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5 Reason to love Heroes in the Sky

By: Strina posted at Nov 16, 2012 1:17 am

5 Reason to love Heroes in the Sky

Hi fellow pilots! I just want to share my personal reasons to love Heroes in the Sky.

5. You can fly a Plane!

Did you dreamed to be a pilot when you are a child? Well your dream comes true; you can now fly a plane in Heroes in the Sky. You even don’t need to have a pilot license to fly a plane.

4. Shoot to Kill

You can also shoot other enemy planes while flying a plane. Imagine that you are the Hero and your mission is to save the world. The world’s faith is in your hands. Is it awesome?

3. Free to play

Yes! Heroes in the Sky is free to play.  You do need a monthly subscription or purchase the game. Is it awesome?

2. Produce many planes!

Heroes in the Sky allows you to produce many planes. You can produce whatever planes you want. You can use whatever plane you like to fly.

1. Go back in time

Movies like Terminator or Back to the Future requires them to have a time machine to go back in time but in Heroes in the Sky you can go back in time witho

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Guest said:LOL! the Back to future is a real KNock out!

Knowing your Plane: Heroes in the Sky

By: Strina posted at Nov 15, 2012 12:38 am

Many players are asking what is the strongest plane in HIS. All of them have actually strong and weak points. A player should know their airplane's role specially if you are in a group party.

Fighters are planes that are built to kill other fighter planes. They are very fast that they can catch a plane and kill them fast.  Fighters doesn't carry any missile. Fighters will have a hard time killing enemy grounds since they are fast.  Fighter's role in a party is to kill enemy planes to support their party members like bombers or gunners.

Gunners are planes that  are loaded with missiles. They can quietly hunt enemy fighters using their deadly missiles. They also carry bombs in order to drop them in the enemy grounds. They aren't durable if compared to fighters. Gunners actually shoot enemy from long distance to avoid getting killed which is their advantage. Gunner's role in a party is to kill fighter planes while they are in a long distance.

Lastly, B

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Join the war at Heroes in the Sky!

By: Strina posted at Nov 13, 2012 8:03 pm

Yesterday I was checking all the channels until I saw Top Gun starring Tom Cruise.  The movie is actually great even I am not a fan of Tom Cruise. I got inspired and now I want to fly and shoot enemy planes.

Then I saw my brother flying a plane and shooting enemies in his own pc. He told me that the game is “ Heroes in the Sky".  Heroes in the Sky is an third person flight simulator that was set during the Word War II. The game is a lobby based game so you can play with other players. There are three (3) types of plane which are Fighters, Gunners and Bombers. I chose fighters since I want a fast plane.

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Tifanny13 said:You plane looks cool! What is the best plane fighter,gunner or bomber? Thanks for replying

Gamers life - 02 - New beta MMOs (Heroes In The Sky & Cosmic Break)

By: Bysta posted at Jun 07, 2010 2:37 am

This week I will be participating in two beta tests. Heroes In The Sky and Cosmic Break are my choices. Both are MMO shooters, one set in WWII and the other is a gundam ripoff Sci-Fi style. I dont know, i must be in that kind of mood, choosing shooters, since I am overwhelmed with Starcraft 2 beta testing, and cant stand playing fantasy MMORPGs no more.

I read alot about those two games on forums, mmo portals and blogs, and I am eager to get into the action. First one is chosen since I am playing Air Rivals, and I am looking for the fresh aproach to the MMO aerial shooter genre. The second is choosen.......well simply....I like mechas.  :D

One thing I dont like about those games is that their servers are US based, so its gonna be again recalculating PST time to GTM+1. :D Hate

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NINJAZOLx said: I like cosmic break better

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