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Coupe du Monde Luneng entraîneur du Club gagnant invité à l'entraîneur

By: maillotsdefootball posted at Jan 25, 2014 9:34 pm

L'efficacité des Loew Shandong Luneng anciens ( données de microblogging ) international brésilien a lancé un appel aux Corinthiens coach coach Teeter , Luneng pour sortir du salaire annuel de jusqu'à 4,8 millions d'euros. maillot de foot 2014


Teeter 2010 Corinthiens blanc, a dirigé l'équipe de la saison 2011 , le championnat de la Ligue Pakistan dans le championnat 2012 de la Coupe Libertadores invaincu et vivant à la fois finale de la Coupe Chelsea ( données officielles de microblogging ) gagner . Mais cette saison , Corinthiens au Pakistan Un record de la ligue mauvaise , il n'y a que la maison du championnat , est susceptible de manquer la qualification Copa Libertadores , de sorte que le club a décidé de ne pas le renouveler , l'ancien prune entraîneur de l'équipe nationale brésilienne Seth sera l'entraîneur-chef des Corinthiens 2,014 saison. maillots foot pas cher


« Global Sports » dit Luneng à bascule de deux ans , le salaire annuel de 4,8 millions euros portan

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Q-World Farming Essence and Making Crystal Guides

By: Delved posted at May 25, 2010 9:58 pm

Holaa lads, here are two important features in Q-World Farming Essences and Making Crystal, i kept getting questions on how to do them, so here both of the guides i made sometimes ago.

Oh yah, for gamers that missed some or everything about this game go ahead to see the features of this awesome game http://feature.mmosite.com/qworld/


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Here is what I think about Cubizone's QWorld Online =]

By: adamcohen14 posted at Nov 07, 2008 4:20 am

Hey people, he is whatIthink about this game =]

When I saw the gameplay video , I was impressed and I imeddiatly downloaded it .

The character creation is quite trouble some due to it's weird problem , you cannot switch a gender nor hair nor anything else ><

Oh well...

The game is fun and quite stupid[Well, you do fight  raccoons and a rabbits XD] and you can get a pet as soon as you start playing.

I believe the exp rates are quite low , it takes years to level up after you passed the 20th, and so does the money-rates...

Just to make it worse, the skills are not very pretty and the delay between one to another is quite high[about a second and a half] which makes you kill a mob slower than using the normal attack.

The game's graphics are pretty good, kinda childish but I like it , there are variety of landscapes , such as a desert, a beach and a village-kind of landscape , and they are amazing!

The jump feature is not very good comparing it to their other game Perfect World, you barely leave the ground while jumping so it's kinda useless =|

Oh well , I am still level 23 so it's only my intial preview, I might be wrong ^^

I'll give this game a 6.5/10. =] 

Here are s

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Hyuk said:not bad, but I dont think it can attract ppl to play, it's like lack of something, I dont know what it is..,

Q-World Closed Beta Review

By: Aryoch posted at Aug 02, 2008 7:07 am


Transform into everythingQ-World is a new MMORPG created by Beijing Perfect World Co. the same company that created the well-known game Perfect World. Q-World assimilated the "Perfect World system", so many features are just the same in both games, even some shortcuts are the same, so, if you like Perfect World, you won't regret playing this game. But what catches the eye in Q-World it's the Magical System that allows you to transform in almost everything like monsters, trees, and even a Chocobo!!
You just need the right item and then you can start the "Morph Party" lol
The game is in its CB phase, you can Register in the official website, download the game and play it, I guess you don't need a Key to do so, at least I didn't.




 The graphics' style is 3D and anime-like, the water effect is as good as in Perfect World, the cute characters and their clothes could atract more the Female Public, the game has pretty emoticons too. Something you'll miss in this game is the advanced character customization present in Perfect World, here you can basically change the hair and the face of your character, however, there is a large variety

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neramaar said:Thanks dude!! Been waiting for some more info in this game, I gotta say it's very interesting! The transformation system seems awesome, as does the pet system. I'm not really happy with the lack of ch...

Q-World MMORPG - Video Recording System

By: happyforever posted at Jul 28, 2008 8:56 am

When I see the system, I think it's creative. So I recommend it to you guys. Hope it help you.

Introducing our in-game Q-World's Video Recorder :

Exploring is one of our most essential elements of game play. During your adventures,you’re bound to encounter various occurrences. In which you hope at someday, you would want to keep it either as a memory or just to show it off to your gaming comrades.Your dreams are finally turning into reality, as we are proud to introduce theworld's first free in-game recorder.

Players are able to begin recording at anytime during their adventures, the most anticipated Raid Boss battles can now be recorded for pleasurable viewing later on. Other exciting activities are those of wedding and events.

The video recording system allows a player to choose to record the event at any angle or from any perspective. This would allow the players to fully enjoy the recorded events with its easy to use interface. Players can also choose to hide or reveal the in-game interfaces. By hiding them, you could ultimately enjoy the full  video replay as if it was an in-game movie. The videos can be played back as long as "Q-World's English&

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