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Domo's game reviews (Nickey989)

By: nickey989 posted at Jan 31, 2010 8:12 am



To me this game was average. I'd give it a 7.8 for game play but a 8.2 for graphics. The class I had chosen, saint, didn't have much in the game which is one of the reasons why I quit. Not many outfit choices, difficult quests (not the good 'Challenge' kind), and the game practically revolves around sailing. Thats what we have Pirates of the Carribbean and Tales of Pirates for. Not saying thats a bad thing but they make it seem like an 'All around' style MMO when it really isn't.

Game download time: Average 2 hours


Character Classes Choose your favorite class and develop your own playing style - find out which class suits you the best. Different weapons and various possibilities to specialize both status points and skills allow you to create special and unique builds.
You can choose from in total 12 character classes and become one of the best fighters in the world of Florensia. Start with one of the four basic classes called Explorer, MercenContinue Reading
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Florensia \ FNN

By: myNN posted at May 18, 2009 1:57 pm

Sinta a água e o espirito de aventura cair em vc jogue florensia !!!

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Florensia: Kill-stealers and other dregs of society are moving in

By: killermu posted at Nov 05, 2008 11:47 pm

I hate to be the one to announce this but, yes, the dregs of online games, from kill-stealers to griefers to harassers, are moving in to Florensia, and seem to be hellbent on staying. Sigh.

While playing my Mercenary yesterday, I came across a player who, using his mother tongue, cussed and hurled invectives at other players. Gee, how brave of him, cursing from the comfort of his own home other players who haven’t done anything wrong against him. Unfortunately for the offending player, some people, including yours truly, understood every word he typed, including the phrase “Mga tanga at bakla kayong lahat!” which translates into “You are all idiots and gay!” It’s so sad to witness someone from my little tropical country log in to a game played mostly in North America and Europe and curse other players.

About an hour later, while hunting Devil Walkers and Devil Walker Shooters, two other players kept on stealing my kills. What’s the matter, boys? Can’t tank the mobs? Uhmm, maybe because the mobs’ levels (10) are way beyond your levels (4 and 5). I only remember the in-game name of one of the players. Optimus isn’t really

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iceblue0 said:some of Florensia's GM are rude alot of players that are angry with them maybe he is angry with the gms that why he cussed ^_^ lol  

Help IN Florensia!!!!!!!!! pls pls pls pls

By: topdog2the1 posted at Aug 12, 2008 3:37 pm
Every time i turn around in florensia the land turns all black what do i do? whats rong with the game? =(Continue Reading
Hyuk said:perhaps your video card crashes, or just the game bug...


By: jacky1087 posted at Apr 26, 2008 7:05 pm
I feel it a great games.But connect to Taiwan is not fast enough.I hoped it would be come to Taiwan. Continue Reading
Hyuk said:You can try it during the evenings

First post XD

By: TaoWu posted at Apr 25, 2008 3:48 pm
So first blog post.....good for me. Well names Pip, game name TaoWu, i play games and am currently a student doing a degree in computing.

SOooo currently been playing the Florensia CB2, games looking pretty awesome. Also recently got MarioKart Wii, been fan of the series since MarioKart 64. The game is pretty good. Single player is nothing new really but the multiplayer is awesome, awesome game to be playing online.

Well updated my hardware the last couple of weeks, upgraded my case to a Cooler Master CM690 around xmas had some problems which took about 2weeks to sort :(. Now done a much larger upgrade, got a ASUS P5N-D nForce 750i SLI mobo with 2GB of OCZ RAM, Hiper 530W PSU and a Samsung SM2032BW 20" Monitor (tis most awesome). And today added to the group a Intel E8200 Wolfdale and i must say its a nice improvement from a Intel P4 3.6GHz......though i could run COD4 with my old system which was 5years old.

So right now kinda broke and indeed of a new GFX, as my Nvidia 6600 and getting abit too old. Look at getting a 9600GT....probs the XFX 700MHz clock speed card.

Right well.....none of you really needed to know that but Oh well, there ya go.

Back to Florensia, currently plContinue Reading
Benjami said:Well, no offense, but Ive no idea why so many guys play florensia, it just sucks man. I gave it three hours and the ship war system really makes me sick. However, hope u a good journey in florensia.

Welcome here!

By: Euphra posted at Apr 21, 2008 2:53 am
Hi, I'm Euphra. This is a test entry, because I found Gutsco's entry about Florensia:

and I wanted to comment it.

See you soon!Continue Reading
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By: gutsco posted at Apr 20, 2008 4:45 pm
Stuffs I found about florensia, I rly wanna play , if someone could give me a beta key I will be very happy

A long time ago, when people believed there was only one sea in the world. There were a few explorers who started their adventure believing in another sea. Florensia is one of the hottest Japanese MMORPGs being developed by Studio NJ and NETTS which has been awarded Superior Game by in KGDI's competition. It is a maritime adventure MMORPG which is expected to be released for America, Korea, and Japan. Players choose various classes and explore the unknown world. Controlling own ship, pioneering new trade route, discovering new continent, building a new city, etc... These unbelievable systems are now in the game. Also well organized activities in naval battle as well as ground battle. Whereever you are, you will enjoy. Florensia is out of real history and writing your own in fairy tale like fantasy. A explorer seeks for unknown land overcoming rough waves, a riches merchant trading unique products all over the world or a commodore commanding his fleet under the shower of bullets and cannons. It is your choice, fame and honor.The quality of Florensia's graphics are comparableContinue Reading
koolen said:Im also disappointed with the keys, I want to play this game so badly!!

Florensia CB II key!!

By: koolen posted at Apr 16, 2008 7:45 pm

I heard Florensia goes to 2nd CBT, can anyone get more keys give me one? please

The first closed beta of Florensia ended on Mar 28th, 2008. Then, the date of second closed beta has been confirmed. It is released on Florensia website that the CB II will start on April 18th, 2008. ----------------quote from Florensia 2nd CBT Announcement -- 04-16-2008

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First Look: Florensia

By: splices posted at Mar 26, 2008 9:21 am


 Overview Information

Alaplaya has recently started publishing Florensia, a 3-D enriched environment MMORPG geared towards different styles of combat and classes. Sadly, at the time of printing, this game is undergoing Closed Beta, whereas the only ways to have recieved a key are practically unavailable to those anxiously wanting to play it due to the hype surrounding it. Alaplaya is the publisher for many MMOGs that are typically unique, interesting, and not of the 'norm'. It seems that the decision to 'aquire' Florensia under its list of titles will prove them to be more capable of handling 'standard' MMOGs out there, keeping in tune with a soon-to-be classic MMORPG like Florensia.

I was lucky enough to score a Closed Beta Key from MMOsite while they were still available. Once again, to obtain one it was basically the whole "spam the forum and spend some MMOsite Forum Points". I'm normally unkeen to this method of obtaining Closed Beta Keys; but I can't complain considering I wasn't naturally invited by Alaplaya to actually participate in this Closed Beta session outside of obtaining a key for myself. The community seems close-knit, those who were fortunate eno

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kiyomaru said:Awesome review. I wish i had gotten a cb key T_T

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