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this is & my!! second article!D:

By: ttt123345 posted at May 10, 2012 7:40 am
come come come~ oh lalallala~
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ttt123345 said: come come come~ oh lalallala~

Censors on DoA Paradise: “Cheesy” “Creepy Voyeurism”

By: adamskydancer posted at Feb 05, 2010 11:29 pm

Author: Artefact Categories: Games, H, News Date: Feb 5, 2010 16:31 JST


The USA’s top game censorship body, the ESRB, has been condemned for publishing a heavily jaundiced rating of PSP micro-bikini simulator Dead or Alive Paradise, accusing the game of being “cheesy,” having “creepy voyeurism” and containing “bizarre, misguided notions of what women really want” by portraying them cavorting in bikinis on the beach.

---Originally from Sankaku Complex

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DoA Online (China) First Impressions

By: CalebG posted at Nov 20, 2008 7:56 pm

Prior to trying out the game myself, I didn't have a very good impression on DoA Online with the very limited screen shots I have seen. But I decided to give it ago, and here are my short first impressions.

First off, I am a "casual" DoA fan that has all the games, but never found enough time to devote to any of them, other then an occational brawl with friends.

The things I wanted to see in the game was:

- How true to the IP (Intellectual Property, the art, canon, etc.) are they going to get?

- How are those cute characters seen in various screenshots integrated into the game?

- How is the actual fighting going to play out, especially over the network?


The Game


Well color me surprised! I am amazed at the netcode they are using, because, even when playing from way down south of China in Singapore, the game works out pretty smoothly at 100-200 ping! It's as smooth as the real game, and I am really impressed.

The Engine

They have taken the Dead or Alive Extreme mechanics. Dead or Alive Extreme is the remake of Dead or Alive 2 with an updated engine (Dead or Alive Extreme Volleyball). So, all moves, mechanics and I assume characters of that version of DoA will be

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fiuret said:NICE!!!!!! I WANNA PLAY!!! 

Alpha Test Screens of DOA OL (CN)

By: Ryuuna posted at May 25, 2008 7:02 pm

DOA Online was launched Alpha Test in China on May 15th. Till today, some screens has been revealed. I found them in 4gamer.net. Just choose some beautiful ones to share with you~ Have fun~

From these screens, while out of the compete of fighting, the character turns to cartoon form and there seems to be some interesting community campaigns. The emotion of the characters are so cute~~ I like it~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Dead Or Alive online alpha test info leaked!

By: lean posted at Apr 29, 2008 9:00 pm
SDO's DOA online enter alpha test phase.
Client Size: 740MB

login interface, nothing special.

Character create.

You can choose eight character now.

WOW, get an item!

Practise Mode.

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chimps said:sweet i wanna play

Top 5 star faces in game!!

By: koolen posted at Apr 20, 2008 10:23 pm

After reading Hyuk's article 10 HOT uniform girls that frequently appear in animes and games, I was reminded of an article about pop stars and game characters I read before, I cant remember clearly,so I just find some pictures to show you how similar the real world pop star looks to the game characters. I personally love them very much, hope you guys enjoy them!

Star: Takeshi Kaneshiro
Game: Onimusha, Onimusha III

Takeshi Kaneshiro is popular in Japan, Hong Kong, when media asked him what he usually do in his spare time, he alway gives a charm smile and say "game", he is one of my favorite Asian pop stars.

Star: Dennis Rodman
Game: DOA

Cut the crap, Rodman is the perfect one who personates ZACK in DOA.

Game: Final Fantasy X

Honestly to most ppl, FFX is a failure to FF series, but it still won lots of hearts because of its beautiful graphics

Star: Ayumi Hamasaki
Game: Biohazard zero & Biohazard I

From this picture we can see Ayumi Hamasaki is quite similar with Rebecca Chambers

Star: Angelina Jolie
Game: Tomb Raider

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lekaku said:lol the tomb rsider one was a no brainer

Beautiful Views from Dead or Alive Online

By: kazu posted at Mar 19, 2008 7:27 pm

Dead or Alive (DOA) was once the most beautiful fighting PC game in the world. Its beautiful full 3D graphs bring players all around the world a shock to the vision. No matter on the PS platform or Microsoct XBOX; no matter it's the first generation of DOA in 1996 or the DOA 4 and DOA-Beach Volleyball, except for the fighting, the deepest impression from DOA is its beautiful screen.
To celebrate the coming launch of the PC version of DOA Online in China, Shanda recently released some ingame screenshot which showcase the beautiful views in the game. please enjoy them.

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Dead Or Alive X2 For You

By: VinaStalker posted at Jan 02, 2008 10:41 pm

This is the opening for Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball on Xbox 360. but It looks unlike the US version,   i don't know~ anyway, it's very cute.


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Hyuk said:I got nosebleed...

DOA hot babe video gathering

By: adamskydancer posted at Dec 20, 2007 7:57 pm


Based on network featuring high-degree freedom, Death or Alive Online brings a fantastic stage for players to play on. Players not only can participate in regular tournaments in public, but also will receive fighting invitations which allow them to participate in ¡°underground boxing¡± and other fighting contests. DOA Online not only supports solo play mode, but also allows players to form a team with their friends to coordinate in fighting. Every day, the ranking board, both for individual and group, will be updated in real time, giving players a sense of existence.

--------Orginally from DOA feature

Didn't know there're heaps of hot videos of DOA on youtube already. Can't event have time to view them all,I think company is ownsome. If they enter to the MMOG market with more different games, there must be a big wave for the whole adult online game industry. Anyway, now let's enjoy the videos, guys~

















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By: odimok posted at Nov 27, 2007 10:31 pm

Share some pictures of doa hot girls, which one do you like? lol









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