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Unique MMOs Entry One

By: Beligerent posted at May 30, 2012 8:19 pm

People are always searching for that "unique" mmo and yet no one is able to find it. I'm here to try and find some substitutes. In my first weeks "Unique MMOs Entry" we are going to ignore the traditional theme park mmos and a take a look at an mmo that a lot of people would never even consider trying.

I couldn't take it seriously at first. My friend has been asking me for a while to try out Fusion Fall. I finally got around to testing it out and I was happily surprised. Who knew Cartoon Network had it in them to create such a unique mmo? The best part is it's all run on the browser via the Unity Web Player.

If you've ever watched any of Cartoon Network's cartoon shows then you will more than likely recognize many of the NPC's in the game. The premise of Fusion Fall is that yo

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Guest said:while fusion fall is a unique and fun game, the (obvious) G rating keeps it from being enjoyable to me (and i was one of the closed beta testers). it is a GREAT game for kids from 6-14 though.


By: joose10Joose10 posted at Jul 17, 2011 3:46 pm

FusionFall is/was a good game... WHILE I COULD PLAY IT!!!!!

You see I live in Australia and that is in the Asia Pacific region of the world and I happily played it and LOVED it. It's GREAT! Except for one small fact. After Beta period ended the next day I went on to it it said coming soon to Asia Pacific.



I try to log on and the screen that comes up is... COMING SOON TO ASIA PACIFIC. If it's never gonna come to Asia Pacific do they have to lie about it COMING SOON!!! I MEAN REALLY!!! Sure it would hurt to see it say: Sorry to lower your excpectations but FusionFall will never be coming to Asia Pacific EVER. Which one hurts more That or going of every single day to check if it will be working and that the makers of the game are neglecting other contries and basiccally being Racist to Australasian People!!!

If you see this from my point of view stand with me and file a complaint to fisionfall today and ta

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joose10Joose10 said:This isn absolutly Terrible what is happening to you . Which is actually me but this is the kind of comment I like.

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