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By: Engelo posted at Dec 28, 2011 10:14 pm
Hi there :)
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Engelo said:Hello!

Rumble Fighter Exocores: Shadow Devil

By: cassiechu posted at Aug 17, 2008 4:51 pm
Astros - 163

This is a favorite of mine, an augmentation type. The Shadow Devil! Due to the recent flood of weapon types it seems people forgot how useful the augment types can be. Thanks to that, there are barely any shadow devil users

Like all augment types you can use your fighting style while you have this exo activated. This exo is very effective in putting pressure on your opponents. I love how it's almost impossible for players to run away from me when i have it out. The 1st special attack, has your shadow devil spit a flock of bats! When you hit someone with them, they are temporaily immobolized swatting at the bats! The bats do a medium amount of damage but it's best use is stopping your enemies rather than attacking them. And stop them it does, for these bats fly very far offscreen! You can stop a fleeing opponent long enough to catch up and finish them off!! One more thing about the bats that most people don't know....they curve upward as the move away from you! Perfect for lvls where runners can climb to get away. Even better for supporting your teammates in King of the Hill Mode.

The 2nd attack is a reaching attack! The shadow reaches out a distance to punch opponent
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Rumble Fighter Exocores: Heaven's Fist

By: cassiechu posted at Aug 17, 2008 3:58 pm
Carats - 15500

Why stop with scrolls right? Exocores are the weapons of Rumble Fighter. Me
myself i separate them into 2 types. Augmentations, and Weapons. Augmentations
give you 2 new moves to use to your advantage, and weapons have their own fighting
style and moves. Those arent official that's just how i divide them myself XP

This is my friend's favorite exocore, an augmentation type. Heaven's Fist!  The special move of this exo is to make a GIANT FIST COME THROUGH THE GROUND!!! If you're hit by this move, you fly high in the air with no idea where you'll land. But the user will! Before you hit the ground the user can take the oppurtunity to initiate a juggle, and you'll be helpless all the while. With the right fighting style you can juggle an opponent, use the fist as soon as they hit the ground and start a NEW juggle in ANY direction you want.

This Exo can be used in 2 ways. both of it's moves involve a giant fist, but you there are 2 versions. For the way i just described, you would press "v" since it take about 1 second to use and covers a short distance. The Other ("b") is the long version. It take 2-3 seconds but it goes Sooo much farther. M
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furiosknight said:That's heaven's fist? It should have came from the sky, not the ground lol

Rumble Fighter Scrolls: Sage Master

By: cassiechu posted at Aug 12, 2008 11:15 pm
Out of boredom i suddenly decided, "Let's make an encyclopedia of the Items in RF!

Rumble fighter is an mmo fighter filled with tons of crazy ways to beat your opponents.
The two things you have at your disposal are your fighting style (Sacred Scroll) and 2
weapons (Exocore). The scrolls are based on real life fighting styles and the exocores
are a mix of innovative and anime inspired(Blade Spirit = Zanpaktou?). Each of these
items have their own functions and can turn a whole fight around whether it's a fun 1v1 or an insanely fun 1v4

This time i'll tell you about the the rarest scroll in the game. Sage Master.  If you
highlight the scroll it'll tell you some info or history.

"There were many types of martial arts practiced in the legendary SaKaJyuRu family.
Among the many apprentices only a man named Sage could master all the numerous
martial arts and he was said to be able to control the flow of ki perfectly. This scroll give
the user the ability to manipulate ki and allows them to perform powerful attacks with the
 simplest of movements."
To get Sage Master, you must 1st.................................be lucky and get it randomly from
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furiosknight said:Bright... Colors... lol I tried this game! I got a ratio of 24 wins/ 52 losses lol It got easy to hard! Hope you have a better time than me in it!

Review: Rumble Fighter

By: phaux posted at May 17, 2008 7:27 pm

Rumble Fighter Review
By Phaux

It's been a while now since I've done a review, hasn't it? Well, I'm back, and with a review of the game - Rumble Fighter. Let's get started now, shall me?

Quoted from the Rumble Fighter Site: ''A long time ago, an evil spirit known as the Shadow King planned to conquer the world and consume everyone in it. Many fighters fought hard in trying to defeat the evil king, but unfortunately some could not overcome the evil and became consumed by his power. These consumed fighters were known as the Dark Guardians. The Shadow King was defeated when fighters captured his evil spirit with the Sacred Seals and placed it underground in a location known as "Resurrection". After the defeat of the Shadow King, the Dark Guardians disappeared into the darkness as they waited for the perfect opportunity to strike again. The ancient Guardian fighters who fought and defeated the Shadow King, gathered together and handed down their special powers to others for the war against evil. These fighters placed their powers into entities known as ExoCores, so the power could be utilized in the future for other fighters if evil ever returns. Fighters known as "GContinue Reading
XiaoJ said:how come i never heard of this game b4 >.>??? but thanks to the great review and it seem to be a really cool game xD i might give it a shot since i'm really sick and bored of the mmorpgs where...

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