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2moons/Dekaron.. good game.. hope the server quality for global playing gets better.

By: Jubes posted at Jun 29, 2010 9:18 am

2moons.. Dekaron.. I firmly believe if you are a an avid player of online games.. then you must have either played this game or at least browse its official page..

What can I say about 2moons/Dekaron.. this game is just action pack.. pvp and SW wise.

Each character in this game is unique and has his/her own forte.. and I believe one of the best pvp games around thats still offers quick reflex thinking in both strategy and reflex movement.

I really hope that the global server for this game provided by game hi will one day get better as it has tried to push the envelope in making the game global.. only problem is that not all countries are getting the same connection. Mostly countries from SEA.

Anyway.. hopefully this isn't the end of the road for Dekaron/2moons improvement.. hope to see the game cater to more ppl and lessen the lag to other countries.

A great game like this deserves a great host and server provider.

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Dekaron Europ fails??

By: Kastiknoriu posted at Oct 10, 2008 5:56 am
I have been looking forward to playing dekaron europ but it seems they don't realy care about it at all europ represents all europ right now they openet retail version of the game without geting lisence agreement for all europ so in my opinion game shold still be in Close beta i just don't see points in opening game with only hafe work done Continue Reading
Zanpakutou said:they're also competing with Acclaim's 2Moons. its exactly the same as Dekaron and its already well established compared to EU's Dekaron. people aren't going to start over when there's no difference.

Dekaron - Movies and Cosplay

By: happyforever posted at Aug 10, 2008 10:12 am

 Today, the well-known Korea-based game developer and operator GameHi released a group of data relating to its in-housed developed massively multiplayer action online game Dekaron Online. After more than three years of operation, along with the continuous release of expansions, the concurrent online users of Dekaron Online has hit 50,000, just following World of Warcraft and Lineage.
      Korean Gamehi recently announced that the seventh character, Aloken, who fights with spear and have a lot of buffs will be added into Dekaron Online. In order to promote this new class, GameHI recently invited a popular Korean model to cosplay Aloken. Ok, let's see the relevant movie.
      OK, here is the movie and cosplay movie, have fun!

Aloken - Intro Aloken - Cosplay Video provided by video.mmosite.comContinue Reading
heartthing said:cool

Dekaron : Item Shop Opens

By: odimok posted at May 25, 2008 6:45 pm

GameTribe has announced that the item shop in Dekaron is now open with the end of the game's open beta.

Hear the war drums: the open beta stage of the famous MMO DEKARON is now ending on May 19th and goes commercial.

The merciless gamers are now able to enter the Dekaron item shop to equip their character and face epic adventures in the world of Trieste.

In the shop you’ll be able to buy:

  • new costumes to customize your character,
  • pets and mounts to assist you during your journeys
  • items such as potions to increase your power, heal yourself, regenerate your mana, extra inventory slots to store your valuable loots and many more!

Enter in it and have a look to all the inventory!

Surprises are not finished! GameTribe will reserve a special gift to all players that have created a character during the closed beta phase and also a new one between the 1st of April up to May 25th! Dekaron is a fusion-fantasy 3D MMORPG set in a Middle Ages based scenery. Its realistic environment and explosive adventure make this extraordinary game much like watching a fast-paced action movie. You must journey into this magical world with hundreds of other adventurers and explore perilous dungeons and fantasti

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Dekaron : European Open Beta Announced

By: odimok posted at Mar 20, 2008 8:09 pm

GameTribe has announced that the European open beta for Dekaron will begin on April 2nd, 2008.

In a world enlightened by two moons the battle between light and darkness is about to start…

Are you ready to join the war lasting for millennia?

Dekaron is now ready to step into open beta phase: be ready for it on April 2nd! Choose your warrior, enter Trieste and help the resistance to win the war!

Run to register to GameTribe! The battle is waiting for you!

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Dekaron EU Closed Beta Client Download

By: odimok posted at Feb 25, 2008 1:54 am
Dekaron is a fusion fantasy 3D MMORPG based on middle age European culture. Its realistic backgrounds and explosive action make this extraordinary game much like watching a hardcore action movie. You must venture to play Dekaron with many users. You will experience dangerous Instanced dungeon and fantastical cities.
» More Information at MMOsite Feature
CategoryMinimum RequirementRecommended requirement
Operating systemWindows 98/ME/2000/XPDirectX: 9.0 CWindows 2000/XP DirectX: 9.0 C
CPUPentium III 800 (1GHz)Pentium IV 1,5 gb
Video Memory64mb video card with 3d accelerator128M or (Geforece FX or better)
System Memory256mb512mb
Hard DriveAt least 2 G is required while installing the gameAt least 2 G is required while installing the game
Internet ConnectionBroadband
» Go to Dekaron EU Closed Beta Client
» More Screenshots at MMOsite Photo
TrailerGameplay TrailerComing Soon
» More Videos at MMOsite Video
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