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Dark and Light - E. Access First Impressions - Sandbox Game

By: KradisZ posted at Jul 27, 2017 5:25 pm
Dark And Light is a recently remastered game that shutdown in 2008 and has now come back, it's inception was in 2006. I only learned of this history due to trying to find solutions for a rocky beginning to my session with Dark and Light, though the main menu notice here states that only slightly less than 1/3rd of the game is complete.

Though the game is now re-released on Steam under Early Access it faces several usual problems most Early Access games have.

Some minor concerns is just some polish on UI elements that could use improvements in general, spacing of text near borders, game optimization issues, some multiplayer problems and not too much game intuitive features which could be either a pro or a con in your perception of either no handholding or some handholding or too much handholding, but Dark and Light proceeds with not too much handholding.

Within my first experience here the problems I encountered were unresponsive attack controls which I have no idea how it happened on Continue Reading
chanelluo said: pretty comprehensive review for DnL, I may consider give it a shot in this way haha! Will you keep on playing?

Dark & Light Discussion - Does it deserve all the negative reviews?

By: Cryyfuu posted at Jul 22, 2017 12:16 am

After spending a little over an hour in Dark & Light, I wanted to discuss the recent negativity surrounding the game.

My first impressions were not the greatest.. however, it doesn't mean the game deserves a negative review. Especially after spending less than 2 hours in the game. 

One thing you'll notice while looking through the Steam reviews is that 90% of the negative reviews were from players who played less than 2 hours on record. One day after release the game has went from 'mostly negative' reviews to 'mixed'. How? Well, with a ton of new positive reviews that's how. Where did all these positive reviews come from? Did people change their minds?

No.. they just spent a few more hours in the game. These positive reviews were mostly from people who have spent around 5 hours or more in the game. In only 2 hours there is no way you could have explored Dark and Light enough to give the game a review. Sure, some games can be played in full in 2 hours but i

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Guest said:If a game does not have something to keep you interested in the first 2 hours... then something is wrong. Personally I didn\'t play it so far... will not play anything in early access, screams money g...

Dark and Light is coming!

By: Cryyfuu posted at Nov 18, 2016 6:48 am

Dark and Light is a sandbox survival like MMORPG that will be going into Steam Early-Access VERY soon. We don't have a date but we were given a time frame (end of the year November/December). With it being the 18th of November.. well, we should be seeing it soon.

If you aren't familiar with Dark and Light here are a few videos to help you get caught up. From what we know, this game looks amazing.

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Guest said:I hope they would have some sort of trial to play before you decide to buy it or not. I\'m done paying before I know what\'s up with a game.

A game that went through hell!

By: kylekbb posted at Oct 02, 2010 9:36 am

Most people have long since forgotten about the old game DnL. But i was going through my bookmarks to find one thing , that the community after two years is still active.  in chinajoy i think it is there was a video taken of farlans new DnL redone in chinese . The game that was givin the worst rating possible because of pressure from investors and other companys wanting somthing for there moneys worth. Released DnL in 06 and it bombed out in three months after a Law Suit for game engine use. Now the people who farlan gave the Cinese rights for deving the game up have revamped it. Now im still researching the information but translation by a player of the chinese dnl community says so . I have found a video that i will put in later after i find a better quailty . The game is going to be rise from the ashes but under a diffrent belt according to the forums i have seen . There is no tells on when the game will launch up and  but i wil follow this since i was desprately trying to

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By: GHLIDELLE posted at Dec 24, 2007 6:34 am



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cesarsuki said:well it is private because we can't open it :P Welcome To mmosite!!!!

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