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Answering a Mabinogi question

By: Nanbo posted at Aug 07, 2013 1:57 am

I recieved a message from some one that read my MAbi article. I Wrote allot, so here it is. Since I am learning the ropes still, perhaps other experienced players can give tips and hints here as well.

Here is the question:

"ive been on and off it for years. never saw much depth to it. but i actually read your whole thing. well. most of it. whats there to discover? my char is like 2-3 actual years old. rebirthred like 6 times but ive gotten nowhere almost as i never stuck to the game. ive leveled skills and killed mobs. lol ive not made it very far. what have you experienced thus far?"

My Response: Hi and thanks for writing. Like I mentioned in my article, I installed this some years back and felt that "what do I do now?" wall and uninstalled because I was getting dinged more often in other games. Now that I have returned with a more patient out look I have discovered some nice features and also thanks to game updates. There are 3 aspects to getting a foot hold in game:
1) Doing thing

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Nanbo's Mabinogi Noob Review

By: Nanbo posted at Aug 02, 2013 3:31 am

Where to start? How about back in the day when the MMORPG market was on the verge of exploding. I had just gotten sick of my WoW addiction and had puchased the only other popular "online role playing game" Guild Wars 1. Everyquest was out and a handful of new titles were creeping their way on the market. Nexon had Mabinogi out there. I installed it. PLayed for two days uninstalled. My reasoning back then was "it was not WoW or GW, I needed faster paced rewards!". All this before I ever heard the word "Sandbox" in mmorpgs. In fact the mmorpg market, for me, was defined by WoW (and apparently still is).

Mabinogi fell off my radar and I will be testing several hundred mmorpgs up to this day. I have been in the whirlwind of all these theme parks such as RIFT, TERA, Secret World etc.

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haryel said:I couldn\'t agree more to this. The reviews out there dont do this game justice. It\'s one of the best mmorpgs out there and relies purely on player skill. Aside from letting you be anything and every...

Mabinogi ‘Classic Update’ The Puppeteer, New Talent System, and more!

By: ExcEsc posted at Oct 29, 2012 9:29 pm
Nexon America’s Mabinogi is preparing to release its “Classic Update” which includes the new Puppeteer talent, a new talent system which allows for more specialized training and higher stats, a new mount, Bone Dragon mount and a change to the game’s wedding system where characters of the same gender are now allowed to marry.

The Puppeteer talent gives players several new skills including controlling two puppets, Pierrot and Colossus, to aid in battle, and allows players to grab enemies on the battlefield with the use of control bars. The Puppeteers also can follow a new quest-line to sharpen their new skills.

The new Talent System replaces the destiny system, allowing for more specialized training and higher stats. As part of the Talent System, several skills were added including mining, comContinue Reading
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Mabinogi music

By: LieniChanie posted at May 13, 2012 3:35 am


I notices on Mabinogi many pepole struggle to write and compose music well

I will give it in steps here

1.Launch mabinogi and give it to window mode

2.launch google or any other web sercher

3.type in ''mabinogi music codes''

4.find a code you like for example  T75V15L8DFCE<B->D<A>C<GB->D2O2A4>DA>DF<CG>C<G<B-2B-2>G4>FDO3CGO4CO3GFAO4CFO3E4O2A4B-O3B-O4D4O3CGO4CO3GO2AO3AO4C4O3DAO4DO3AO2G1A1O3DAO4DEFDAEO3DAO4DFADAFO3DA4.CG4.FO4C4.O3CGO4CO3GFO4C4.O3CGO4CO3GDA4.O2AO3EAEDA4.CG4.FO *just and example i didint write this* it should look something like this one 5. hightlight the code you like and click ctrl c 6.go to the game and activate composing skill and note you need to have a scroll they can be bought at general store for like 90 7.choose the scroll it shows shen you activate the skill 8.click ctrl v in one of the boxes if nothin will happen hightlight the code again and click ctrl c and in game ctrl v 9.be p

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LieniChanie said: Hi I notices on Mabinogi many pepole struggle to write and compose music well I will give it in steps here 1.Launch mabinogi and give it to window mode 2.launch google or any other web sercher 3.type...

Mabinogi- Servers Losing the Battle Against Hackers

By: Beligerent posted at Jan 30, 2012 4:50 pm

Nope, can't pin this one on Ferghus, this time. The servers are losing ground due to the certain actions of it's own population. A game can only take so much hacking before it breaks completely, and it looks like Mabinogi is headed down the path of total discombobulation. What I love is hearing all the player's comments, basically blaming Nexon for their failure to maintain Mabinogi.

