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By: Oliase posted at Jun 09, 2008 8:12 pm


          Kwari was released not too long ago, and it was a game that caught my eye. I have been a fan of shooter games for a long time, and competitive gameplay has always been a plus in any shooter. From games such as Unreal Tournament to Team Fortress, I have been a fan of them all. This is why when I heard of Kwari, I was intrigued. A game that pays players if they're good, and is basically pay to play if you're bad. But I had my doubts about the game, especially after doing an interview with the community manager before it went into beta. After finding out the pricings of ammunition and such, I was skeptical to even try the beginner part of the game. Some people think it was a totally new type of business model for online games, but to

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