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highstreet5 player ^ ^

By: thehaker93 posted at Sep 18, 2010 8:40 am

I just want to share to all of u...

this game is the best grafik..

u know married,love,friend....

all this..have here...

just create account (register) and feel it..haha

have a guild to join the group...

finaly,thanks 4 come my blog^ ^


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HighStreet5 Experience -- 1

By: isabear posted at Nov 29, 2007 6:46 am

Thanks my lovely Tracy for getting me a HighStreet5 closed beta account! ^_^ I took a quick test after my work today, and now wanna share something about this game with you guys..Let's start!

After creating a character, you will meet a NPC boy who will show you something when you are walking around the street. Oh god, the boy sounds horriblly!!! I hate his voice and wanna get away from it as soon as possible!! =.=! Run! Run!

Press ALT to see the map names directly when you first enter. Different maps have different song BMP. As a newbie, I choose a lower speed one and then get in..  need to buy a ticket to enter from the man! 0.0

Then go to find the DJ, order a song..The fast song here at Hip-Hop High School is for 105 BMP..very suitable for newbie to pratics the dancing skills.

Start dancing: Oh by the way, I‘ve been playing Audition Online for long and the keys control are almost the same for both..4 keys, 8keys etc etc. So for me, this is very easy!! xD

Dancing with a girl named Berry from Vietnam..:)

Then 1 hour experience ends..^_^ My first impression to HighStreet5--->7/10

1) Same controls with Audition Online,  but less dancing moves. (perhaps it is because HS5 yet in CB..0.0

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torreZ said:go go bear

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