to lvl 30 and I still wasn't an assassin so I was upset about ...

Games and Glitches

By: Iggils posted at May 17, 2009 3:50 pm

 I love to play games and try to find all the glitches in the game, its the main reason I like to play the beta test games, well that and I get to say I had a hand in it :D.  But what I don't get is when another company takes over making a game, and it becomes even buggier than when the other company has it.

Right now I am playing NeoSteam, taken over from GameNGame, by Atlus Online.  I figured cool I played that game and it was relatively fun and didn't have that many bugs in it.  Now while I am playing the beta test, they are having clipping issues, wordwrap (which was in the original), and monsters used in quests spawning in unreachable areas.  If by chance you kill one and go and loot it you are stuck in the mountain or water and have to warp back to town.   I don't understand this....I also played Gate to Heavens which was fairly buggy, and got even worse after the first server shut down and another took it over....  Sorry just had to rant!

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