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The thing about InGame Gold

By: BubbleT posted at Jul 18, 2009 12:54 pm

As ever I visited this cool site, and looked around, one new MMO here, awesome InGame graphics there..

and again.. the cool ones are still in development or still in asia :(


But then I saw a cool event here, some extra Gold for Warrior Epic..

the sad, I need gold coins =( But didn't received some for now.. so I watched at the date it expires..

yay, the day come and I instantly joined the site, how well, I saved the link before, hehe :)

Phew only 10 keys left, and finally I got one!! YEA, fast fast, opened the WarriorEpic page, redeemed the code

and was happy.. It worked!!! <3


Now.. like 6 days later, the Order is done and saved in history, but I still do not have the gold :(

How sad!! Well, I'll try to contact the stuff tomorrow, hopefully I get it, already found some cool Outfit I want to buy for it ;)


How Bad, I just contacted the support, again helpful and fast answers, but not the one I wanted to hear :(

The event was just for US Users ?! So I don't have a chance to get the gold =(

There could be some information on the event.. or .. wait.. why information? why only the US get the gold?!

make all playe

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Best F2P MMO Part 1

By: Noktavian posted at Jun 14, 2009 2:19 pm

Best F2P MMO Part 1

               This series will take a look into a variety of the F2P market that is out there and give my views on which are the best and worse to play. Saving you the investment of time of playing each and everyone individually. I have played many of them already, but for this series i will take a second look into some of them just to see if any of the added features have really enriched the gameplay of the overall experience.

               In this session we will be taking a look at Warrior Epic. A newer title, this game has some very unique gameplay options, and yet there are some very obvious drawbacks also. When i first started up the game i had already known about the spirit system, but for those of you who are unfamiliar with it i will explain it now. You start out with one character who you adventure with throughout  the world. You level up, gain prestige, and also gold. Prestige points are used to revive warrior spirits and recruit new ones to your forces. If you leave your warrior spirits unrevived, you can eq

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Key Features Revealed for Warrior Epic, New MMORPG from True Games

By: lordaltay posted at Nov 25, 2008 10:41 pm

Key Features Revealed for Warrior Epic, New MMORPG from True Games
International publisher of multiplayer online games True Games Interactive has revealed some of the features and details for the anticipated MMORPG Warrior Epic. With a strong community growing around the Warrior Epic game even before launch, it seems clear that the concept behind the game has hit a chord with many gamers who are looking forward to participating in the game and devouring every screenshot that is available. Set to launch in spring of 2009, Warrior Epic is intended to put a dent in the amount of subscribers that flock to World of Warcraft to get their MMORPG fill

Warrior Epic is an action role-playing game based completely online and set in an original fantasy world. Players will find themselves in charge of a warrior hall where they handle all of their characters and their various adventures. With the ability to recruit from all manner of different types of warrior classes, each with its own style of pl

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furiosknight said:i am too scared to try this game for the games it originated from lagged for me...

Warrior Epic Preview - Would you like to know more?

By: neramaar posted at Jun 03, 2008 4:46 am

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I've noticed lately, and you may have too, that over the last couple of years F2P (Free to Play) games have begun to evolve. It wasn't long ago that the mere mention of a game with no cost or monthly fee would have people literally running in fear, and with good reason too because let's face it, F2P games had never really been all that good. But how could they be? These games receive no income whatsoever, how are they supposed compete with games like World of Warcraft that boast annual profits in the billions? Well, nowadays they are competing; by using in game advertising and charging real money for in-game items these games are turning a very large profit, without initially charging the player at all.

Now, they have begun to evolve again, higher quality game developers have begun to notice that this method of development can in some cases turn an even higher profit than games that require purchase, and as such higher quality F2P games are on the rise. Warrior Epic is one of these games.

Developed by Possibility Space, Warrior Epic is not only taking huge steps in a graphical sense, but they are also adding completely new features never before seen in the MM

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Arthas411 said:perfect job~

Warrior Epic CB Review

By: stranger2020 posted at May 28, 2008 10:17 am

For the past few months I, like many other gamers, had been eagerly awaiting the closed-beta release of Warrior Epic, which, in announcing itself to gamers, had been described a suggested to be a fast-paced, action-based MMORPG. Undeniably, with a description like that, you can easily see why so many of us would have been hanging out to play it, especially in consideration of the disappointments brought by the end of 2007 and the first few releases of 2008. However, rather than presenting gamers with what was promised, Warrior Epic instead served up yet another disappointment. Not only was this game anything but fast or action based, it can hardly even  be described as an MMORPG, considering the fact the game is actually stage based with a specific amount of monsters and timed NPC events. I mean yeah sure, later on you can pitch your group of warriors against those held by other players, in the game’s Warrior Hall feature, but still, I can hardly call this action based, when the combat is simply the same old roll-of-the-dice and mathematic hit rations that gamers and the MMO community has seen time and time again. However, to be honest, the fact this game was mundane was

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incblade said:1. It's the closed beta still and the reason were all given the same bald headed warrior guy is because he is our first of many warriors since the game emphasizes having more then one character. You c...

Warrior Epic once it FIRST came out Experience

By: cubanito posted at May 22, 2008 2:45 pm

Personal Experience

I was one of the first testers of this game. As the supportive staff of the game and i had public communication trough Ventrillo. This game is more like Guild wars, Its not an open world where you just go killing things in a world. Its more like you team up with people all over and complete stages and quests and missions in the game. This game so many options its crazy! in a good way!. You make your own hall to manage, you hire warriors and train them. The name speacks for its self " Warrior Epic " Where you create your epic and where you let your imagination go in all possible ways. The game does not limit you to do anything, its all the way around, There is no limitation on how you should play, the game is improving very fast and the game is in closed beta and it is well made, well developed. Good luck with your new warrior epicContinue Reading
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Warrior Epic v1.019 Build Update

By: psbrice posted at May 13, 2008 1:09 pm
This update has been a real challenge, but has made Warrior Epic exponentially more entertaining.  The combat mechanics have been rebuilt and combat in Warrior Epic is now "Real Time".   This eliminated some of the combat lag that users were experiencing in earlier builds AND increased the overall pace of the game.

Aside from the combat system, other fixes and additions were also performed in the build:

Game Play and Mechanics
  • New Combat System
  • Quest Monster Populating Optimized
  • Changed Hit Rates for all classes
  • The Pit Fighter now has a new right-hand attack
  • "Baboon King" now levels 8-12
  • Pangolin Skill "Natural Genius" increases chance to hit non-humanoid by 5%
  • Archer Spirit Summon now has three shots and will disappear after 60 seconds
  • Several Rooms added to the Faustus Estate
  • Beast Summons no longer clip into one another while not attacking
  • Monster Aggro Radius Made Smaller
  • Monster AI Improvements

     Monsters Updated

  •     Heteromorphism Chicken
  •     Northland Serpent Dispenser

    Monsters Added

  •     Slonard

Overhauling the combat system was an arduous task to say the least, and new bugs have surfaced... but the community is really embracing their role as Closed Beta TContinue Reading
Avatun said:  Can i join WE CB? PLSSSS lol So tired of pointless grinding...

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