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Conqueror's Blade Closed Beta Begins With Pre-registrations!

By: Nocht posted at Dec 27, 2017 12:06 pm

Booming Games, the China-based game developer has opened beta sign ups for the sandbox medieval civilization and warfare combat game, Conqueror's Blade. The game was initially unveiled after more than five years of development in E3 2017.

Conqueror's Blade puts together action combat with tactical movements with one's army. The gameplay includes of controllable medieval teams where players command dozens of powerful and varying troops from Eastern samurai to Western knight in large-scale siege-like scenarios of over 1,000 troops in battle on-screen simultaneously.

You can see a bit of its gameplay here:

Conqueror's Blade will have realistic world effects when it comes to explosions and combat. The battle field in which players clash their legions are massive sandbox landscapes that wContinue Reading
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buy fifa 17 coins rental rather than to obtain a residence

By: CherryAnna posted at Sep 17, 2016 10:27 pm
A lot of people are able to afford to have a house of their own these days. Many individuals have spent a considerable sum within this kind of property. These individuals have credit that is completely robust and enough revenue to provide a safe home for their family; however, in this political weather while the buy fifa 17 coins economy is suffering from uncertainty, a lot of people around the globe don't have a household of the own. They can't afford to possess one for themselves. The things they usually do is always to rent a home or house for them to have a spot to remain. Some rent it just for themselves although some rent a house with their household. They are prepared to spend their regular rental rather than to obtain a residence. It's unhappy to consider they cannot have one property they can call their own.

An excellent place to FIFA 17 chairs on your beloved boxing matches. They have a terrific section that enables one to purchase tickets from those who for whatever purpoContinue Reading
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fifa 17 points several years in Europe

By: CherryAnna posted at Sep 17, 2016 10:27 pm
At 41 years of age Kasey Keller will be the 2nd participant in the MLS. The Sounders keeper has already established an incredible career, equally in the MLS and abroad. Keller is fifa 17 points really a native of Olympia, Washington and last year he delivered towards the Pacific Northwest after several years in Europe.

Than they ought to persons also pay more due to their auto insurance. Often times, they are doing this simply because they assume they've no choices. You need to take a moment so that you will get out who will actually provide you with the best deal to speak with multiple firms. In case you FIFA 17 auto insurance in Florida, you can save up hundreds of dollars annually. This is money that will go directly into your savings account or into your pocket.

Kaka's move to Actual is their own way of supporting Milan's team management in remaining the fiscal crises. During his appointment at the Recife training camp for Brazil's national workforce, the 27-year-old Brazilian Continue Reading
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cheap fifa 17 coins thousands of miles of travel

By: CherryAnna posted at Sep 17, 2016 10:26 pm
Similar to investing in a luxury automobile obtaining luxurious luggage is. There are numerous factors to buy some luxury bags. For regular people owning baggage that is good cheap fifa 17 coins only makes common sense. You want a thing that may take pressure and the rigors of travel but still seem good after thousands of miles of travel.

In regards to branded clothes, you get spending more for your "LABEL" as opposed to . That does not mean you FIFA 17 quality material though. Look for quality material that is affordable. Often be to the consider income. Greater stock up as opposed to paying more for that same thing later.

Currently, Andriy Shevchenko endure at fourth-place inside the German football league and has forty things. Inter Milan and their circular 24 game gets the same items, but have not performed. Inter and Chievo Verona play afterwards Saturday.

Indonesia certainly won since the English part showed deficiencies in concentration within the fit. Miroslav Klose won the mContinue Reading
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Chinese passenger elevator factory -FUJIHD

By: zhaozhi posted at Oct 08, 2015 8:14 pm
Passenger elevator. fujihd managing administrator Patrick Allen has accepted the circuit's arrangement to host Formula 1's British Admirable Prix through to 2026 will be honoured.

It afresh emerged the Northamptonshire clue could actuate a breach article in its 17-year accord that would acquiesce it to cull out of hosting the chase afterwards next year.

Despite the difficulties in adopting the anniversary hosting fee - which increases year-on-year due to a 5 per cent escalator article - Allen has accepted a ***** archetypal is in abode that guarantees the race's future.

