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Dream of Mirror Online - Relaunch

By: Emz posted at Nov 05, 2014 8:36 am

First off if you'd kindly vote "YES" on steam greenlight to push the game into the top 100 games to look forward to play. To gain more players and grow as a community. [DoMO is a Free to Play game]

Steam Greenlight - Dream of Mirror Online


Dream of Mirror Online gets to see the light again after SubaGames' announcement of a relaunch. The game closed down around June of 2012 which left plenty of players heart broken and in limbo searching for a new yet similar game. But now veterans of the game are now able to relive the memories once lost and those who were curious about it gets the chance to experience the awesomeness, which is Dream of Mirror Online.  Can't wait to meet ya'll

Please do join us on the game forum until relaunch: Here

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Things that make me stay in DoMo from some aspect of the game

By: clarinetis posted at Oct 15, 2008 3:12 pm

Hello everyone....

this time i have something to share to you all.... yes its like what the title said, the things that makes me stay in DoMo (Dream of Mirror) Gametribe version.

Ok now, lets start with the reason why i write this article.

       It start when i see many people are complaining about domo either in official forum, guild forum, and even in game.but i found something strange in this issue. I see that how much they complain, some of them are still stick there and still playing. And yes they still complaining @_@   btw, i also sometimes complain but i just dont want to voice it in public. well sometimes the others h

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sdhf said:i tried the game out( japanese version) and it wasnt my cup of tea so i didnt go to the english one. though it was fun for the first two days :P

DOMO(GameTribe) Update: Special Edition Goodie Bags on Offer

By: FloatCloud posted at Aug 19, 2008 2:49 am

Gametribe.com, the premier destination for Free-to-Play gamesis pleased to announce that Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO), the Free-to-Play social MMORPG, has received its second content update for August.  This amazing update contains 3 brand new Special Edition Goodie Bags which will be placed into the games shop for a very limited time.


These rare Special Edition Goodie Bags are only available until September 3rd; players can get their hands on an Ornamental Pet such as the heavily sought after Dorabimon alongside other rare items and cute helpers such as the handy Eggsploiter who will help you in battle or one of the Special Edition versions of the Alice or Mr. Rabbit Costumes


The update also brings more new costumes and hair dyes into the shop, players can go down the rabbit hole and pick up a standard edition Alice or Mr. Rabbit Costume or change their hair colour to Orange or Green.  A brand new Guild quest in which guild members need to protect the fabled Darkdale Mine is also included.


The new update will be available to players after the weekly Wednesday maintenance window.


DOMO is a Free-to-Play social MMORPG based on ancient Chinese my

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Dream of Mirror [DOMO] - update !

By: zetzama posted at Jul 25, 2008 3:51 pm

The Dream of Mirror new update includes the new Platinum Weapons and the Dragons Den map.  The platinum Weapons can be found in the new goodie bags available in the shops. In the bags you can find : Scrappers Scrolls, Weapon and Magic upgrade Books. You can also find Red Caret Diamonds, used to upgrade the Platinum Weapons.

The Dragons Den map includes 2 new quests.

# Recycling Brothers Request

# Hermione’s Adventure Team

The quests features repeatable bosses and some amazing rewards.

This update also have new Costumes :

Tiger-Stripe Butterfly Ribbon, Red Ghostly Gown, Demon Horn, Fairy Horn and Bestial Girl.

New Hair Dyes : Dark Purple and Blond.

GameTribe announce a new minisite in German language for DOMO

[source : GameTribe NewsLetter.]

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furiosknight said:OMGz! I love this game! It's got a very thorough storyline!

DOMO(GameTribe) June 25th Update: New class Merchant and more new content

By: floatcloud posted at Jun 23, 2008 12:03 am

DOMO(GameTribe) June 25th Update: New class Merchant and more new content:

The Merchant class uses money to fight and create powerful attacks! He’s a good friend to have in your group when facing epic adventures!


Also add a bunch of new quests for your pleasure!

-          new steps of main quest (Confusion Moves Chapter 1&2)

-          Merchant Transferring quest

-          Sammy's Love quest

-          Old man's dogs quest


New items to be added to the shop:


·         Greedy inventory: 5 more slots to increase permanently your inventory. Maximum two greedy bags for each character (10 slots)


·         New  items to change your look with

o        Camouflage soldier costume (uniform, helmet or hat)

o        Large Red Butterfly Ribbon and AquaButterfly Ribbon


·      &nb

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DOMO(GameTribe) June 11th Update: Hero quests and new items

By: FloatCloud posted at Jun 10, 2008 7:33 pm

The entertainment is never ending with Domo.

As of next June 11th  you will be able to prove yourself into 2 new hero quests in Blakatoa Peak: “Jason's Powerful pill” and “Wizard for Blakatoa peak” quests.

