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Grand Chase NA: level 70 jump event

By: Katling21 posted at Apr 03, 2014 8:22 am

Grand Chase is the predecessor for Elsword Online. It is even hosted by the same company. For players who already played Elsword NA, you can use your existing Elsword account to play Grand Chase. All the others can register here

Now that the game is back they offer, on a character of your choice, a jump to level 70.

A short summary of the event can be found here. For those who are too lazy to open a new window, you can find the details below:

(this is a copy paste from the website)

Grand Chase NA is back on, right here at KOG Games! Start the chase right with a special character jumping event. Bring one of your characters to Lv. 70 now and enjoy awesome rewards!

Character Jumping Event

Duration: 04/03/2014 – 04/30/2014 (Ends 11:59 PM PDT)


  • All players will be able to select one
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Guest said:How come u cant do this in elsword?

Grand Chase BR server

By: atsasim posted at Sep 21, 2011 8:51 am

 Tentando reunir BRs pra discutir coisas por aki ^^

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SGI Release new Installment: Grand Chase Chaos

By: Kamikakushi posted at Apr 29, 2011 10:27 am


SGI formally known as Ntreev, are releasing a new installment to the Grand Chase series known as Grand Chase Chaos or Grand Chase Season 4 and with this new installment comes new and exciting features which will hopefully improve the game, these include;

• Streamlined UI 5/2

• Dual Weapon System 5/2

• Fusion System 5/2

• Animated Items / Level Cap Increase 5/11

• New Seal Breaker Gacha Items 5/17

• New Dungeon 5/24

All of these new features will be added gradually throughout may as you can see from the 5/2 to 5/24.



 SGI are not divulging a lot of information on Grand Chase Chaos to players, excitement is the new atmosphere as chaos is nearing, a Grabd Chase countdown has been implemented into the game to add even more anticipation while the comm

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My Type of Game

By: royce222 posted at Oct 23, 2010 12:33 pm

 A very cute 2D Casual Button Bash Online Fighting Game, that's GrandChase. Since its release on PH server i already started playing it and yes i enjoyed playing and making new friends :] 

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Grand Chase SEASON 3 Monster Card Guide

By: shayneraven posted at Jun 24, 2010 9:51 pm

Grand Chase online game have just recently released the Season 3 act 2 update for the game. This major event have made a big change for the game where new players are joining and old players have been logging in to try the new features.

New features:

-Crafting sytem (Equipments,runes,pets and more!)

-Monster cards (Dungeon drop cards with stats that you can socket to and item)

-item socketing (to insert monster cards to your equipments)

-New UI iterface

-new Gacha system

-plus more to come!

This are just some of the features thats worth mentioning especially the card system which made a big twist for the game.And because of that i have made website dedicated to guide the players on how to use the cards, dungeon drop locations,types of cards and more. Plus this website have a cool and friendly user interface just as if you are still playing the game for easier searching and a much familiar experience for the gamers themselves. Hopefully, mmosite.com (the best gaming site in the world) would he

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GrandChase Update - JUN.22.2010 Gacha Frenzy!

By: outofwords posted at Jun 23, 2010 7:49 am

This week's update is all about Gacha! Well, that is to say this week's update is only a new gacha dungeon. Ntreev finally came to their senses and removed the Seamus Gacha dungeon. They replaced it with another NAGC exclusive pet!

Alright, this gacha dungeon is built around the pet Kumi, and sadly themed "Neo-Shogun" which makes it feel like a giant tip-off from some lousy anime. The three lucky characters are Ronan, Amy, and Sieghart, you can now use you hard-earned Gacha coins to gamble for equipment for these characters. Be aware that this is a regular Gacha dungeon, you can get duplicates or waste a giant heap of money on this without getting anything.

Kumi reminds me of a cross-over between the Sakura and Chester pets. It's got a bit of a kimono/flowery feeling, and her at

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GrandChase Update - JUN.15.2010 Prime Knight is here!

By: outofwords posted at Jun 16, 2010 2:12 am

Prime Knight is here! 

Carry on crying babies, the NAGC server is now being overrun with massive-sword-wielding rage inducers. People have been begging NTREEV to release this job for nearly a year now, it’s finally our turn.

Sieghart advances from gladiator to warlord, to duelist, and finally to Prime Knight.

Not bad for a 600-year-old Highlander, right? Prime knight is easily the most mobile job Sieghart has, even though it boasts the biggest weapon, the Soluna. Which is two weapons, in theory. There is logic behind it; combining two swords into one decreases its weight…thanks Ntreev for your words of wisdom.

What’s so special about this job, then? Well, I’d suggest testing it out in practice mode. His combos have a lot of hits, big hit areas, and nearly all move

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GrandChase Update - JUN.08.2010 Prime Knight Teaser!

By: outofwords posted at Jun 09, 2010 2:22 am

A new update!How exiting! O wait...

Alright, I won’t be as negative this time as I normally am. Wait, why not? We just got a patch that is supposed get us motivated to play, but all the hidden modifications ruined it.


Sieghart’s next job is on its way to our servers, big woohoo. He gets his own unique knock-off version of the Casanova set, small woohoo.

Let’s break this up in parts. First of all they brought back the chroma packages, and added a limited Casanova-styled armour. It’s never bad to get more choice…right? On top of that; for the next weeks Siegharts will get a nice experience boost.


The popularity contest is…well, it’s something. Just check the page for details, you should be familiar with the voting-item system by now.

Then th

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JoshuaBojangles said: you really cant expect to be excited about every new patch that comes out, esspecially since the updates are weekly. We're getting a new job, thats usually all we get when a new job comes out, p...

GrandChase Update - MAY.26.2010 Gunslinger!

By: outofwords posted at May 26, 2010 1:45 am

Woopee! The most loved/hated character gets its new job! Gunslinger turns Mari into a ranged character, with a few melee attacks for those who dare come close.
To see its skills, check out this great video! (note, this isn't my own work. Credit goes to the poster)

* Second Job for Mari has been added! Now Mari can wield the Maverick as the Gunslinger!
- Log in and get a Maverick Accessory equippable by all characters for 14 days).
- There's a chance of seeing Mari's emblem in dungeons which will give all players an 8% stat boost.
- A special Black Gunslinger Package will be in the Shop until June 8th.
* Reinforce Mari's Rose Necklace to a high level for great prizes (to be distributed 6/8)!
* We Love Our Knights Event in gratitude for supporting Season 3!
- Log in daily to ge

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