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Air Rivals is still kicking arse!

By: ggnorevthx posted at Oct 17, 2012 9:38 am

I haven't been online at Air Rivel for more than 2 years and let me tell you. Things have changed!

Tha game is full with new updates, from items to monsters, maps to skills. A whole new game (especially for someone that didn't played for the last 2 years).

If you love ships, wars and A LOT of PVP action, give it a try at: http://airrivals.net/user/register/?recruit=C8A743C8FD8F6D250FFA90FD3D0E59A1 ! :D

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AirRivals Poor Report on Scamming Issues

By: IlikeMMO posted at Oct 20, 2010 4:02 pm

Disclaimer: This issue doesn't refer to ACE Online community in any way. Warning: Long post!

Considering there alot of scamming on the internet and in MMO, it's no surprised that Air Rivals has been targeted to alert staff to issue this message to players.

What makes this post interesting is this text.

'It is against the game rules to sell / trade / buy accounts at all. This includes but is not limited to doing so in exchange for SPI, in game items, out of game items, real world cash, sexual favors, etc. etc.'

Sexual favors?

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure security is an issue online, I'm sure people get hacked or scammed, but for sexual favors?

These players are mostly males in their teens too, are they THAT desperate to give someone an account?

I don't deny scammers do offer sexual

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Gamers life - 01

By: Bysta posted at May 26, 2010 11:31 pm

Its another Thurstday. And a hot one too. Weather finaly calmed down, and now its sweaty 30 degress.

I spent last evening and most of the night playing Starcraft 2 Beta with my friends, in 1vs1, 2vs2 and 3vs3 setups. Surprisingly low rate of drops from the game. Blizzard is working their magic in polishing the game. Its just one more month intil release of the first part from the SC2 trilogy.

I decided not to attend Advanced base wars in Air Rivals last night in favor of SC2 beta, since those base wars became stacking fest in this MMO Aerial shooter. Its now exactly three months since I started playing Air Rivals, and I must say I am fairly addicted to this game. I was stalling the start of playing this game for almost a year, and then some online friends told me alot of good things about th

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Grogian said: SC2 Beta is pretty awesome, it's just too bad I can't really play since I got home [from college] since my internet sucks. I really don't understand the complaints people keeps throwing ...

AirRivals review

By: Raithen posted at Nov 29, 2009 6:58 am

Within the MMORPG genre, there are many games which can fall under this description. Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, where each person takes control of a person or avatar.

Generally, games such as these are a bit more menial and fall down to statistics and equipment only. Who spent the most time on their character prevails, especially in PvP.

Enter Air Rivals, an entirely different style of MMO. Affectionately described as a sci-fi anime space bee shooter, this game takes the level of player skill one step further, and is one of the main deciding factors of who prevails, and who crashes into a flaming pile of ash.

The premise of Air Rivals is a constant state of war between two factions, Byeugeniou City United and Anti-National Influence. However, combat is done between opposing "Gears", or flying vehicles.

These gears are seperated into four different types:

Idle Sniper (Commonly known as I-gear), the interceptor. Lowest hit points of all the gear types, but is also one of the fastest.

Brandy gear (Commonly known as B-gear), the bomber. Medium hit points, somewhat decent in speed, but has the highest attack power in one salvo.

Anima Mortar gear (Commonly

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