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High Hopes!

By: MutantPixel posted at Jul 31, 2008 6:45 pm
  How about a happy blog? or so to speak, you see i have been playing RPGs, MMOs, Games inpaticular for some time now, since i was a young one, now don't get me wrong I'm no old fart or any thing I'm only nineteen but I've played pretty much every game out there foreign to me or not (Me being American) so i write this on my own opinions formed out of being a gamer for the past year.

 Now that, that whole thing is out of the way, i must say i'm pretty exited about some of the new MMOs coming out in the near future those being.

 Blade & Soul
 But let me talk just a little bit about B&S, it's combat looks just purely amazing to me i think it will be very, very fun and addicting from the first day i swing a blade, throw a fist, or shoot some sort of magical missle at some thing to see the effect of it all. The cherecters all though a little.. Voluptuous? seem to be very fluid and well done the animations are great from what i can tell and the bit that i have seen looks quie fun. I just can't help but wonder what all the options are for guilds and such, will we be able to solo?  I love to solo as much as i love the community asContinue Reading
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