Hell, I've had some issues with Nexon before, but this is in no way their fault. Players in Mabinogi just don't seem to get it. They mod like crazy (and I hate it to break it to those who say those don't affect the game, but when I see mods like Ghost Lock, I'll argue that point to the grave). Servers can only take so much item duping and exploiting before falling victom to crashing and many errors.

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Guest said:Related articles to here, then notice that mmosite commentors don\'t give a damn about the game\'s ecosystem unless they troll it to death themselves for their lack of self esteem.

Mabinogi - Back Online After Malicious Server Attacks

By: Beligerent posted at Jan 02, 2012 2:51 pm

Mabinogi is now back online and Nexon has released a letter describing what they have done and what to do if your character data was corrupted by hackers. Here it is.

Dear Mabinogians,

As all of you are aware, over the past few days malicious players took advantage of many innocent players within the Mabinogi game service, making the game difficult and frustrating to play, which ultimately led to us having no choice but to take Mabinogi temporarily offline.

We are happy to say that Mabinogi is back online and we understand how important Mabinogi is to ALL of you, as Mabinogi isn't just a game.  It's a place to socialize with far away friends; it's a way to explore, be heroic and crush monsters; it's a comfortable space to be creative.  And we would like to sincerely apologize

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Guest said:shitty game back up eh? even runescape is better than this piece of shit mabinogi game....

Beautiful Pictures #1

By: Beligerent posted at Dec 29, 2011 11:56 pm

**NOTICE** To view this picture you will need Firefox as it is not viewable on Internet Explorer.

This is the picture featured as the theme of my blog and I love it! It's Nao from the semi popular F2P (P2W some may say) game called Mabinogi. I love it because unlike some pictures that represent Nao this doesn't make her look like a total whore (excuse my language, please). As you can see there are two beautiful moons in the background. The red one is called Eweca, and the blue one is called Ladeca. Isn't this picture just bursting with beauty? At least I think so :)

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A Rant Upon Nexon...It Won't Be The Last One I'm Sure

By: Beligerent posted at Dec 27, 2011 10:04 pm

Alright Nexon. You're in the 5th top spot for the richest gaming companies now... In the WORLD! Yet you still can't seem to afford to hire some guys that actually know how to fix poor Mabinogi which is broken... Again.

It seems like everytime you fix a problem, Nexon, you create a new one. There's a pattern going on here. Don't you think you could shell out a couple bucks to fix your broken games? It's not as if you're needy for money.

I know for a fact you're not needy for money. Not with all the rich whores (excuse my language here) spamming a 100 gachas each week. God if I had that kind of money I'd be buying myself a new car and throwing that old piece of clunker I got far, far away.

Hey though, I see how you think Nexon. I can see into your evil mind. Why the hell do you n

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Zanpakutou said:i don\'t like the fact that nexon is essentially making people buy their way to victory. players who don\'t item mall don\'t stand a chance anymore. here are some that i noticedDungeon Fighter Online-...

Mabinogi - G15S2 Released

By: Beligerent posted at Dec 21, 2011 10:51 am
Mabinogi - G15S2 Update Released

With Season 2 of Generation 15, Mabinogi has fixed the character lock out issue and has even given out compensation for the players who were unable to log onto their locked out characters for two months. The compensation includes the following:


1. 2x 100 AP Potions to accounts that have been affected.
2. 10k NX to all accounts affected by the lock-out issue.
3. 60 days of VIP Service to all accounts affected by the lock-out issue.

They have also released the Christmas Gachapon, which is filled with all kinds of goodies!


Here is the official list of all the new features included in the patch update:

  • Mirage Missile's damage has increased.
    • Those affected by Mirage Missile are forced to walk.
  • Meditation's effects were greatly i
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    A Review of Mabinogi

    By: Beligerent posted at Dec 20, 2011 2:22 pm

    Mabinogi is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG) developed by Nexon. The game is set in a fantasy world just like other MMORPGs. It has levels, skills, and other things you can find in a MMORPG.

    Mabinogi makes use of real-life things such as age and days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.). When creating a character, you can choose their age between 10 and 17 years old. As you play the game, your character gets older by 1 year on every Saturdays. Your character’s age also affects their stats.

    What makes the game different from other online games are the ‘Life Skills’ that the game offers. Some of the many ‘Life Skills’ are tending to the wheat and potato fields, making flour, gathering wool from sheep and eggs from hens, weaving and maki

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    Guest said:a shitty game for shitty players who like to pay2win.

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