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Revisiting the World of Twelve: Wakfu Asia F2P.

By: ZagatoMKR posted at Apr 20, 2014 6:26 am

Last time I've played Wakfu was two years ago when it was in beta phase on Ankama's international servers. I immediately liked the game despite it's flaws in terms of repetitiveness and lack of content, but then again I liked original Korean MMORPGs with their grind and farming.

Wakfu charmed me with it's silly animations and colorful art-style, an interesting take on classes and ofcourse a wast crafting and gathering system with an added twist in form of an ecology system.

However in the end it wasn't enough to get me subscribing. The resolution quality is very low and I need eye candy even though I'd rarely stop to admire the scenery. Plus it's over the top grindy! Let's be honest here, this day and age only a very few MMOs can get away with charging a monthly subscription AND bein

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Nanbo said:Nice article. I was curious since last I played it was pay to do anything (including leave the city). Would like to give it another try

Gold Fever: How money can corrupt even an innocent farming nation

By: CassieChu posted at Apr 03, 2012 9:04 am
Well I'm Amakna's governor now. The circumstances behind my rise to power are the stupidest thing i've ever seen. It really tested my nation.
It started during Governor Zent's reign. He had made buddy-buddy with the nation of Bonta's Vice Governor Freya. I don't know what her grievances were but she decided she was fed up with her government and did something that's never been done before in wakfu. An act of treason so devastating that i have no idea how she didn't forsee a war in the future.

First, she declared war on my nation, Amakna during the middle of the night. One of the things she can do as a government member is move money from the treasury around to the nation's territories to buy challenges and change weather etc. She can't touch the money directly. As soon as she declaContinue Reading

Wakfu's beta is coming to a close, are you playing?

By: Zevri posted at Feb 16, 2012 4:45 pm

Wakfu is going to be turning gold soon, so for those of you who wanted to try it out, this may be your last chance to try the beta. For those of you who never heard of it, it is the successor or I guess the better term is sequel to Dofus, a tactical RPG which had you playing on a grid with turn based combat. Dofus is still out and about, but Wakfu is making a bit more headway at the moment.

The game is fairly fun in the regard that yes, it is a tactical RPG mmo, but it also has an ecosystem and government system in place as well, which adds a bit of depth to the game. The classes are also fun since while in essence they're based off of existed classes in other games, it in itself is different enough to make the classes their own.

Besides the game being fairly fun an

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Guest said:ill play iy

Wakfu online open beta review

By: octopusx posted at Feb 14, 2012 2:01 pm

Wakfu online a game by Ankama is a strategy MMORPG which is a close cousin of Dofus online.

I must admit that I haven't played Dofus yet so I will not compare the two, but from what I've read they are very similar.

The first impression I got after running the game for the first time was that it's quality made. Graphics are top-notch for a game of its size and the menus are very well placed and built. Overall it's a very pretty game, easy on the eyes.

The music and sounds are another thing I just have to point out. It feels like they've put a lot of effort into the sound aspect of the game and it payed off as the music is well themed with the game.

The combat in the game flows very well and is a bit challenging at times, which is always welcome even at lower levels. Combat is turn

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Wakfu LP Group North America

By: Illian.Amerond posted at Feb 09, 2012 6:20 pm

Hey everyone,

I was getting a team together for conducting some Wakfu LP's and guides for the NA Nox launch this coming February 29th. I have a crew of 3 already and need more. We ideally would have one person to represent the best of each class that would assist watchers in understanding class mechanics, builds and utilization.

If you are interested in joining the team please Private Message me with the following information:

Your reserved In Game Name, that you will be using when you start on the 29th.

What class you would prefer to main.

What classes you would enjoy as alternates that you are both knowledgeable of and familiar with.

I will keep an eye here and post updates in the comments as the list fills up. I look forward to having a great time with you all online soon :3


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Guest said:NA wakfu is a pile of junk its not f2p its pay to play and only thing u can play for free is a demoish version of what was available in cb t

Wakfu to release February 29th

By: End_Break_Fomar posted at Jan 27, 2012 10:55 am

The tactical MMORPG Wakfu is set to release February 29th, 2012. I'm pretty interested in this release because it has a tactics RPG combat system as well as open PvP and a player government system. Essentially a sandbox game, players can destroy or repair the ecosystem through the addition or removal of plants and animals. Players can also run for Governor, who is responsible for law and politics between the 4 nations. For the more daring, you can become a guard or a soldier which has bonus damage against outlaw players or in territory fights. The game is F2P with a $6 subscription fee to access premium content. Additionally, there is a cosmetic cash shop, which in my opinion, should not exist because of the subscription fee. Wa

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Guest said:good game im waitng for it

A Tour of Brakmar

By: CassieChu posted at Jan 22, 2012 6:55 pm

Brakmar is a very dangerous nation, whether you're a citizen of it or visiting it. But it's not the monsters that you have to be careful of. It's the players! In the World of Twelve, Brakmar functions as the pvp capital. If someone aggresses you, don't expect help. Join a guild or die. Of course this is part of the charm! If you're a pvp nut, why would you pick any other nation to join? Where else can you see a player killed by their own nation's government and shrug it off like "Oh that's just Brakmar." ?

The nastiness isn't just in pvp though. It's a dark and dusty nation and the citizens share their land with a volcano. There are bones and tombstones everywhere and all houses have blood splatters on them. There's even blood leaking out of stone in a few places! The monster

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Wakfu: starting guide for Sram (Air)

By: ZagatoMKR posted at Jan 21, 2012 11:07 am

Note: client version 0.312.71104

Hi and welcome to my newest Wakfu character guide. This time we'll have a look at an assassin-type character, Sram. A fun note, like a lot of Ankama's made up names, this one comes from Mars, but backwards. It could be either a planet Mars or a french word for a month of March. Attention, please read all of this guide before starting playing!

Like in my Cra guide, I will mainly focus on strategies I used while leveling up. By the way, Ankama recently did a character wipe and will do one as well before game's official release in February (source: Inside Ankama On Air - Episode 14). This could also mean that Sram's skills and stats could be changed in the future.

After logging in and going through character creation, you start off in Incarnam, the start

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Guest said:god game

Wakfu's Housing system: The Haven Bag

By: CassieChu posted at Dec 29, 2011 10:46 am
Wakfu's housing system is called the Havenbag. It's pretty much a bag that connects to a space in another dimension. The first time you use it, you'll find yourself in a room with a wooden floor and a shelf. This is your merchant room. You can add items to your shelf and players that come to your bag can buy from it. If you know any players with the handyman profession they can make new shelves for you. There are different types of shelves and each one holds different types of items.

At the top right of the room you'll see 4 objects. These are the controls for the havenbag. The first one locks your bag so players can't come in. The 2nd is permissions controls which allows you to filter who can come in. You've got the options to filter in everyone, friends, guildmembers, your ignore

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Kwismas in Wakfu

By: CassieChu posted at Dec 26, 2011 10:05 am

For the last couple of days players in wakfu have been participating in wakfu Kwismas patch! Included in the christmas  content is a national kwismas twee which has to be set up by the players, a special kwismas armor(The Father Kwismas set), kwismas food with various effects, kwismas achievements, kwismas emotes and more!! Just for logging in you'll recieve 3 colors of fireworks, a plantable kwismas tree seed, and the Father Kwismas hat to start your hunt for the full set.

In the beginning area of each nation is a big, half decorated kwismas twee and a giant bucket. By donating the items required items, the kwismas twee will eventually be completely decorated and citizens of your nation will be able to take a present from the tree. The number of required items is very large so yourContinue Reading
Guest said:fail

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