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90 tdm's. 14 days. One Ultimate Goal.

By: incblade posted at Oct 16, 2008 5:11 pm

Today I found out that Soldier Front was hosting an event called "Defend Your Position". Intrigued I clicked on the link connecting me to the event page and found out to my frustration that it started yesterday >_<.

The premise was simple. Within the time period of October 15th - October 29th all Soldier Front players had an opportunity to win a variety of prizes. Some prizes were given out by lottery. Others were automatically given out as soon as players had played a certain amount of Team Death Matches. The ultimate goal (for most players at least) was to play 90 team death matches in order to win a Dragon M4. Which was pretty much an M4A1 covered with a unique skin... But still the promise of a free weapon was too good to pass up.

I debated the pros and cons of comitting to such a crazy goal (90 tdm's in 14 days? ZOMGWTFBBQ that's insanity!!!). Eventually my common sense lost to my inner gamer and as such I've decided to commit myself to winning the Dragon M4. Starting from today I'm going to be playing Soldier Front and updating this blog daily as I attempt to play 90 team death matches in only 14 days....  (0_0) <----- (Yeah I know it's not rea

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Soldier Front

By: deathReaperz posted at Apr 26, 2008 9:13 pm

Hey, Whats up i got a bone to snap with SF. My first is who the bloody do you think you are iwth ur realistic guns and envirment! or the annoying nad stupid part  that all your guns are based on real ones!! and the probably worse,ugly and sick and sad excuse is the simplicty that a newbie with in 30 mins in a game they can learn quick!


The weaponry range from basic assult rifle to sniper to the sniper.

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deathReaperz said:as you can see im only speaking of good things I Lurve Pie!

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