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F2P game Orka online

By: ataiy posted at Jun 22, 2008 7:15 pm

 various Hunging Quests A series of different maps include group quests by region to form a single world. The world is consisted of many zones and maps in which you can carry out a number of special quests. You can move between maps to experience new quests and zones.

 Double Clutch Control System You can choose to use the ordinary RPG control method to move the whole screen with your avatar character in the center, or the RTS control method with which you can control multiple characters by moving the screen with the map in the center.

 You can control the mercenaries you have summoned with a mercenary card more precisely, and do various types of quest that weren’t tried in other ordinary RPGS.

 Card Summon System At anytime in a battle you can use a mercenary card to have mercenaries participate in a battle. You can also summon special monsters instead of ordinary soldiers in the form of a card item anywhere in the map to have them fight for you.

 The soldiers that you have summoned by using a card have a limited time of action but it shouldn’t be a serious problem even if they die since they can be summoned again and again after a certain peri

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