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s a y o n a r a ~ h o l i c ~ !

By: TEARLINER posted at Apr 06, 2009 8:16 pm

I thought I would never go back to Holic when I stopped playing in November-ish of 2008. :O BUT, then I was thinking -
"I miss Holic..."
"I wonder how everyone's doing..."
"I wonder if those ch.1 players are still there."
"I don't want Toxic to be there. D:"
And I went back! Spent 3 days or so just to get to level 41. xP Then, I got bored all over again.

Things sure got quiet too! :O It went deaddd. Apparently, a week of really really bad lag made everyone leave?
The Holic "economy" has gotten so bad too. o.o You see people charging some f-up'd prices for feathers and G/B items. D:
My thoughts were - "PSHHH. I'm done. xP"
And I really don't think Holic 2 will be any better. But that's just me. I heard that all there is is just a new race of cat people.
I'm pretty sure I'm done with Holic, and I probably won't be going to Holic 2. And I had that goal of being like Ocean! D<
A well known high-lvled Warrior! But no, cause I quit! xD Holic was fun for me a while ago! I met some amazing people
and a wonderful 'Romeo' Our wedding was likee, packed. That it lagged really really bad. :x

But I have the memo

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dreamNANA said:Is there any news about holic 2?

Holic to Holic 2 the Trials of Transition

By: JoeShen posted at Feb 27, 2009 11:30 am

     These days you can usually find me within the Holic Universe playing my Rogue/Hunter. I wanted to hold off on writing a Joe official article about this period of uncertainty within the Holic universe that I refer to as the transiton. Holic Usa or Holic 1 is scheduled to be updated sometime this year to Holic 2 which, thanks to our friends overseas who already have the game, sports an array of cool new features and content. Features such as the much anticipated PVP mode, faction wars, More pets, more maps and dungeons, a new character species, skill tree's etc. The release of Holic 2 was slated for early January 2009, here we are late february and still no Holic 2.

The release date being pushed back was our first warning sign of bad things to come. The second concern shared by myself and many other player was wether the game would be a stand-alone or a patch style expansion of what is now Holic 1. This was a determining factor in wether current players of Holic One should continue to play on their accounts, spending crucial NCash (Actual Currency) to level up only to have to repeat the process when Holic 2 is released, clearly a formula which equates to a wa

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AsianKitty said:gaah horrible ><:::

Holic Questions

By: edgoin posted at Nov 20, 2008 8:33 am

What is Starry Night? Do they ever tell you what happened? Do certain characters ever figure out 100% who they are? Do all of them? What is the religious beliefs of Lucete Raban? I mean aside from thinking the Gods did Starry Night to punish the humans.... punish the humans from what? Do the priests in the game have anything to do with Lucete? Do they share his beliefs or just his "job"?   Is there ever anything learned about Pre-Starry night? I NEED ANSWERS!!!!!

I understand you do not want to spoil for fans and people who have yet to play so please respond to this post via email.



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sdhf said:holic online? lol im not even sure myself. i never cared for that stuff i just played 

Hello people =]

By: adamcohen14 posted at Oct 14, 2008 3:56 am

Hey there,

Well I am a new mmositer, I hope to blend here well ...

By the way, I starting to play Holic Online , is it any good?

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windcutter said:welcome

Holic database updated to version 5.0

By: sst posted at Sep 27, 2008 10:55 pm
holic - holics,our MMOsite Holic Database has updated to version 5.0 ,many cool functions have been added.

now you can login our database using your MMOsite account, add or modify our data, if your data are adopted by our editor,you will get some MMOsite points as reward.

And new info monsters and NPCs have been add as well.I'll keep updating the data.Just keep your eyes on it.Continue Reading
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Holic Online: Game Review

By: Aryoch posted at Jul 07, 2008 8:15 am

Hey!! =D~
I want to do this review for some time, now it is time to get to work with it! ^__^
Hope you enjoy the review xD~

Lemme introduce you HOLIC brought by NetGame.

As you can see, one of the best features in the game is its well-made cartoonish graphics, friendly characters deessing nice outfits habits the world of Holic, so, if you like to play with cute guys or girls, and also enjoy some anime too, maybe Holic is the game for you.

1 - Characters

You can choose to play like a Seneka, who does looks like a normal human, or you can choose to be Koshare, a cute little thing that could remind you of the Tarutaru from Final Fantasy XI.


2 - Job System

Holic has a nice variety of jobs for you to choose, like the Warrior, Mage, Priest, Hunter, Monk and Thief.

They are especialized in their own Weapons, Armor and skills. Holic also gives the possibility to have a 2nd job, which can be changed at anytime in a especified NPC, so you can try different combinations between jobs.

3 - The Human Cannon

The human Cannon is the longe distance transport available in Holic, the places that you can go depends on your character's level and you have to pay a fee to ride on it, it is fast and cool, I enjoyed

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neramaar said:Thanks for the review mate! Love the improvement in your work, and am suddenly getting the urge to play Holic!

Weird stuff going on

By: KaiNKiller posted at Jun 25, 2008 7:36 pm
Since I formed the NobleKinsmen Guild I have been noticing other players running around with our Guild name and Mark above them whom we did not hire into the Guild. This is strange to me and may be a bug in the game since it is still in the beta stage.Continue Reading
furiosknight said:Well, sounds strange enough... maybe report this bug....

Helping out

By: KaiNKiller posted at Jun 25, 2008 7:23 pm
Today I went with a few non faction players to help them finish the Moonlit Ravine Quest.  Helping other players is doing things right.  Holic, in the Open Beta stage it is, does have some snags.  Like the lvl 29 Defeating the Mini Hollock King quest.  Boy was I lost. Cause Red Waterfall is where you recieve the quest and I could not find the King anywhere there so I headed over to Blue Waterfall where I did find what I saw and thought was the king. Wrong. The King is actually in Red Waterfall but Blue Waterfall has the same named Mini Hollock King.  I finally found the King hiding almost in the Red Waterfall.  You have to almost touch the waterfall to see him. Longer story short I was not finishing the quest by defeating the Blue Waterfall king but did in Red Waterfall.

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furiosknight said:Interesting...

NobleKinsmen is hiring

By: KaiNKiller posted at Jun 25, 2008 10:09 am
NobleKinsmen Guild is established and going strong. We are hiring any members lvl 20 or higher that would like to join a mature guild to have fun and meet new friends.

Guild Name: NobleKinsmen
Faction: Primus
Server: Leatus2
Owner: Dartanion

Guild Sign:
Find one of the Guild members or msg me in game, msn or post a reply here.

MSN: dadaddy@live.comContinue Reading
furiosknight said:Shouldn't you post in forums and such? Maybe even ingame

Just Started playing Holic

By: somejordan posted at Jun 16, 2008 6:44 pm

well i just started playing holic online and i gotta say its kinda cool

the only thing i have a problem is with the lag, but i cant blame the game for that

so far my favorite class so far is my hunter(gun user)

and even though its click to move i still find it fun :D

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lean said:Don't forget to share us with ur adventure in Holic Online

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