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Olympic Event

By: YNKNEWS posted at Jul 24, 2012 4:38 pm
Citizens of Shiltz!

The time of competition and celebration of our strongest and swiftest athletes will begin starting today! Located in Lime, you will have the opportunity to take on many new tasks and challenges given by the great spartans of Shiltz.

Go and click on the 9 available statues to retrieve your quest to obtain rare items. Completing these tasks will allow you to earn all sorts of useful items.

The items you get will help you speed your pet feeding abilities, give you nice costumes, and even give you a gold medal! Make sure you try to complete all the event quests so you can obtain a laurel wreath or even a 1st place card. Good luck and may the strongest make it to the finish line!

Wanna join the Olympic Event? Then make sure you are in with these new costumes:

1. Bat guy & Bat girl Costume
2. Iron Rabbit Costume
3. Sophisticated Swim suit
4. Summer Fun Swim suit
5. Black Hair Dye


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Guild War Tournament: Season One

By: YNKNEWS posted at Jun 14, 2012 9:46 pm

Event Registration Deadline:  May 25, 2012
All 16 guild slots must be filled in order for the event start. If your server doesn’t have 16 guilds, 
the server will have to wait until next season which will be in July.

All registrations must be submitted through e-mail to hyuk@ynkinteractive.com.
You have to follow this E-mail Submission Format:

Title: [Guild Tournament] Team Registration – “NAME”
Guild Name – Server Name
1. Character Name / level / class name / pet name / fame
2. Character Name / level / class name / pet name / fame
3. Character Name / level / class name / pet name / fame
4. Character Name / level / class name / pet name / fame
5. Character Name / level / class name / pet name / fame 
6. Character Name / level / class name / pet name / fame
Backup: Character Name / l

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Seal Online celebrates 10 years

By: sdhf posted at Apr 06, 2010 1:04 pm

seal online logo

YNK's Seal Online will be celebrating it's 10th anniversary this year. Tons of events and updates are planned to be added to the game. This day in age it's really hard for a MMO to stay alive in the kind of MMO market we have in U.S here, it's even harder when we are talking about korea..Everyone should show some respect to Seal Online for being able to stay alive this long and for going strong. Not to mention a name change from evolution to plus.


   There will also be a new class being added to the game The Hunter

   And last but not least a new chunk of land will be added to the game and the world map

   If you have never tried Seal Online now is the perfect time to try, with all the new updates and everything coming soon you'll have plenty to do and plenty of fun.

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By: leandro195 posted at Jan 22, 2010 2:57 pm

o seal online é um mmorpg que possui graficos muito bons, alem de você poder escolher entre 6 diferentes classes.

Seal Online é um MMORPG desenvolvido pela coreana Grigon Entertainment. O jogo é descrito como “o primeiro MMORPG do mundo que dá aos usuários a opção de visualizar seus jogos com uma técnica de renderização baseada em cartoons”. O jogo tem como pano de fundo uma história no estilo conto de fadas.

Estes monstros são os principais habitantes do mundo de Seal Online, onde os jogadores controlam seus próprios personagens e sobem de nível durante a jornada, com o diferencial de não haver um nível máximo para alcançar. As habilidades melhoram através de pontos. A cada subida de nível, os jogadores recebem skill points e status points, os quais podem ser usados para fortalecer seu personagem.

É possível escolher

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the beginning of seal

By: ijskonijntje posted at Apr 30, 2008 3:26 pm
okeej, so downloading DOMO, lunia, maple story and mabinogi didn't work -_-  stupid vista >_<
after a lot of searching i found out that seal online did work

SO looks a lot like ragnarok and other rpg's like that. in the beginning SO annoyed me cuz i could do very little, you have to lvl up a LOT, and didn't know how it worked

well, i still can't do a lot, i think the real thing starts when you're lvl10+
THe SO monsters look cute. there are mushrooms, poyo thingies, rabbits and beans Oo, yeah peeps beans!
But don't drool all over them cuz they'll beat you up!
the game gets played by people but it isn't as crowded as ragnarok,TGFT.
the graphic's aren't bad, for a 2D game and fighting is really easy
i don't think this game has a goal, you can just lvl up, do quests, chat with people and dress up your character

even though i usually play 3D games, i think that if i play it with more people and my lvl's a bit higher that it's a fun game
still hate vista though

so, anyone out here who wants to play with me can add me too their friends list: my nicks mamabeer

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Sakura Collection - Interesting Event in Seal Online

By: Ryuuna posted at Apr 09, 2008 2:09 am

It is said that to colloct 150 sakura can exchange a cap, or a shirt or a shoe, very cute clothing. But it seems a little difficult to collect the full set of the clothing.

If I have a chance to play this game I may have a try~~

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ijskonijntje said:those clothes look cute! I want them too!

Views on Seal Online

By: Paradox(Destruction) posted at Jan 03, 2008 9:06 am
In truth when I first started playing the game it was alright, and maybe that was because I had been anticipating it for so long. Sadly though it has been a let down, but maybe that is because my anticipation lead me toContinue Reading
Hyuk said:Every game has its good points, btw, I like childish monsters, Lol...

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