"We can do it because not alone do we put on a acceptable show, but we aswell fabricated a cogent advance on accumulation from this year's admirable prix than we accept done in the past. All of that helps."But the way I am developing the ***** is as an allure and ball ***** area we are breeding revenues from not just one chase of the year.passenger elevator factory.Continue Reading
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My Year End's MMOs List of 2014

By: KradisZ posted at Dec 31, 2014 12:24 am

While this list may not agree with you, this is what I've boiled my list down to this year for MMOs when I was asked a few of these questions.

I'll be stating my reasons why for said title and whatnot.

Most Classic appealing title to me this year was the announcement and trailer and images of Tree of Savior Online. The game itself lends a lot of nostalgia towards Ragnarok Online and looks very much improved of that concept. Staying true with the 2D sprites and a 3D backdrop. The many large monsters that roam Ragnarok also appear in Tree of Savior in different forms and names. It definitely starts ringing classic in my books. While that may not "define" or "align" towards Most Classic, it certainly reminds me of the Classics. Not to mention it's being made by Kim Hakkyu, the guy himself who led Ragnarok Online.

Most Anticipated game is Lost Ark, Lost Ark is an isometric ARPG and looks wicked sick. The amount of classes and skills the game has and its various mechanics

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Guest said:first 3 games cant even play, such stoopidity, much wow

Pay to Play, Buy to Play, Free To Play - What I expect as a consumer?

By: KradisZ posted at Apr 15, 2013 10:58 pm

Hey everyone, today I just wanted to share with you my expectations from a game with any of the mentioned business models in the title.

I wanted to share today just what I expect as a consumer in terms of purchasing games. Now I know some of these things mentioned a bit later may be unreasonable or unrealistic or absolutely pathetic but don't take it to heart. It's just what I expect and if you feel you share a mutual expectation then you know you crave for something unique on the market or you search for niche games to play. Being a gamer over the years and playing a vast amount of games annually, monthly, weekly, daily throughout my life I just want you to know what expectations I have from games I play.

First off I know everyone has different views of games and things but

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10 Things that I've learned from Playing Video Games and not Inside the Classrooms

By: Frappular posted at Oct 25, 2012 7:19 pm

Surely most of you reading this article played video games. Some of you are casual players enjoying yourself in your free time, and some of you might be hardcore players that focused more on thinking about games than the homework that your teachers gave you or in that case the project you're currently working on. As funny as you maybe thinking about it right now. I'll share the things that I've learned from playing video games and not inside the classrooms.

Atari is the very first console that I've played. I was more or less than 4 years old back then. After that, Family Computer, SNES, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast and lastly The Sony Playstation. I was able to play PS 2 but not that long since I just borrowed it from a friend. After the consoles, Most of the games I played was already o

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Our Gaming Community

By: KinshiRandori posted at Aug 11, 2012 9:27 pm
I guess what I find most stunning and horrible about the gaming community is how offensive and abusive it has become. Especially towards those who take the time to review games and give insight on updates and patches. Especially on here, when I scroll to read the comments, it is funny how it is Always a GUEST who bashes on a game title. I find it really sad how we get people like that in the gaming community nowadays. 

Now I am an old gamer, and having almost 14 years of gaming in my life, I find it astonishing how bad the Gaming Community as a whole has become. 
And mostly as we all know, the bashing, and trolling, and constant put down of games is usually the hyped and or upcoming releases. This I find to be very odd, and sadly I feel like idiots will always be GUEST as they do it. I find it really selfish as well as egotistical how these people go around saying games are bad, and how they are cash shop to win games. Honestly nearly every single game I have played has alContinue Reading
Haunter923 said:of course people are naturally rude and disrepectful especially gaming communities because its also a competitive enivorment. also remember video games = mask you hide behind on ur computer screen and...

PlayStation All-Stars Final Boss “PS Fans Will Get It”,

By: oscargamer posted at Jul 08, 2012 7:25 pm

At EVO last night, Superbot Entertainment confirmed even more details about PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita ahead of the October 23rd release date.

  • Most (almost all) characters in the game will feature the original voice actors
  • There will be a final boss and “PlayStation fans will get it” (Kevin Butler?)
  • Upcoming character reveals will be from both 1st and 3rd party games, more being unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con
  • There is an infinite combo avoidance system
  • 1 vs. 1 and 2 vs. 2 modes will be included
  • 3 different throws: Up, down, forward
  • “Our characters have a lot more maneuverability than other fighting game characters.”
  • To score in the game, you need to build up AP and unleash unblockable Super attacks


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