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Review: Infinity Online (European)

By: Splices posted at Mar 10, 2008 6:29 pm

One of the more 'unique' distributors out there, GameTribe, has been providing the European-Region with 'Infinity Online'. Infinity Online is a 3-D 'hack and slash' genre-based MMOG. It circles around a very mediocre storyline; which seems to be split up into different "Acts". You take control of several characters: Kirius, Beakho, and Elina. However, with enough in-game cash (called Liras), you can purchase more characters to conqure the storyline and PvP realms of Infinity Online. Each character has its own unique set of skills, attacks, and equipment [of course].

Like many MMOGs out there, it's not too terribly unique in any way. In fact, the only uniqueness that comes from Infinity Online is how absolutely terrible it is. Before you all grab your flaming swords and rebuttal shields, let me elaborate and explain to the best of my ability. As with my other reviews, I will make it as detailed as I can to try to make sure I'm not missing any points that could be focused on better.


As I've already mentioned, there are several characters you handle in this game. Their weapons aren't too interesting, from the get-go. You have the dual-swords, the 'evil claw', the sta

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Endlesschaos said:Well if u dont like this game at ur fist sight, then wat u experienced in this game just made u complain again and again. Actually Infinity Online isnt that bad I swear, pick the card to get the exper...

Infinity Online Add MMOsite Download as Mirror Download site

By: platy posted at Jan 28, 2008 12:16 am

Infinity Online

"Infinity Online" adopts the way of FPS's movements and skill casting by mouse click. With this feature, it is the closest online game to a fighting action game, which is considered as aconsole dominated ganre. Action process and interactive environment of console game is realized on online, and many features are added for users who are used to online platform.
" Infinity Online" is an evolutional game that combines action and sense of striking power of the console games and communities of the online games.

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cesarsuki said: this game looks very very interesting, but how can I register an account?? T-T

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