Furthermore GameTribe has planned a new batch of items to be released on the same day! In the Game’s shop you will find:

Special mission card: would you like to restart some 1-time-only high level quests? Like the “Find out lover's spirit” or the  “Dog-Tired's Red & White Lucky Peach “Missions? With this item you can! Enjoy once more the thrill of these amazing missions with your friends!

Baby Big Bonus Pill: this item increase of 50% the experience gained and  the item drop rate for one hour. If you want you can also use two of these Pills to get 100% increase.

Double Heart Flypass: an unique fireworks to show your love!

Hair Dye: brand new colors (Olive Green and Light Purple) to change your hairs’ look!

Weapon upgrade books: available in different colors each one with a different kind of bonus.

Teddy Bear costume: a new costume to personalize you character an look like a Teddy Bear.

Two goodie bags (one

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DOMO(GameTribe): great update on May 28th

By: FloatCloud posted at May 26, 2008 7:34 pm
DOMO(GameTribe) will make a great update on May 28th.

* The Dancer class is now available to you!!  You can dance with your friends, hypnotize monsters with glamorous moves,

The dancer class is able to control your enemies, decrease its defense, speed and strength, steal health points and many more skills!
Of course, the new Dancer class will be accompanied with its job quests and dedicated items to level up accordingly.

* The new quests available for high level heroes. Team up with your fellows and face the dangers of the new instanced quests:

- Greedy Cat's Food Mission
- Big Frankie's Lover Mission,
- Find out lover's spirit Mission

* New items will be added in the shop.

New special edition pets: you may find the new third special edition pets in the vending machines. Wanna try your luck and get a very rare pet?

Football fiesta over Europe : Football will set Europe on fire in June. Support your favourite national team in DOMO with the national team flags during the competition!

New ornamental items to change your look:

Cheerleader, Bounty Hunter and Samuraï  costumes
Scottish Butterfly Ribbon and Cute Butterfly Ribbon

The update will be installed on DOMO during the weeklyContinue Reading
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DOMO(GameTribe) May 14th important update

By: FloatCloud posted at May 11, 2008 8:06 pm

DOMO important update: New steps of the quests, discover the new maps and make your pet grow!

Time has come to discover some new areas of the fantasy world of Kunlun Mirror: enter the Foggy Forest and the Blakatoa Peak!!! And if you want to follow your path now you have also the chance to enjoy the new steps of Main quest and of the new Hero Quest. Some new contents will be added to the item shop too:
  • Minor Dimension Rift: this is a really useful item that allows you to access your warehouse anywhere anytime
  • Hair colors: change your hair look with the brand new bright green, Emerald green, Carmine Red and light blue colors
  • Enchantment scrolls: 6 new scrolls to enchant your armor and improve your defence bonus
  • Some new fancy costume: the Mecha’s armor and equipment (helmet and jetpack) and cowboy’s costume and hat
  • Intermediate evolution stone: make your pet grow! Thanks to this item, pets can now reach upper levels

GameTribe will release this new game update on the next weekly patch on May 14th

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By: ijskonijntje posted at Apr 29, 2008 8:24 am

this is my first time here and cuz i can't play kalonline anymore(grrr vista) i went looking for some other game to play

and i found DOMO. so right now it's still downloading(15 hoursOo) and because i'm bored i decided to make a blog

I've to go to my job in a few minutes so i can't write a lot here

I'm a huge gackto fan, you know japanese singer, or maybe you don''t
I wanted to go to miyavi's concert but the tickets are all sold out

I like thriller and horror books and movies too of course

and my mission for life is: trying to find out how to make dim sum MWUHAHA
okeej, so i lied, you'd be mad to have a life goal, waaaay too much stress chappies!

why does downloading take so long -_-
and now i' got to go

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Hyuk said:lolz, interesting blog and interesting 'about me'

DOMO April 30th Update: Voodoo and permanent items are coming to Eversun!

By: floatcloud posted at Apr 29, 2008 1:05 am

DOMO April 30th Update:  New items will be available in the shop to help you during your adventures and to change your look.


Hurricane pill that increases movement speed for 10 minutes.
Giant pill that increases your size for 10 minutes.
Lilliput pill that decreases your size for 10 minutes.
Major Health Booster to increase maximum HP by 1000 for 10 minutes.
Major Magic Booster to increase maximum MP by 600 for 10 minutes.

• The mysterious Scapegoat Doll that brings you to the dark side of voodoo power. The doll will restore all your HP and die instead of you when your HP reach zero. Sorcery can be useful sometimes…

• Large Emperor Saber Fireworks that make the shape of the Emperor Saber in the sky when exploding. Useful to set up a rally point or just celebrate!

The cosmetic items are:

•  New special Hair colors:  black and white
• White Butterfly Ribbon and Beautiful Butterfly Ribbon

Last but not least two new goodie bags (one for male and one for females characters) have been designed for you! Among all the items that are in it and that you can get randomly now there is also permanent costumes! But remember the goodie bags will be on sale only for three weeks… thanks to these goodie

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