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Where to buy game items

By: maxmai posted at Apr 23, 2018 12:20 am
Trading is one of the most interesting aspects of game items Players conduct tens of thousands of trades every day. While most of this transactions are done with the sole purpose of getting cool-looking items and showing them off to friends, there are a lot of people making good money on RL trades. There is also the flip side of the coin. There are a lot of players that lose a lot of money (both in terms of real-life money and in-game items) because of trading with deceitful traders or just making trades while being unaware of their items' true value. We would like to present all the popular places where players can trade their game items. We will also present a list of Gvgmall and Cons for each of them so that you know how to "behave" there, as, in the end, your ultimate goal should be to securely get what you want(and for a good price).


Gvgmall is a fairly new player-to-player marketplace that managed to fix (to some extent) nearly all the downsides of all the otheContinue Reading
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Blue Fire: Ghost Online Review

By: Blazerguy posted at Jul 02, 2008 2:13 pm

I welcome you all to the new version of the Ghost Online review, please read this accurately as there have been many changes to the review layout while some remained.


There's always been alot of tension going on in the MMO world these days, you've got games that are all the same such as Hero Online and Scions of Fate and then you go those unique games that try to do something different like FlyFF or Maplestory. In some cases such as these, their attept to differ from the norm was successful and as a result have gained a cult and casual following. But, when there's a game that's unique, there's always a game that tries to do it just like the other and make it better, FlyFF for example is currently (in my opinion) in rivalry with Perfect World, which as it would seem, is ALSO a flying MMORPG, and even more conveniantly, if you pick the right race, you can fly right from the start of your rise to the top of the ranks. There were also rumors of clones for Maplestory, called Ghost, but in reality, they were actually pretty much made at the same time and Maplestory beat Ghost to the punch in terms of American translation. Ghost takes everything that made Maplestory great,

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neramaar said:Like the review...not to sure about only having 3 class option though. I mean, you have to keep up with the pack in the MMO race, and 3 classes is a fairly weak attempt.

Netgame soon to host Ghost online

By: Paradox(Destruction) posted at Mar 23, 2008 12:09 pm

As many of you may or may not remember Ghost online was a game that got confused with Maple story very often. Actually the two did not get confused but more along the lines of compared to ridiculous proportions. Still it was a decent game and still is, but that is not what this article is about.

In a recent notice while browsing the Netgame website I stumbled across an advertisement displaying that Netgame in fact was going to host Ghost online in the near future. It does not say when it will happen exactly, but it is pretty black and white that it will happen. There also is not that much detail of when they bought out the rights to the game, but facts like that don't really matter unless it was underhanded and they did something wrong to lose the game. These facts just don't matter.

The point is people that Netgame(which is the same company that hosts holic, and scions of fate) will be hosting Ghost online some time this year I suspect.

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Hyuk said:To most of gamers it's just another MapleStory....

Ghost Online, I Smell Graveyard

By: Dexcross posted at Mar 02, 2008 11:18 pm

I really hate to have a bad review of a game.  But seriously, if I have to compare the game with the pioneer of 2D side scrolling MMORPG, Maple StorContinue Reading

Layce said:well maplestory really a nightmare to me,and so does ghost online too,may be ghost is innocent and no any relation to maplestory,but with the same graphic and almost very close same gameplay i have to...

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