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New Game World, Inc. Announces Launch of Immortals USA

By: right79 posted at May 12, 2008 2:35 am

New York, N.Y., May 1, 2008 - New Game World, Inc., publisher of interactive entertainment content has announced today the launch of Immortals USA the online MMO developed by Honor Games International, Inc.. This launch follows the successful conclusion of its beta test and the evolution of two new game worlds, each providing an engagingly distinct player experience.

“Honor Games International has created a richly artistic and engaging platform for this online journey into epic Chinese Mythology Adventuring, we are excited to bring this game to the American market.” says Edward C. Andercheck, Chairman of New Game World, Inc., "The game has just gotten better with every revision, the Eternal Heaven server of Immortals provides a new improved questing experience for MMO players in a unique world of ancient Chinese Mythology.”

The Immortals USA Eternal Heaven server provides beautiful Asian countryside environments for pursuing quests and a strong online community driven game play experience. Eternal Heaven will be a subscription based server world to be priced at $12.25 per month and offered with a free 21 day trial period. New Game World’s casual game portal will also provide a

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